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    Breaking News!

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    Breaking News! Empty Breaking News!

    Post by The Lorekeeper Sat 10 Jul 2021 - 3:57

    Earthland News Network
    The number one source of honest news

    The news screen popped up, with the headline "Breaking News Bulletin". As the screen faded into the film stage, a woman with short dark hair sat behind a dark oak desk. Several sheets of paper sat before her that she quickly shuffled into a neat pile. Her cool, purple eyes snapped up to seemingly meet the camera but, in fact, they settled on the teleprompter just above it. The words sprung off the screen in elegant, magical fashion for her to read without issue as the screen behind her looped on the news network's logo.

    "Good evening, I'm Ashline Bariat of the Earthland News Network. Our top story at this hour is the apparent cease-fire that has been called between Bellum and Pergrande. Several months ago, violent skirmishes escalated along the border between the two nations that eventually blossomed into full scale battles. Bellum reached out and was subsequently aided by Fiore in its attempt to repel the invading Pergrande soldiers. Meanwhile Pergrande chartered mercenaries from other nations, as well as Fiore, to combat that magical threat that came from the Bellian forces.

    The fighting along the border lasted several months but it quickly became apparent that Bellum had the superior support. Soon enough, several strategic points that were once held by Pergrande had changed hands and seemingly a full war was just on the horizon. But before true wartime declarations could be made, the Empress Xenia Polyakov of Pergrande called for a cease fire and requested that Bellian Grand Cardinal Soteris Leptis call for the same, in hope of avoiding a global crisis.

    For now the Holy Council has agreed to the call for peace, though they have stated they have no intention of relieving the outposts land they captured during the conflict. Empress Preobrazhensky was quoted as saying 'peace talks are progressing and soon, Pergrande will retrieve its wrongfully stolen land'.

    In spite of the end of armed conflict, the devastation was felt on both sides. Bellian forces suffered the loss of 76 soldiers; 21 council mages, 44 crusader knights, 6 clerics and 5 arch priests. Pergrande suffered the loss of a staggering 939 soldiers; 345 recruits, 488 officers, 52 Imperial Guards and 24 Paladin-Privates. Despite the death toll that claimed over a thousand men and women, there is still no answers to what started the skirmishes in the first place. Official investigations are underway but more focus is being put upon drafting a new treaty to keep any further conflict from arising. We will keep updated as more news rolls in. I'm Ashline Bariat, thank you for watching."

    credit to nat of adoxography.

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