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    Dorm of the Future


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    Dorm of the Future Empty Dorm of the Future

    Post by Lethe 10th July 2021, 8:33 pm

    Leave the Future in the Past, We're Living in the Present now, Baby!

    It was only a few hours since she had joined the crew. She needed to avoid her adoptive father and this ‘talk’ they needed to have. And what better way than to go and slip off towards the living spaces?! She could avoid it by saying she needed to fix up her room or something. That wouldn’t be a lie, especially with her here now. She also wanted to be sure she got her same room from before. She half jogged down the hallway and tried to avoid people. Her old dorm was in the second hallway on the starboard side. It was nicer since it even had a window on it too. Windows were always nice touches to rooms, especially when one got to see the sun rise or set from them.

    Her phlox purple eyes scanned the doors as she made her way towards the second hallway on the right side. Her feet naturally took her to the room. So here she stood in front of the door of a room she used to have. Should she knock to be sure…? She raised her hand to touch the door, but it would open without an issue, and a small smirk was on her face. Of course she could have her room. She stepped inside and saw how bare the room was. Goodness. She nearly forgot how the rooms looked before a member brought their own things to add their own touches to the room.

    All the room started out with was a simple bed, some shelves and cabinets, a nice little couch with a coffee table, and then a private restroom off to the side. A hand went on her hip as she looked around. She needed to go to the nearest city or town to buy herself some new things. Like a desk, clothes. Clothes would be good to have stored away. And any trinkets she could think of as well.

    With a clap of her hands she used her magic to pull out the map of Fiore and pressed the closest city. It took half a minute for her to disappear and materialize within that city, allowing her to go off and gather her materials. She luckily had some jewels on her to buy her stuff from her world. Thank the heavens that nothing really changed about the currency.

    A few hours later, Lethe materialized back into her room, grinning as she rubbed her hands together and started to move the couch over towards the corner. She pulled out her archive box and pulled out a purple fuzzy rug to place across the floor once the couch was out of the way. It wasn’t too terribly big, and only circular, so she was able to lay it clear across the room without having to move anything else. She had pulled out an end table that seemed to be black in color, but had a neon blue glow to the edges that she placed next to the bed. Next was the sheets on the bed that she had to deal with. She turns herself around and instantly strips the bed, chucking the sheets onto the floor and pulling out her own sets of sheets of purple and blue. She tore into the packaging and had the fitted sheet be purple, while the top sheet was blue and each of her pillows had one color of each of the sets. She stashed the remaining sheets at the top of a cabinet for when she needed it. The sheets she stripped from the bed, she folded up neatly and also put up with the other sheets she put away, in case she may need them when she was lazy to wash the other sheets, if she didn’t get more as soon as she wanted to. She honestly doubted that though.

    When she was comfortable with how the bed looked, and that whole side of her room, she opened up the archive box once again and pulled out a desk that she put where the couch had been, and a chair to go with the desk. She purchased herself a lactop and had it also sitting on her new desk. The desk was similar to that of her end table with being a black material, but having blue glowing corners that actually had more than a blue color to it when she pressed a hidden button under the desk. The end table had a similar feature, to the point she was able to make them both glow a rainbow color when it was dark. Both of them had the feature to be turned off too to save the energy of it.

    She stashed her clothes away in various spots of the cabinets, shoes in the shelves, along with books on various animals and statues as well. There were books on lores of various countries myths and some books on mechanical doings, such as ways to fix computers and catalogues on cars and computers that seemed to come right from Motor City with Lacrima infused engines and processors and the like. There were also some statues representing them too she even stashed a few of those statues on her desk near her lactop. The more common books and statues she had were ones on dragons, werewolves, wolves, and kitsunes. She only partially felt guilty for the amount of little stone and plastic statues she had gotten, but she also loved it. It was who she was, even if sometimes she hated one part of her. A finger ran across the top of the head of a wolf, before she turned her attention towards her room again. She needed to put the plants out. No room was complete without little plants to brighten up the place some more. She mostly acquired succulents, so if she was gone for a bit, they’d still survive without some care for a little while.

    In the restroom, she put up some pictures of wolves looking out towards the frame, or towards the background. She added some little glow lights that lit up the dark restroom without having to turn the light switch on, making the restroom have a soft glow feel as it glowed the colors of the rainbow with the other lights off. It was her private one anyway. No one could really judge her if no one was in here besides her.

    The black haired archive dragon slayer made her way out of the restroom and looked at her room, smirking at how quaint it looked. It was just her style. And she loved it.

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