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    Lightning Justice

    Shiden Mugetsu
    Shiden Mugetsu

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    Lightning Justice Empty Lightning Justice

    Post by Shiden Mugetsu 16th July 2021, 5:03 pm

    Lightning Justice Hwot0Q3

    +2 Scaling to S Equipment Abilities / +15% Strength

    Massive WIP

    Unique Abilities:

    • Lightning Justice: The demon within grants the wielder not only a boost to their natural movement speed, but their melee damage sees a significant boost as well as impacts crackle with natural lightning.

    • Lightning Rod: Lightning envelops the wielder more naturally, not only giving him a small bit of damage nullification, but further enhancing the damage done with his melee strikes.

    • Purple Lightning Demon: One with the demon within his bloodline, the wielder gains not only a weaker variant of his lineage gift that is always active, but a further increase to the damage of his melee attacks.

    Signature Spells:

    • WIP:

      • Category:
      • Duration:
      • Description:

    • WIP:

      • Category:
      • Duration:
      • Description:

    Name: Lightning Demon
    Description: In the dawn of time there were demons that were born from lightning, and became masters of the element to the point where they could turn into lightning. However, as the Aeons passed, some of these creatures grew tired of their superiority over others and secretly passed on their gift to a small group of humans, thinking them to be the most-suited race for their powers. Those humans, in turn, began passing down the abilities that were bestowed upon them to their successors, though as the generations passed, the abilities passed down have slowly perished and become weaker.

    • Ability: Lightning is formed around the user, causing anything that touches the user to be shocked, doing damage equal to the melee Damage they would deal for their rank(max S-rank).
      75% speed increase when moving in straight lines when this lightning is formed around them.
    • Usage: 4 post duration and 8 post cooldown.

      Current date/time is 1st February 2023, 1:15 am