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    Getting up after falling from grace


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    Getting up after falling from grace Empty Getting up after falling from grace

    Post by Luceam 4th July 2021, 5:01 pm

    Luna was almost dumbfounded when she was personally requested for a job by none other then Carpo herself. Luna was grateful enough to the Goddess that she would work for free so she was surprised when Carp had offered payment, gently explaining that Luna would deserve it after the assigned task of which she was free to decline. Sitting down in her living room, Luna looked over to the goddess on the couch as she was sitting on an ottoman, just trying to process everything that was going on. "So let me get this straight, three goddesses, are about to become human for the rest of their mortal lives?" She asked trying to recap their discussion thus far. Carpo nodded, letting out a small sigh as she was not particularly pleased with the news herself. "Unfortunately yes. For the past week three goddesses have been on trial for interfering in a holy war between two distinct island nations with their own gods. Since the Gods themselves were in a sense clashing as well, it was deemed that no other God should get involved." Carpo explained with hesitation as she herself watched all the events unfold, even warned her comrades to not get involved. Luna could sense the distress of the Autumn Goddess.

    "I, see, so why did they get involved if you don't mind me asking? Unless, were they just responding to outside interference?" She asked as she was starting to get a sense of the situation and starting to see where it was going. While the two nations were far from Ishgar, her experience as a mage and in recent times with battlefields did allow her to predict such things. Carpo nodded, acknowledging the guess of the Nature Fairy as truth.  Luna would begin to see where everything else came into picture. "Demons got involved and blessed some warriors with power, as well as civillians they could corrupt into hosts. Honestly it was a buffet for all kinds of demons who pray upon humans for power, fuel, sustenance, or just for amusement. It was extremely complex. So the three Goddesses, Astrane, Pyrna, and Aquane, each blessed with power the adversaries of those the strongest demons cursed. Afterwards the war reached a devestating climax. In the end the two nations were heavily weakened, reduced to barely a fifth of their original populations." The Goddess explained which seemed to shock Luna, she did not want to even start to consider the damage that war had on the rest of the world around the two nations. She started to wonder how the animal populations and the ecosystem would handle the tragedy and thus affecting the surrounding area in a ripple effect.

    Luna could start to grasp the consequences of the actions of the Goddesses as they ended up resulting in damage that will take several generations to even begin to heal over. The only positive outcome of the tragedy would be that neither nation would be left in a status to be able to keep up a war effort, so peace through mutual assured destruction was still some form of peace even if it came at too high a cost. Luna could start to see why the Gods would want to put the trio on trial worthy of harsh punishment. She knew Carpo would be against capital punishment against her own kin so she started to understand why Carpo was coming to her. "So the Trial is basically just a formality to go over the situation and allow time to come to a punishment. I've seen the jury and I can already figure out where their opinions lie, luckily for Astrane, Pyrna, and Aquane, their juries are likeminded to me in that regard. I am planning on proposing that if they are sentenced to mortality, that we send them to a particular place."

    Luna would nod as she was starting to understand where she came into the equation. She rested her fingers on her chin in thought of how to even go about this situation. "So as soon as their found guilty at the end of the trial, you want them to be released into my care for their mortal lives?" She asked just wanting to make sure she understood exactly what Carpo was asking of her. Carpo took a pause to breath, she would close her eyes as she would wonder if she had to get on her knees and beg. Though she started to find humor in the irony of a Goddess on her knees begging a mere mortal for aid. She valued her friends but she knew she couldn't afford to show too much favoritism to the recently fallen from grace. She knew Luna was a kind soul but even then she herself was already burdened by a lot in her life, living an intensely busy life. "Yes. I know it's a big ask, but they'll fall down into this world with nothing, save for some intelligence. However a fall from grace tends to result in a variety of effects, there is no guarantee they'll even be able to use magic again." She explained and Luna stood up, walked about the room as she was slightly overwhelmed by the whole situation as she started to try doing some prediction work in her head as she could tell this was going to be a long term job.

    However as much as she was already busy in her life she owed a great deal to the Autumn Goddess, someone who was so kind to her and gave her the strength she needed to help protect Mai. She knew she couldn't just turn her back on others in their time of need so she would slump back down in the ottoman as she came to a conclusion on the matter. "I'll do it, I'll need a partial advance pay as I am not going to be able to house them here. In fact there's a property for rent across and over, I'll set them up there." She said hoping she would not regret her words. Carpo would lunge at Luna embracing her in a tight hug with joy. "Thank you Luna! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! This means so much to me!" She would say relieved that her friends would not be forced to wander the world alone without any guidance. Luna started to wheeze a bit as she struggled to breath with a literal goddess hugging the air out of her lungs.

    Luna sighed as she would


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