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    Hog Hoedown Empty Hog Hoedown

    Post by Believer Fri 16 Jul - 22:07

    Being a wizard is the best! was not the thought going through Tad's mind as his long arms and legs were getting tangled up with a pig's, causing both of them to fall into the dirt underfoot. Without losing his grip, Tad got his feet underneath him and stood up, dragging the pig by its neck. After dragging and fighting with the pic, he finally got him to the pen that was designed to hold all of the pigs that had escaped. Inside, there were already 3 pigs as Tad carefully slid the latch and opened the door before hollering like a madman in an attempt to scare those 3 away from trying to exit. With a kick to the pig's rear, he got the fourth pig into the pen and quickly latched it back.

    "Ha, four down, three to go, bacon!" he announced. He ran his hand through his hay harassed hair and began his search for his next pig. The first few had been pretty easy because people were screaming about pigs going through their trash or into their shop, so Tad had just followed the screams and wrestled the pigs back to the pen. Now though, there weren't any screams to help Tad in his search. He wondered if that meant the rest had gone towards the forest rather than the town. Grabbing the rope that was used like a leash to lead the pigs back, Tad headed into the trees.

    Moving quietly and slowly, Tad kept his eyes and ears finely tuned to his surroundings. The hopping of bunnies and the pecking of woodpeckers were all easily noticed by the lanky wizard as he stalked through the forest. A slight rustling drew his attention to the left before he pounced like a cat into the thicket that was there. Two pigs went running in different directions, but Tad acted quickly and swung the rope around one's neck, tugging backwards to stop the pig's momentum.

    The wizard lacked strength though and he almost fell as the pig came to a stop. He quickly tied the rope to the tree and took off after the second pig. "Two at once!" he said as his lightning infused speed allowed him to catch up to the pig in remarkable time. Tad sent himself airborne, coming down atop the pig like a hawk descending on its prey. His arms and legs slid under the pig, putting the animal into a bear hug which brought both mammals to the ground in a sliding fashion. Once settled, Tad took that pig back to the first and then headed for the pig pen.

    There was only one pig left and Tad hoped to find it soon. The sun was getting high in the sky and the heat was sure to follow; Tad was already a dirty, sweaty mess. He went back to the forest once more, searching all the places he imagined a pig could hide, but with no luck. Tad went back to the town, but found no signs of pigs. Heading back to the farmer's residence, he knocked on the door.

    "Come in."

    Tad opened the door to find the farmer eating his breakfast. "Sir, I can't seem to find one of the pigs. I've looked everywhere."

    "That's not good," he mused as he took a bite of bacon, seemingly thinking over the situation. "There was Daisy, Penelope..." he hesitated, taking another bite. "Gerald, and Roger..." He sipped some orange juice. "I told you six, right?"

    "No sir, you said seven."

    "That's right! There were seven last night. Spot and Ginger..." his face went a bit red with embarrassment. He kind of turned his head away and then said "But, Buddy was waiting by the door when I got up..." he said slowly. He then picked up the last bit of bacon. "This is Buddy, so you've gotten them all. Thanks!"

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