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    Paying the Price


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    Paying the Price Empty Paying the Price

    Post by Zincarla 15th July 2021, 6:58 pm

    Zincarla Kekkanshi wasn't always in a bad mood, especially when she was in the middle of her allotted free time. Right now, however, she was as sour as a flask of fermented vinegar. She walked heavily up the path towards the Magic Council Building and Headquarters for the Rune Knights guild. She didn't have anything against guilds as a rule, but being ordered to head to the council by some obviously lesser Knight certainly put her off the people she walked past. The people on the road sensed her frustration and annoyance and avoided her, to her own appeasement. Zincarla huffed out a breath as she finally reached the top and took in the magnificent buildings; she tried to hate them and the people in them and the stupid rules they made people follow, but the extravagant buildings were much more formal and intimidating this close. She couldn't help but admire the force they put out simply by existing, a factor of psychological power on visitors without any magic involved.

    Zincarla paused for a moment and looked down at the ticket in her hand:

    Zincarla Kekkanshi
    List of Crimes:
    Fines to be Paid by Sunrise or Arrest Warrant to Follow

    It was all such a load of rubbish. Zincarla had entered Era, a place she had never visited before, two weeks ago looking for work. She had a history of jobs as a maid and doubled up on her use of the clothing by picking up shifts at maid cafes. It was easy finding a job and she had been working since her second day in the city. And that's how it happened. In her cloying little black and white maid outfit, she had spent all day serving the people their coffees and parfaits. A rude misogynist had come in and tried groping at her skirt. Zincarla tried to be professional about it, but several minutes of arguing had led only to more inappropriate comments, other customers staring, and her skirt in a full flip up when the jerk had tripped her to prevent her walking away. So she lost her temper... who wouldn't have?! She cussed the man out and lowered him right down to the degree of an insect, just the way she had in prison. Respect wasn't just given by playing polite and shy, it was demanded with a fist. Zincarla hadn't even gotten to using her fist!

    Apparently, she had made 'a scene' and her boss fired her in front of everyone. She seethed recalling the actions of earlier today. Her hand clenched and she grumbled, "Trespassing, seriously?!" She had stood there, trying to make a plea for herself. Zincarla pointed out the unfavorable actions of the customer and how jerks like that should be removed from the cafe. It wasn't the maid's fault after all. Some low level Knight comes in, asking what the commotion is, and the next thing she knew her boss was declaring that she was trespassing as she no longer worked for him. The Knight tried to write her a ticket for trespassing and without even asking any questions, added slander to the mix when the shameless customer started complaining as well. Zincarla had had quite enough. She walked out of the cafe, hands in the air in surrender, trying not to explode on every non magical dipshit in the entire building. As she went to cross the street, the Knight chased after her and handed off this ticket with another crime added to the end. All these crimes were going to cost her half a fortune and there was nothing she could do about it.

    Zincarla had made the only smart decision she could at the time. She struck the Knight in the jaw, took the ticket before he could add more crimes to it, and took off running. The blue haired woman found herself climbing up the path to the Magic Council before she knew it. She stood outside the buildings now and then stared with narrow eyes at the Rune Knights headquarters. The first thing she was going to do was complain herself, and turn that idiot Knight in to his own people. If she was going to have to pay then so would he. She straightened her back, squeezing the ticket in her left fist and stalked into the headquarters building, a fire blooming in her blue eyes. "And gods help anyone look at this maid's outfit and think they can toss me out like a school girl," She uttered to herself with a tone vengeance in her voice.



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