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☽ Luminous Rose Territories ☾

Luminous Rose
Luminous Rose

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Star ☽ Luminous Rose Territories ☾

Post by Luminous Rose 4th July 2021, 12:22 pm

☽ Luminous Rose Territories ☾ IYz5pZG

Stronghold of Roses

Suspended within a ravenous cataclysm caused by three fallen meteors in-between the spa town of Hosenka and the Sakuramori Forest resides the territory and base of operations of the Luminous Rose guild, a seemingly underground series of magnificent architectural feats held up by stone within the ravine and spanning deep into the surrounding stone of the earth. Due to the stellar devastation of the once cleared land, what appears to be a glowing river of pink colors resides at the bottom of the depths. It seems to always be filled to the brim with floating petals of pink and white roses, symbols of the divine power strung throughout the ethereal cavity of stone. While not visible to the eye of the public unless one is to get close enough to look down into the base of the operations, a unique magical property has made its way into the ravine upon the guild's descent into it; a wavering forcefield of raw magical power spans across the distance of both sides of the ravine of a beautiful pink color, which allows only individuals bearing the guild mark of Luminous Rose and those without ill-intent toward the guild to enter the ravine. Anyone else would simply be able to walk over the rose-hued transparency as if the ravine weren't even there, almost like a fully-sealed window pane made of a giant bubble.

Upon entering the stellar cataclysm that Luminous Rose calls its home by descending down one of its many decadent staircases, one would be able to realize that the buildings that reside within the outer parts of the ravine as well as inside the underground sectors all serve a unique purpose, such as dining halls, armories, bars, personal homes of those loyal to the rose sigil, storage areas, as well as various shops and lecture halls. The architecture is just as marvelous as it is breathtaking; taking the form of royal, immensely detailed styles, it is to no surprise just how illustrious the guild that aspires to be the strongest of all time seems to decorate, taking grand inspiration by the architecture that was described to house the old gods and divinities that roamed the world thousands upon thousands of years ago and putting a magical twist on it. Pink and white banners mark the various purposes of what each building is meant for and functions as with simplistic symbols, in addition to featuring the guild mark of the pink rose. Roses also appear to blossom out of small cracks in the stone upwards nearly everywhere within the Stronghold of Roses- they resonate deeply with the magical power of the guild's members and symbolize the ever-growing strength they represent.

☽ Luminous Rose Territories ☾ J8ugOCg

Grand Hall of Legends

While each building appears to be unique in its own way and purpose, a grand bridge and a few different staircases making their way toward the center of the ravine lead into the right side of its stone walls, which will bring one to the grand hall of legends- a giant castle-like corridor embedded within the side of the ravine, lit from a ceiling filled to the brim with glowing crystalline formations of pink roses and actual flora, which is home to brilliant, towering statues of the guild's most notable members wrapped in flourishing rose vines. Just as wide as it is long, grand arches divide the luminous, long walk to the Grand Master's throne from giant expanses of rose fields on the hall's sides; they seem to glisten and resonate with the colors of the guild marks that marvel upon their blooms, switching colors in correspondence with one's own sigil of the rose. At the end of the hall sits a statue of the reigning Grand Master towering over their personal throne, residing within the midst of the depiction of their gracious roses that have dedicated themselves to the cause of protecting the world in the name of Luminous Rose. While the entirety of the stronghold serves as the domain of the pink rose, the grand hall of legends serves as the official guild hall, home of the most important talk of matters of the guild's endeavors and a brilliant job bulletin just outside of its entrance.

☽ Luminous Rose Territories ☾ LPCSyKD
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