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    Beach Par-tay!

    Kyra Velkhomme
    Kyra Velkhomme

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    Beach Par-tay! Empty Beach Par-tay!

    Post by Kyra Velkhomme 18th July 2021, 9:23 pm

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    To say Kyra was nervous on the limousine ride to her hometown would be an understatement. This was the first time she was seeing her family since Tegan seemed to just sell her off to Errings Rising once more. Now she was returning with her two primary captors and the Queen of Errings Rising, and aside from the sundress, Medeia had insisted she wear a two piece swimsuit, embarrassing her even more. She sighed as the limo pulled up at the outskirts of the beaches of Reinford. As soon as they had reached the foot of the mountain, there was a limo waiting for them with Rio's seal on it. Why was Rio involved with this? She was not sure as to what all was going on, just that the Queen approached her and asked to be brought to the beach event Reinford was holding. It was not Kyra's place to question the queen, so she was just sitting in the car.

    As soon as the limo's door opened, a few men in fancy suits made sure things were settled for all four people in the car to be escorted out. Only a few moments after the last person left the car, a familiar voice called out.

    "Ah, wonderful!" Rio called out, a smile firmly on his face. He looked more casual than usual, though he still "wore" a suit at present. "You must be Miss Amber Stone," he said with a firm nod towards the blonde. "I've heard that you were the one that tracked Kyra back down here. Well, if I knew that Kyra was leaving people that cared about her behind, then I would have just sent a missive right to you all!" He chuckled a bit to himself, giving a light bow before turning to address Medeia. "Ah! And Lady Medeia! You've been Kyra's primary caretaker, haven't you? You certainly look quite ready for relaxation. And I've heard that in your visits to our fair city you and Tegan have hit it off well. I'll never know what to do with my dear little sister." He gave another bow, this time to Medeia, before turning to Saraphina for a moment, but stopping as he caught himself. "Wait! I've met you once before! Back at the Urban Nights! Ah, that was certainly a fun festival. Shame I did not have time out of my schedule to truly enjoy it, and I made sure to have time to enjoy this. All of our siblings are ready and are sure to be out and about somewhere." He gave a bright smile, apologizing to the two more acquainted caretakers of Kyra before turning once more to Saraphina. "Apologies, I did not mean to delay your introductions, after all, you are the star attraction!" He gave a deep bow, taking her hand gently. "I meant no offense to delay, Her Majesty, Queen Saraphina Rose Zima, Queen of Errings Rising, Sovereign Queen of Hostia and Protector of our fair city of Reinford. I hope I did not offend." He kissed the hand, getting up from him bow and walking over to hug Kyra. "And, of course, my dear sister. Valkyria, it feels like it has been ages. It's good to see you in good health. I assume they're feeding you well and accommodating to your... urges well?"

    Kyra smiled a bit and hesitantly reciprocated the hug. "Y-yeah. They have. They've been treating me fine as always. J-just like you guys always have. It...it honestly feels like a family. Even if I don't really know anyone outside of these three..."

    Rio smiled, disengaging the hug. "Ah, I see. Well, it's a start, isn't it? It's three more friends than you felt you had before, right?" Kyra nodded as Rio ruffled her hair. "I haven't properly introduced myself, have I? My name is Mercurios Velkhomme, but most people just call me Rio. Our Father has had a tendency to... overcomplicate names. I'm the eldest of my dear, ravenous sister's siblings. Heir to the family, President of Mercurial Communications and Velkhomme Energies. But, I suppose the business talk should be held for later. I'll escort all of you to our lovely beach first. The festivities have not quite begun, but they should be starting soon. Demi never misses even a second past her scheduled times. After the festivities are done, you are all invited to stay here as long as possible. Kyra has residency in our family home, but you other three have the penthouse suites of Serenity Towers, recently rated within the top five hotels in all of Fiore. Everything is complimentary, of course. Such a thing is only befitting of my sister's caretakers and a queen such as Her Majesty. If I may implore, Queen Saraphina, and I do hope I am not being disrespectful of you with referring to you with just your first name, I would ask that before you return to Hostia or the castle halls of Errings Rising that you please take the tour of all that our family offers for your wonderful care of Kyra. With you directly in negotiations, we can certainly work out a more beneficial deal. However, that's for the future. Right now, just enjoy the beach. Come, follow me."

    Rio walked off, beckoning the quartet to follow. Kyra was always so jealous of Rio. How effortlessly he did everything. Kyra thought she saw enraptured by his speech. He did not miss a single word, everything seemed planned. Kyra even suspected that his "slip up" with the delayed introduction to Saraphina was a calculated move. Rio was always so charming, so good with his words, so good at everything. Kyra did not understand it at all. People ignored Kyra, yet Rio grabbed everyone's attention and kept it wrapped around his finger. Maybe she could be confident like that eventually? That did not matter. For now, Kyra just needed to follow Rio towards their beach.

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    Beach Par-tay! Empty Re: Beach Par-tay!

    Post by Medeia 20th July 2021, 10:23 am

    The angel did not care for cars usually and much preferred using her wings to travel but on this occasion, she had allowed herself to be convinced to go along with Rio’s little plan for now. Truthfully, she did not trust him much at all and not just because of her usual dislike for men in general. He had one of those grating personalities and seemed to love the sound of his own voice, much to the dark haired woman’s annoyance. She would be civil with him today and try to fight off the urge to throw him into the ocean head first. The group were there as his guests after all and besides that, there was always the chance that she might happen across the lovely Tegan, who the mage got on incredibly well with. They had shared each other's company a few times now and every encounter seemed to be more memorable than the last. It had been Tegan who Medeia had spoken with in order to retrieve Kyra from her family and the deal that they had made was one that you certainly would not find in any usual bargaining manual. Still, it had suited both of them just fine and the slayer could not have been more pleased with the outcome.

    She was actually in a fairly good mood, not only because of Kyra’s return but also because of her burgeoning relationship with Amber, as well as her encounter with the lovely Suzhen, who had stuck her nose in the angels’s business on Crescent Island. Things seemed to be going her way and perhaps that was why she had been so willing to accompany Kyra, as well as Amber and most surprisingly, the Queen of the guild on this little beach trip. Medeia had to admit that she had raised an eyebrow when she had heard of the Guildmasters interest in the trip. She did not know her all that well, despite being an Ace but even still, it seemed unusual. The thought of the Queen taking part in usual beach activities actually caused a ghost of a smile to cross her face. It would certainly be a sight to see, one that she was quite looking forward to witnessing herself.

    Eventually the car trip came to an end and Medeia’s ears were soon being attacked by Rio’s non stop barrage of words. She nodded her head in response to his greetings and questions, replying with a simple but polite. “Hello, Rio.” She raised a brief eyebrow when he referred to her outfit but did not say anything in reply. Honestly, there was not much of an outfit at all, as she had decided to wear her usual Desierto gear, allowing anyone who gazed upon her to get a pretty good look at her form. She had never been one to hide her body from the world and she was most definitely not going to do so on a lovely beach. His comment regarding Tegan though did cause her to smile and she added then at that point. “You could say that Tegan and I have formed a rather tight bond with one another.” It was exactly what it sounded like although Medeia stated in a completely deadpan way that it might have been difficult to tell what she meant.

    As his attention turned away from her and onto the Queen and then to Kyra, Medeia kept her focus on him. He was suspect as far as she was concerned and even the way that he hugged Kyra appeared insincere to the angel. His actions just seemed fake to her and considering what she had heard about the families treatment of Kyra from the girl herself, her suspicions deepened. What was he up to?

    For now though, there was little else she could do but follow along with the rest of the group, looking forward to having a hopefully pleasurable encounter on the beach.

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    Beach Par-tay! Empty Re: Beach Par-tay!

    Post by Saraphina 22nd July 2021, 5:03 pm

    The White Queen
    If it weren’t for Nadaline and Bertrand mentioning to the white haired queen that they had another place they could go to that they hadn’t for a while. They also suggested that she take a little break from running her guild and country, giving the command to control to one of her other trusted servants while Nadaline, Bertrand, and Dahmin, her newest prize she won from getting rid of some politicians in Desertio. He was a cute little blue haired boy who seemed more than willing to follow Saraphina’s orders since she practically saved him with another former member of her guild. She had set out to find Kyra and have her take her to where she came from so she could see about the beach there and to the event that the twin servants had told her about.

    She was currently dressed in a one piece swimsuit with a small tutu on the end and frills on the breasts area. The suit was currently covered by a long, half transparent, white shrug. On her feet were a pair of low heeled white pumps. Her hair was let down to flow all over the place, but Nadaline and Dahmin were both positive in their skills that they’d be able to put her hair up nicely for the beach. As they were at the base of the mountain, she wasn’t too sure about the man who had come out of the limo to greet them when they approached the limo. She tilted her head as she put a hand to her chin. He didn’t greet her first. She wasn’t too impressed with this. She gave the man a glare while he finally brought his attention to her. Her eyebrow raised at his apology, but it instantly was wiped away as she begun grinning from his words. He had taken her hand, and she blushed at the kiss he placed on her hand.

    “Unfortunately, you did offend me by not addressing me first… But I am gracious enough to forgive you.” She muses before he goes off to talk to Kyra. After he went off to talk to the group and tell them about where they were staying, she raised an eyebrow once again, especially so when she was requested to take a tour of the family's businesses they had. “I will see if it interests me at the time.” She giggles as she shrugs her shoulders. She wasn’t sure about if she wanted to follow his ‘orders’ to follow him, but looked over to Nadaline, who shrugged her shoulders. Saraphina glared at the servant before shaking her head and let herself be led away by the group.

    She let herself look around a bit, stopping as she noticed a sign for sand castle making. She let herself trail off from the group, seeing what other people were making already. Part of her was thinking her castle was much better than these ‘sand castles’ that she was observing. Her attention turned to Dahmin, and she smirked. “Have you ever made one before?” She questioned him.

    He nervously tapped his index fingers together, but slowly nodded. “It’s been some time… but yes, your highness. I still believe I am familiar with some techniques to make some castles.” He tells her with a smile, but it faltered as Sara frowned from realizing a bit of sweat was rolling down her forehead. Nadaline came over and opened up a parasol above her, blocking the sun from the queens fair skin. That put Dahmin at ease though after.
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