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    Beach Party! Turn In

    Serilda Sinclair
    Serilda Sinclair

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    Beach Party! Turn In Empty Beach Party! Turn In

    Post by Serilda Sinclair 17th July 2021, 3:53 pm

    Beach Party! Turn In 2021-Summer

    ☼ Turn In ☼

    Fill out the template below to turn in your completed Beach Party! event.

    Sign Up Thread

        [color=#0c9bff][b]Player(s) Name(s):[/b][/color]  
        [color=#0c9bff][b]Player(s) Guild(s):[/b][/color]
        [color=#0c9bff][b]Player Ranks:[/b][/color]
        [color=#0c9bff][b]Link to Approved Sign Up:[/b][/color]
        [color=#0c9bff][b]Link to Finished Thread:[/b][/color]
        [color=#0c9bff][b]Completed Tasks:[/b][/color] Please state which activities were completed for the event.


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