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    A wine tasting for gentlemen.

    Zero Divinus
    Zero Divinus

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    A wine tasting for gentlemen. Empty A wine tasting for gentlemen.

    Post by Zero Divinus 14th July 2021, 4:18 pm

    Zero sat among several others at a high end establishment, soft music played on Cello, violin, and piano played in the background. Women of high class dressed in exquisite robes and smelling of vanilla and pine, spoke with painted ruby lips of the going on's in the capital. Men of all kinds from entrepreneurs to military oldies and dashing young men looking to snag a beautiful young woman. Bottles of a new type of wine was being passed around to the specially chosen few to taste the new brew.

    Zero himself was dressed in his finery of a button down shirt, dress pants, polished boots, and his blonde hair slicked back. He held a wine cup in hand, watching as the wet red liquid was poured into his wine glass till it was almost half way. His hand swished the liquid around, smelling the sweet scent before taking a drink of the mountain berry red. A wonderful taste struck his tongue, the sweet sensation filling him as he swallowed the red nectar down.

    He smiled and nodded as he raised his glass for a second one. Zero always did look older than he was so it wasn't a surprise that when he showed up with the job request he was ushered inside and given clothes to stand with the people here. The rose garden was truly a beautiful and wonderful place to have a garden party. Zero didn't even mind being used as a guinea pig if he got to taste such vintage. He chose right when he joined Fairy Tail.

    Zero watched this time as his glass was filled almost to the brim, he rose from his seat and moved among the crowds. Discussing the wine, the weather, the price such wine could go for in the higher market, the time it would take for the berries to grow and more. The venue itself was quite exquisite, the large garden surrounded by the fragrant of wild red roses, the hum of hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower, the sound of a song bird brought in to add to the natural and played music. The entire event was going over well as people conversed about the exquisite wine and finger foods that went with it. Cucumber sandwiches, soft cheeses of all kinds, crackers and sausages. Many amazing little treats to add to the wines promise of taste and diversity.

    Stopping next to a young woman with auburn hair and a single mole on her left cheek, Zero struck up a casual conversation. Beginning with the taste of the wine, the coolness of the crisp air, and the delightful aroma of the roses mixed with the fantastic music of the band. The two chatted as they drank, moving away from the crowd together as they engulfed themselves in their own conversation that had moved past casual and into the flirtatious. Zero showed to be quite the charmer as he complimented her dress and the small flowers sewn into the hem to add a elegance to her beauty. As the night dimmed the warm air became cooler and the woman moved closer, resting in his arms as they stared at the moon, wine in hand. The two would separate as voices from the garden would call, leaving only a lingering kiss of two who may never see each other again as a memento to the night and the wonderful evening of wine and company.

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