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    Facing The Past (Part 1)


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    Facing The Past (Part 1) Empty Facing The Past (Part 1)

    Post by Erika 19th August 2021, 4:20 am

    They’d been following her for a while and by the time the unhappy maid had sprinted through the gates of Morgate Town, she was a little out of breath. They’d been following her for hours now and didn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping. They were swift, their faces and bodies completely masked and cloaked, hunting her always. She knew where they came from, she knew who had sent them and she knew why they were after here. Yet, no matter how far she ran, they just kept coming and as she began to panic, the maid suddenly felt the presence of the spider queen come to her. That warm embrace she felt whenever she reached her limit and soon enough, Charlotte could even hear her speak inside her mind.

    “The time for running is over, Charlotte. I will show you how to use my power properly. Just let me in and we will come out of this alive and kicking, alright?”

    With that, Charlotte would take a breath and turn to face her opponents, as her body began to become enveloped in a black aura. Arachne was right. There was nowhere left to run and as she finally came to understand that, Charlotte accepted the ancient beings guidance, as she had during the beach festival, when those horrible men and started taking pictures of her.

    There were about half a dozen of them in all and as the maid engaged the assassins in combat, the fear that usually seemed to overtake her most of the time seemed to fizzle away. Instead, she became the predator and it was her opponents who started to become afraid. Charlotte moved swiftly, using her webbing in order to restrict and bind her opponents before they even knew what hit them. Her form had changed, to become that of the spider queen herself. She now stood at about eight foot tall, the bottom half of her now completely arachnid like. Her foes didn’t seem to know how to handle her and as she fired her silk in all directions, they began to become consumed by their own fear, which she instinctively fed on. Another one of her elements, or so it appeared. Her movements were surprisingly swift from a being her size and occasionally she would slip into the shadows and reappear somewhere else. It was actually kind of fun if she was being honest and although she wasn’t trying to kill them, her attacks were fairly potent nonetheless, leaving her opponents immobile.

    “There was no need for this. You could’ve just left me alone and said that you couldn’t find me. He’d have believed you being the gullible fool he is. That’s the problem with you guys, isn’t it? You don’t think, you just act. He must have told you about your powers, right? He saw them for himself and yet he still decided to send you guys after me, knowing full well what was going to happen. Now here we all are, with you all in my hands. The question now is...What am I going to do with you all?” Looming down upon the men, Charlotte would chuckle to herself, a sweet, yet menacing tone that probably said more than her words did. Her gaze was firmly upon him, helpless and in her grasp.

    The leader of the assassins, wrapped in the webbing of the slayer, didn’t say anything at first, seemingly paralysed by fear at the half spider, half woman creatures that he had unleashed upon himself and his men. He had made the grave error of pushing Charlotte too far and the result was this. She had transformed and ended up easily dealing with him and his men. Now they were all now just wriggling in their bonds, unable to do much of anything. Normally, the maid would have been horrified by her own actions but she had to admit that a part of her was starting to enjoy the sensations she felt when using her magic. Her meekness vanished, to be replaced by a confidence that she was growing to love. She could even feel the voice of Arachne, the spider queen, uttering sweet words in her ear, pushing her forwards.

    “You know how things go in Minstrel, Charlotte.” The assassin finally replied. “Once we agree to do a job, we are bound by our honour to see it through. He demanded that we either bring you back or end you here and those are the only options for you. You were a fool to run away and should have just accepted your fate. A maid is what you are and one that was born to serve our employer. You know that and if you return with us willingly, not only will you be treated better but we will remove that lacrima from you as well, in order to protect you from its vile influence.”

    “I am not going anywhere with the likes of you guys and if you insist on trying to frighten me any further then I can’t promise what state you’ll be in when this is over. I haven’t mastered my powers yet but the voice in my head is telling me that the right thing to do now would be to make it so that you never follow me again. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what that means. The decision is yours but if you or your band attack me one more time then I think I’ll have to take her advice.”

    Turning her body from him, the arachnid would start to walk away, leaving the assassins to simply lie there until her spell vanished. The fight itself hadn’t actually been that tough and Charlotte had somewhat surprised herself by how well she’d handled things. She’d simply allowed the spider queen to guide her movements, embracing the ancient beings advice. The slayer wasn’t sure how long her webbing would hold and so she didn’t hang about too much and was soon heading for the town exit, never planning on returning to the deserted place.

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