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    Beach Party!

    Serilda Sinclair
    Serilda Sinclair

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    Beach Party! Empty Beach Party!

    Post by Serilda Sinclair 17th July 2021, 3:52 pm

    Beach Party! 2021-Summer
    **Special thanks to Dev Members Leona Jarnefeldt,
    Aurora, Knight Owl, and Aura for putting
    this event together! Show them some love!**

    Summer is upon Fiore and what better way to celebrate summer than a beach party? A beach party with numerous activities and a feast, that's how! Beach parties are going on all over Fiore and everyone's invited!

    There's no need for fancy invitations to get into this party. All you have to do is show up and you're invited to join in the fun under the sun! Don't forget your sunscreen!

    As you take part in the activities and complete them you receive leis handed to you by event staff. In order to complete the event you or your group must have at least four leis from completing different activities. Once you have the required number of leis you can turn in the event and get your rewards. This event can be done in groups of 1-6 players.

    When an activity requires a roll, rolling IS required. However, you can choose what activities you participate in and if no roll is required you can choose the outcome.

    ☼ Word Count ☼
    2,000 Words per person. This word count stacks per person for an over all group total.

    ☼ Location ☼
    Anywhere there is a beach.

    ☼ Deadline ☼
    August 14th, 2021 @ 11:59pm EST


    Beach Party! Activities2

    ☼ Limbo Contest ☼

    In this activity players must go under a bar that gets increasingly lower without their head or hands touching the ground, without falling while trying to go under a bar, or without knocking the bar off of the upright poles. The winner is the player who can go the lowest and still remain on their feet. How low can you go? Participants get one Lei. (No roll is required for this activity.)

    ☼ Volleyball ☼

    A friendly game of volleyball is available for all to play and skill is no object. An event staff member is available to act as a referee for the match, so players only need to focus on playing the game. Players can participate in teams of up to six. Opposing teams always match the number of players (ex. four players, four NPC opponents). If there are not enough players for a PC team, NPCs can be used to fill the gap for the PC team. This event must be rolled for using one Normal Die. No matter the outcome of the match, participants get one Lei.

    Dice Results:

    ☼ Tropical Feast ☼

    No beach party is complete without a lot of food and this party is no exception. This tropical feast offers a wide variety of seafood and barbeque options that can be mixed and matched. See something you like or see a lot of foods you like? Grab a plate and pile on the food! Just be sure to eat everything you put on your plate because wasting food is frowned upon! Participants get one Lei. (No roll is required for this activity.)

    ☼ Sand Castle Contest ☼

    Are you an aspiring architect who wants to show off what they can do? Do you really like building sand castles? Or are you just looking for something fun to do? As luck would have it, there's a sand castle contest being held and everyone's welcome to participate! Do you think you have what it takes to build the best sand castle in the contest?

    Participants must roll a single Normal Die. Creativity is encouraged, so participants are free to add as much detail to their castles as they would like. Players in teams can either split off and build their own castles or work together on a single castle. Participants earn one Lei regardless of the outcome of the contest.

    Dice Results:

    ☼ Horse Shoe Throwing ☼

    In the horseshoe throwing activity you have to either ring a peg in the sand with a plastic horseshoe or get as close to it as possible. You have five plastic horseshoes and thus five tries, so aim carefully! You know the old saying... close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades! No dice roll is required for this activity. Participants get one Lei.

    ☼ Fishing Contest ☼

    Have you ever been fishing on the beach? If you haven't, today is your chance to do just that. A fishing contest is being held and everyone can participate! The rules are simple.

    You have fifteen minutes to catch the biggest fish you can. You can catch as many fish as you like, but you may keep only one for judging at the end of the contest. Once the fifteen minutes are up the fish will be weighed and judged and the person who caught the biggest fish will win.

    Participants must roll a single Normal Die. Players are encouraged to be creative when describing the species of fish they catch for the contest. Participants get one Lei.

    Dice Results:

    ☼ Surfing Contest ☼

    One of the most iconic beach activities is a contest for surfers of all skill levels. Contestants must paddle beyond the shore and catch a wave while standing on their surfboard. Once standing upright contestants must ride the wave back to shore while staying on their surfboard for as long as possible. Points are awarded for time and distance. Participants must roll a single Normal Die. Participants get one Lei.

    Dice Results:

    Beach Party! Rewards

    User rank EXP for completeing the event successfully. D and C rank mages receive B rank EXP, S rank and above mages receive 2x10y EXP.

    ☼ Gimmick Reward Item ☼


    Name: Magic Surfboard
      Grade: Weak
      Type: Item
      Proof of Acquisition: (Insert proof of acquisition here)
      Description: A small surfboard that comes on a keychain and comes in a variety of colors, this item might look like just a dime-a-dozen beach souvenir, but it can become a viable form of transportation under the right conditions. All one has to do is place it in a body of water and say "Surf's Up!" When those conditions are met, the surfboard on the keychain becomes an actual surfboard that one can use to cross bodies of water. It is capable of safely bearing the weight of a single rider, perhaps two at most.

    It moves in the absence of waves via a small motor powered by a lacrima battery. This battery operates via magic input: the more magic that is put into it, the faster the surfboard goes. And when one is finished using the surfboard, turning it back into a keychain is as simple as snapping one's fingers.

    Surf's Up- When the surfboard has magic power put into it, it gets going without the user having to wait for a wave thanks to its small motor powered by a lacrima battery. It can cross smooth bodies of water without any trouble, but caution is advised when trying to traverse more turbulent bodies of water. The surfboard moves at up to user movement speed maximum.


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