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    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium

    Mythal Ragnos
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    Linked topic Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium

    Post by Mythal Ragnos Thu 12 Aug 2021 - 16:33

    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium IOl4KPAl_o

    Ishgar stands upon the precipice of calamity

    No one expected the devastating clash along the Bellian and the Pergrandian border to result in a cease-fire. The nations of Ishgar watched with bated breath, their armies at the ready and the trumpets of war ready to be sounded. Men and women threw themselves willingly at one another along the lines between the two hated nations. Wizards from Fiore found themselves requested by the Magic Council to aid in strengthening the uneasy alliance between Fiore and Bellum. Others still saw the opportunity for monetary gain and happily joined in with the ranks of the Pergrandian soldiers. Lives were changed and lost and a storm of conflict seemed eager to swallow the entirety of the world.

    Then Empress Xenia Polyakov of Pergrande issued an address, seeking to bring the clash to an end and dismantling the machines of war before they began to churn. The world stood at a standstill as the Empress called for Grand Cardinal Soteris Leptis and the rest of the Holy Council of Bellum to declare a ceasefire, so that talks of peace could begin. And with a great sigh felt around the globe, the Cardinals conceded to the request and the land spat came to a swift, albeit brutal end. Some soldiers returned home while others were doomed never to walk off the bloodied battlefield. Though neither side seemed willing to admit guilt to sparking the conflict, both empires were adamant on finding common ground and settling their long-building disputes through diplomacy.

    For several months, Bellum and Pergrande began drafting the articles of non-aggression, aided by allies and political figures within Ishgar. Soon enough, the final drafts were outlined and all that was left was to have an official signing. Both nations agreed to hold an official event; a conference to ratify the articles and celebrate the new age of peace, however uneasy it may be. Joya, always the considerate and welcoming nation, offered to host the event, so that both Bellum and Pergrande would be meeting on neutral ground. Fiore offered to accompany their Bellian allies and act as the security force. Pergrande, distrusting of Fiore’s closeness and apparent favoritism towards Bellum, put Iceberg in charge of security for their benefit. Before long, all the nations of the world voted to send their representatives to the conference as moral support for the effort that was being put forth.. Named the Ishgar Symposium for Peace, the event was quickly becoming one of development and networking for the countries of Earthland.

    But for every altruistic step made, ones steeped in misanthropy followed closely behind. Dark and greedy forces from the world across, eager for bloodshed and chaos, vowed to dismantle the peace and bring about the war that had come so close to reality. Still other individuals stand hidden in the shadows, watching and waiting to strike when it is most beneficial to them. Once more, the eyes of the world are glued to Joya, everyone curious to see what the result of such a conference will be at Felidae City.

    Ishgar Symposium - Description

    The day of the conference has arrived and all of the representatives from across Ishgar have gathered in Joya for the occasion. Tension is at an all-time high and the security of both the Bellian and the Pergrandian representatives is the top most priority. Both Fiore and Iceberg, acting in accordance with their allied countries, have requested the aid of wizards and mages from across the world to bolster their numbers. There are plenty of threats from different organizations, seeking to disrupt the signing of the accords and reignite the flames of war. There are several different levels of security that must be covered so no doubt there is a position for everyone.

    This Event is an official site-wide Event that will affect both the official site canon and in-game region of Ishgar, having real consequences for the world and the events that will occur within it, depending on its outcome. Players have three different groups in which to participate, though there are limited spots in the first of the groups.

    The individual Word Count per participant, outside of the first group, is set at 4,000 Words.

    Players can complete the event in groups of 1-6, outside of the first group.

    This Event will run until the 5th of February (7PM CEST, 1PM EST)

    Sign up for the Event here

    Turn in your Event here




    Group One - Representative Bodyguards:

    The first group will be in the Guided Portion of the event. These eight group members will act as the personal guards to the representatives of Bellum and Pergrande. As a participant of this group, you will still need to adhere to a set word count but you will be operating on a quasi-stat writing style. You won’t be required to utilize real numbers but you must have recently reviewed/approved stat/statless magic available to look over, as you will be using the spells you have listed in your application. You will also need to be prepared to post, at the very least, once a week so that the event can keep moving forward. If you aren’t able to post in a timely fashion, you will be skipped and your character will suffer the consequences as such. Two Loremasters will guide the story based on your actions, individual and as a group. The Loremasters will establish the strength of the enemies you face and whether certain actions succeed or fail.

    Bellum Group:

    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium 15IJvnb6_o
    Leonida Ferreolius - Cardinal of Whispers

    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium KF9Fdq8N_o
    Norwood Pendleton - Chairman of the Magic Council

    • 1. Leona Jarnefeldt
    • 2. Kyran
    • 3. Lehanna Seraph
    • 4. Mythica

    Pergrande Group:

    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium GsRI231p_o
    Stefan Borisov - Imperial Envoy

    • 1. Odhran Aegisbane
    • 2. Knight Owl
    • 3. Yuri and Yuli
    • 4. Aura

    Group Two - Felidae City Border Defense:

    This is the group that will be utilizing stats for the event. You will need a stat magic that has been updated and approved to the most recent magic patch. As the citizens, tourists and representatives start their day, the Joya scouts reveal that an army of bandits have been scouted on the outlier of Felidae City. These brigands from Desierto are looking to cause a ruckus and cause chaos. Their plan seems to be to storm the city and kill as many people as possible, including all the representatives from every nation. You are tasked with defeating them and keeping their murderous plans from coming to fruition.

    Players are expected to work with and keep track of their stats (like damage dealt to opponents, damage received, spells, their own HP and MP, etc.) within their event threads. Magic or equipment are not strictly required, though all enemies must be defeated using stats in order to complete the event if this way to complete the event is chosen. If any of this is not given in a player's event posts or event threads as a whole, the event turn-in will be denied. Similarly, an event turn-in will be denied if a player's use of stats breaks the current Magic Rules until the issue in question is resolved.

    Players are required to roll the Monster Dice 10x in order to successfully complete this version of the event.



    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium 3Y9mEN4Y_o

    Desert Brigands x5

    HP: 100 HP
    SP: 250 SP
    Melee Damage: 50 HP per hit
    Movement Speed: 30 m/s
    Description: There are a fair number of God-Kissed roaming the dunes of Desierto, despite the efforts of the Three Desert Sultans to wipe them out. But despite their fairly large numbers, that doesn’t prevent the clan from enslaving and breaking in outsiders to serve their cause under penalty of death. The lowest of the low, the Brigands are comprised of enslaved and petty criminals looking to make a name for themselves. There isn’t a single magic user among their ranks, considered the grunts of the workforce and called upon to overwhelm enemies and targets with numbers rather than strength. The only thing they carry with any real value are the scimitars and knives, given to them when violent duty is required. These weapons, fashioned from stolen gold, are in pristine condition, sharp and capable of delivering deadly slashes. Most of the Brigands are, at the very least, capable with their weapons, though they can’t be considered combat masters. Every roll of a "Weak" Monster spawns 5 of this type of enemy. Desert Brigands have access to the following techniques:

    Name: Hack and Slash
    Rank: B
    SP Cost: 60 SP
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target
    Damage: 125 HP
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Melee
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: A rather simple technique, considering the lack of magic from the Brigand. The desert warrior rushes in towards their target and swipes their scimitars across the front and extremities of the enemy. This hasty attack does increased damage, as the Brigand is forced to get in melee range without being taken out.

    Name: Knife Throw
    Rank: B
    SP Cost: 60 SP
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target
    Damage: 100 HP
    Range: 100 meters
    Speed: 100 m/s
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: The Brigand is only equipped with basic weapons and told to move mountains with them and who are they to deny their masters? The desert warrior pulls out the golden knife from their sash and tosses it at the enemy, showcasing their surprising ability, accuracy and strength of body.


    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium XnmS6Slr_o

    Slave Drivers x3

    HP: 300 HP
    Melee Damage: 80 Hp per Hit
    Movement Speed: 40 m/s
    Description: The slaves and criminals of the God-Kissed tribe cannot be trusted to manage themselves and, as such, Slave Drivers are recruited to keep them in line and break them. These members of the tribe are generally former slaves and criminals as well but they’ve managed to prove themselves worthy and true or they were capable of wielding magic. Those with magic were given to the Acolytes to break and train, their spirits crushed under torture until they were willing and able to serve the tribe. Once given over to their new ideals, they were trained in combat and mastering their magic further. They are then given their duty to keep the lower slaves in line and help destroy any influence from outside the tribe. They are particularly skilled with long swords, scimitars, knives, spears and shields and can mix both their magic and their weapon skills adeptly to combat even some of the more experienced warriors the world has to offer. Every roll of a "Normal" Monster spawns 3 of this type of enemy. Slave Drivers have access to the following spells and abilities:

    Name: Punishment of the Sands
    Rank: A
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multiple Target
    Damage: 200 HP
    Range: 300 meters
    Speed: 300 m/s
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: The Slave Driver raises their weapon in front of them, their magic flowing through the chosen item. From the ground around them, particles of sand flow up and coagulate together in the air, taking the form of sharp, grainy spikes. Upon an unspoken command, the Slave Driver sends the seven spikes flying forth at their enemy, capable of hitting them multiple times as they attempt to dodge or defend themselves.

    Name: Blessing of the God-Kissed
    Rank: A
    Category: Defensive
    Type: 40 m/s
    Durability: 350 HP
    Range: Self
    Speed: Self
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: The Slave Driver imbues their shield with magic, causing the hard metal cover to glow with a light as pure and bright as the sun. The Slave Driver will plant themselves and rely solely on their shield, attempting to block all damage coming their way. If the spell used against them is A or below, they will attempt to deflect the spell back, sacrificing their magical covering to surprise their enemy with an unprecedented blow back. This spell can be pierced by spells that have the piercing effect attached to them, however.


    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium 9llU5e7F_o

    God-Kissed Acolytes x2

    HP: 500 HP
    Melee Damage: 60 HP
    Movement Speed: 50 m/s
    Description: There are no truer representations of the tribe than those of the God-Kissed Acolytes. Hunted from birth and trained in secret, these desert warriors were born naturally into the tribe and are considered full members of the God-Kissed ranks. With this granted, they have far more responsibilities but gain far more benefit from learning from other Acolytes and the Jewels themselves. Considered the lowest rank of the true God-Kissed, the Acolytes receive impeccable martial training along with improvement of their supernatural gifts. They are the officers in battle, guiding the Brigands and Slave Drivers to victory over their enemies. They receive their own personal slaves that lavish them as well as fight to protect them. They are an elite strike force that act as the vanguard for the Jewels, the warriors that succeed where the slaves and criminals have failed. Though they are trained in martial weapons, their focus is on magical domination, seeking to obliterate their enemies with raw power rather than brute force. Every roll of a "Strong" Monster spawns 2 of this type of enemy. God-Kissed Acolytes have access to the following spells and abilities:

    Name: Acolyte Shielding
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The Acolytes are the first step towards becoming the true God-Kissed of Desierto but they are not novices in any shape or form. Their control and mastery of magic rivals that of some of the strongest mages on all of Earthland. Through their training, they have begun the process of making themselves magical tanks, their magic coating over their entire body and granting them supernatural protection against weapons and magic alike. This layer of magic has a durability of 400 HP that protects the Acolyte from damage and is incapable of being pierced by spells with the piercing effect.

    Name: Wrath of the Ancients
    Rank: S
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target
    Damage: 400 HP
    Range: 400 m
    Speed: 400 m/s
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: The Acolyte draws deep from their inner magic, their hands molding a spell of explosive capability. Electricity crackles and dances between their palms as they take aim at their enemy. With both hands thrusting forward, a bolt of powerful lightning springs forth in an attempt to strike their enemies down in one swift blow. A target hit by this spell will be immobilized for the entirety of their next post but still capable of casting spells for half-damage. This spell can pierce any defense, save for spells carrying anti-piercing effects. This spell can be used once per post maximum.

    Name: Eternal Entombment
    Rank: S
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Area of Effect
    Damage: 400 HP
    Range: 200 meters
    Speed: 200 m/s
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: The Acolyte stretches out their hands to the ground before them and extends their magic into the sandy deep. The ground rumbles and buckles, causing the earth to depress inwards. As the crater sinks deeper and deeper, the walls around the depression harden into thick sandstone. With another wave of their hands, the Acolytes send the walls surging inwards towards the center of the crater, trapping any that weren’t able to escape the pit and burying them beneath sand and stone alike. Any trapped under the effects of the spell are completely immobilized for their next turn. This spell can pierce any defense, save for spells carrying anti-piercing effects but will still cause immobilization. Finally, this spell is capable of damaging the Acolyte’s allies should they find themselves caught in the area affected.


    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium BHoMECSh_o

    Jewel of the God-Kissed

    HP: 700 HP
    Melee Damage: 150 HP
    Movement Speed: 100 m/s
    Description: Within every tribe of God-Kissed, there are select individuals that are stronger than others. Some are naturally gifted with phenomenal potential and others discover it through trial and tribulation. These scions of strength and power are put on track to become the nonpareil warriors of the God-Kissed. The Jewels are the royal guards to the leaders of the roving God-Kissed tribes, the power incarnate that can destroy countless Desiertian hunters with little effort but maximum efficiency. They are put through the most grueling martial and magical trials to bolster their strength and abilities, dozens upon hundreds of participants dying to thin out the weak and propel the strong higher. Once they have been broken of their weak attributes, they are pushed even further beyond their limits, becoming weapons of mass destruction. Each Jewel is capable of wielding any weapon or shield with near-mastery, but chooses to use a blade composed of their own supernatural power. This weapon can also transform into a halberd, a scythe and a whip when the Jewel wills it to. Every roll of a "Boss" Monster spawns 1 of this type of enemy. Jewel of the God-Kissed have access to the following spells and abilities:

    Name: Diamond in the Rough
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The Jewel is the pinnacle of the God-Kissed and, as such, their magic is unprecedentedly powerful. Unlike their former acolyte selves, the Jewels had mastered their defensive abilities, the magical film that surrounds their bodies carrying a durability of 500 HP and protecting them from piercing effects. The spell refreshes at the beginning of every post, returning the shield to full HP and also provides the Jewel with a 50% damage resistance.

    Name: Blessing of the Gods
    Rank: H
    Category: Supportive
    Type: Burst
    Healing: 300 HP
    Range: 200 m
    Speed: 200 m/s
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: The Jewel glows as bright as the sun itself, becoming a beacon of inspiration for all of the warriors at their charge. This might is even powerful enough to pierce the veil of the afterlife, granting fallen allies one last chance at glory through combat. All allies of the Jewel (cannot target players or player-owned NPCs) will be healed for 300 HP. If the targets are already at full HP, they will receive a 50% buff to movement speed instead for the duration of 5 posts, though this does not apply to the Jewel. Further, the last three enemies defeated by the player will be resurrected with 1 HP but will not receive a buff and cannot be healed beyond 1 HP. The buff from this spell cannot be stacked and it can only be used once per post, though the resurrection ability can only be used once period.

    Name: Edge of Oblivion
    Rank: H+
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi Target
    Damage: 500 HP
    Range: 700 m
    Speed: 600 m/st
    Duration: 1 Post
    Description: The Jewel’s sword floats away from their hand and above their head, spinning slowly with its ascent. As it reaches the pinnacle of its climb, it begins to shimmer and expand. Multiple versions of the same weapon phase into existence, up to 25 swords, halberds and scythes hovering in the sky just above the Jewel. With an unspoken command, the weapons shot forth, each one attempting to find purchase in the body of the target. Any hit the target takes from even one of the weapons drains them of 5% of both HP and MP. The weapons can pierce through any defensive spell that doesn’t contain an anti-piercing effect, any armor the target is wearing or possesses and ignores all damage reduction the target may have. This spell can be used once every other post max.

    Group Three - Felidae City Patrol:

    This is the group that will be simply taking part in the event and utilizing statless magic. Several tourists from other nations have flocked to Felidae City, either to celebrate the momentous occasion or to protest against other nations. The crowd has gotten thick on the streets of Felidae and that has provided ample opportunity for more dangerous people to act without being seen. There’s a rumor that a small group of rebellious and violent mages from Joya had managed to sneak into Felidae City and are planning to set off a magical bomb, hoping to make a statement. Some of the protestors seem to be in league with these villains as well, creating further obstacles to dismantling the plot.



    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium KilGXPqr_o

    Chorda Rebel x 3

    Description: These rebellious Joyan natives are all about upending the current system and throwing in a bit of chaos. They aren’t necessarily strong per se but they stick together and use a mixture of ground/grassland spells to capture their enemies and keep them pinned. They don’t comprehend the magnitude of the movement they are involved with, pawns meant to annoy anyone trying to get in the way of the master plan.

    Spells: Chorda Rebels use weak ground and grass magic to shake the ground and attempt to pin the target.


    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium XGys0GoU_o

    Joyan Alchemist x 2

    Description: These alchemists utilize a mixture of potions and alchemical magic to try and hinder their enemies. Higher up on the food chain of the movement, these mages were directly involved with the creation and perfection of the magical bomb. They are far less interested in the loss of life and more tuned to the results of what they consider a grand experiment. Anyone caught trying to halt their progress will have these determined scientists doing everything to stop them.

    Spells: The Alchemist throws magical bombs that have a variety of magic in them; poisoning the target, slowing the target and capturing the target in a sticky web.


    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium 0A4ffFTr_o

    Master Hunter of the Wilds

    Description: The Master Hunter is the right hand soldier of the leader of the rebellion; the enforcer that is meant to bring down any that attempt to hinder the master’s plans. They are a grizzled veteran of Joya, having spent many decades hunting the wilds and perfecting their tactics against the natural world around them. They can dish out massive damage with their range of weapons, as well as specialized magic that makes them more animal than man.

    Spells: The Master Hunter uses self-empowerment spells to make his body tougher and heals injuries to a minimal extent. He also uses a great axe, daggers and a crossbow.


    Lore Event - Ishgar Symposium RlTStEEg_o

    Chorda Inquisitor of the People

    Description: The self-proclaimed Inquisitor of the People has placed herself at the top of the rebellion, wishing to destroy the old regime and return to the laws of nature. Long has she seen Joya act as a beneficial beacon of kindness and acceptance while the countries outside treat Joyans like second-class citizens. She wishes to crush the peaceful lawmakers and place herself at the head of a strong, militarized government that will make the outside world pay for their racism and unjust acts. She is quick and strong, utilizing takeover magic to transform into monstrous creatures in an attempt to crush and dissemble any that would oppose her and her cause.

    Spells: The Inquisitor utilizes Take Over magic, transforming her limbs into that of monsters to make herself stronger and faster.


    Upon successfully completing the event, players will receive 1.5x EXP of one rank higher than their own rank. D and C Rank Players will receive 2x B Rank EXP. Players ranked S Rank and above receive 100y EXP. Players will also receive a reward of 50,000 Jewels.

    Players who successfully complete the Event will receive a Joya Souvenir, which can be exchanged for a reward of either 1x additional user-rank EXP (S rank and above receive 100y EXP) or 100% additional base Jewels from the associated job (which is then modified by any Jewel bonuses the player possesses) when handing in a job.


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