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    Out Of The Oven, Into The Fire [Medeia]


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    Post by Medeia 12th September 2021, 5:32 am

    Her attack had hit its mark and his painful shrieks were pure bliss to the angel’s ears. It was rare that anyone could take a fully powered strike from her sickle unscathed and it seemed that he was no exception. His shoulder was in tatters, leaving a horrible and ugly gash that was already seeming to rot. Good, he deserved all that and more but more than that, it was all she needed to press forwards. It was a sign of weakness on his part and the inner predator that lurked within the fallen being was being drawn out. The fact she was in force amplified that of course and the look in her eyes could probably have melted lead. He was no longer an opponent, he was her prey and as the anger continued to build, her power only grew further. She would carry out every thread that had come from her lips during the confrontation. Him. His guild. The people who resided nearby. She would destroy them all and they would die in the most violent and twisted ways. Vengeance was something that she knew a great deal about although it had been some time since she had felt its pull so strongly.

    There was something else too. A scent that was drawing her towards him. It was godly in nature and it seemed to churn the witches' powers. She despised her own kind with a passion and her powers had originally appeared due to her hatred for them. The slightest hint of their powers could set her off and for him to now suddenly start unleashing their hideous scent could not have been worse for the boy. He clearly was neither a god nor god slayer himself as she was but did he perhaps have the essence of a god within him? Had she not been so obsessed with his destruction, maybe she would have asked but any possible hint of curiosity that she might of had within her had been overridden by her want to annihilate him. It was only at the end of his pained ramblings that a name emerged. Hades. A deity of the dead, if she remembered correctly. Not one of her sect but still a god nonetheless. She had never encountered him before but that did not matter. Harming any god or angelic being was always pleasurable to her.

    Words did briefly leave her then although they were hardly what he probably wished to hear. “To defeat my fellow angels and those who rule them has been my desire for so long. I recognise their stench upon you from that wound, boy. Go on. Have Hades keep trying to heal you. See how that works out for you. My attacks cannot be healed by him and will only deal you further damage. A god of death is no match for me, a being that has surpassed all other holy or unholy beings. I must thank him for inhabiting you though, as it just gives me another reason to wish for your death.”

    If her sickle was not potent enough, a whip now formed in her other hand, blazing with purple angelic energy. Without any thought, she would crack her foul weapon towards him, hoping not only to catch him with a horrible lash but perhaps ensnare him too. She knew that her sickle had done severe damage but Medeia was not going to underestimate him. He was a Guildmaster after all and although she had little care for such titles, she assumed that he must be durable if he had the respect of those who followed him. Surely they would not follow someone who was weak.

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