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    Secret Treasure!


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    Secret Treasure! Empty Secret Treasure!

    Post by Nadarr 16th July 2021, 4:33 am

    As Octavia got to Clover Town with the Wizard Saint she was thinking on her heels, she didn't want to blow this opportunity to do something with the Women... then again not every story is exactly accurate...or not embellished to a degree. I mean she had heard of a treasure in Clover town...but the story was easily pre dates Clover Towns Exsitance. Either way she had to do something...maybe the treasure was there new friendship...no no this isn't some happy go lucky tv show this was a job with a saint. Either way she would look at the saint as they entered Clover Town.

    "So if I remember the story right.." she said snapping her fingers making a amazing looking story book appear in her hand. It would look like a fairy tale story book, brown leather with gold trim with a read ribbon on the page. "The Council left the fortune, under those who slumber so no no one disturbs all there wonder..." she spoke looking at her pausing for a brief moment turning the page to the book that was only there to set the mood, she really didn't need it but damn it made her feel important. If a Council seeks there boon, be prepared or face thy doom, only the worthy may lead Fiore, to a new age never seen before" she said finishing g making the book vanish in a small puff, she looked up at her. "Your thoughts? I have some ideas but what do you think?" She asked wanting to see this inside into the Saints perspective on things. Octavia wanted to make sure her story matched and she was able to leave them where they were going, if there's one thing she was good at it was lying and bluffing. She didn't know if she was lying parsae...but she wasn't sure she was telling the truth either.

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    Secret Treasure! Empty Re: Secret Treasure!

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt 17th July 2021, 11:12 pm

    Leona walked to Clover Town with Octavia at her side and was admiring the scenery when Octavia spoke to her.

    "So if I remember the story right..." Octavia started off before snapping her fingers. Leona looked away from the scenery and towards her companion as the blue-haired young woman spoke to her. The blonde noticed that her companion was now carrying an impressive-looking book bound in brown leather with gold trim with a red ribbon on the page. Since Leona was not looking at Octavia when the book had appeared, Leona assumed that it was summoned by the latter snapping her fingers.

    Without further delay Octavia began to read from the book.

    "The Council left the fortune, under those who slumber so no no one disturbs all there wonder..." Octavia started off. Leona made eye contact and paid attention to what was being said because it might have some relevance to what they were searching for. The blonde listened intently as Octavia continued to speak.

    "If a Council seeks there boon, be prepared or face thy doom, only the worthy may lead Fiore, to a new age never seen before." Octavia ended the brief story and made the book vanish in a small puff. Leona then heard the blue-haired mage ask for her thoughts on what the first sentence meant and immediately began to think on what that could mean.

    "Hmmm... under those who slumber..." Leona repeated to buy herself a bit of time to come up with a logical guess. Based on the end of the first sentence with "...disturbs all their wonder", her first guess as to where "under those who slumber" meant was a cemetery. It was a place where people slumbered, but on a permanent basis. Usually.

    "My first guess is a cemetery. Those who are buried there slumber, so to speak. Most people don't really want to go to one unless they have friends or family buried there, so it'd be a good place to hide treasure." Leona offered her first guess as to what the statement could mean. The very purpose of a cemetery and concerns about disturbing the dead made for good security measures that discouraged casual treasure hunters. Then there was the possibility of zombies and other undead being used as unwitting guardians for the valuables. Leona might be overthinking it, but once she thought about it a cemetery would make a good hiding place for treasure.

    Leona then tried to think of a second place that could be somewhere where treasure could be hidden "under those who slumber." She was coming up with nothing plausible, so she opted to not make another suggestion just yet. Instead she would admit that she was stumped for the time being.

    "I don't have a second guess just yet, Octavia." Leona stated to Octavia. The blonde felt like she was letting her companion down by not having a second idea ready to go, but Leona was telling the truth. Perhaps Octavia was willing to share her thoughts with the Wizard Saint and together the two of them could come up with some plausible ideas.

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