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Lost in Time

Aurora Constein
Aurora Constein

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Lost in Time Empty Lost in Time

Post by Aurora Constein 3rd August 2021, 1:50 pm

Shannon was staring down a time mage panting with lupa at her wolf guardian at her back, panting her Spear clutched in in her hand, it had been a long drooling Battle of the Time Mage came out on top being much stronger than she was she growled an angry growl standing in front of Lupa her dire wolf she spoke in an accident which could only be described as Scottish Highlands. " I won't be begging you, I'm going out like the Warrior I am do your worst." With a low chuckle the time Mage would rise into the air looking down at Shannon charging up a spell and she clutched her Spear and one hand rested on Lupa she braced herself and then there was a flash of brilliant white light. Her mind don't like it expanded and we're being pulled in every direction she couldn't make sense of what was happening. She couldn't make sense of her surroundings. She's going to tell anything as she took a deep breath, wondering if this was around.

A sudden blinding white flash would appear in the center of the guildhall loud cracking sound as if someone was opening a temporal Vortex when she got out and bang making an audible for anyone around for at least a mile to hear. They are standing in the middle of the going home and Seaway would be a woman and a giant dire wolf. As Shannon would look around slowly opening your eyes realizing she wasn't dead but might as well felt like she was in shock. This doesn't look anything like where she had just been nothing at all.

Shannon rise to her feet swelling looking around them back at her beaten in her dire wolf moving to Lupas face looking at her then at the guild hall. "Lupa..I don't where we are but we aren't home any more...I'll tell ya that for nothing." She said petting her before hearing a noise getting in a garden stance infeont of Lupa. She was hurt but Lupa was worse off, protecting her came first as she waited to see who was there.
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