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    Take-Over: Monster Soul


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    Take-Over: Monster Soul Empty Take-Over: Monster Soul

    Post by Ormir 1st August 2021, 6:14 pm


    Magic Name: Takeover - Monster Soul
    Magic Type: Take-Over
    There are things that scare people. When the sun has set and the sky is dark, when the moon and stars are all that illuminate the darkened landscape… When the living have gone to bed, the dead come out to play. Those terrible creatures with bloody claws and teeth sharpened to razor points. Creatures that should, by all means, be past their expiration shamble across the blighted earth in search of sustenance.

    These are what we call monsters.

    Ormir has never been afraid of monsters. In fact, his fascination with the macabre and search for greater power has led him to take on their powers as his own. The result is a magic that allows one to mimic the monstrous abilities of the creatures that stalk the night. By consuming the essence of monsters and incorporating them into his own body, the caster is capable of not only mimicking, but actively becoming a monster in their own right. Of course, such power comes with a price of its own. But to Ormir, such a price is small compared to the power he gains.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Denizen of the Night - Ormir finds himself most comfortable at night, when the monsters come out. Though he may be strong in his own right during the day, his magic is at its strongest when the moon is shining. At night, Ormir becomes stronger, tougher, and faster. He becomes resistant to attacks, hits harder physically, and can move faster through the night. As a price to this power, Ormir is especially sensitive to light. Light magic and light-based attacks are more effective against him.


    D-Rank Spells:

    Advanced Spells:

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