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☽ Luminous Rose Guide ☾

Luminous Rose
Luminous Rose

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Star ☽ Luminous Rose Guide ☾

Post by Luminous Rose Sun 4 Jul - 2:00

Luminous Rose

☽ Luminous Rose Guide ☾ ViCkPm6

hope is on the horizon, bringing light and prosperity with each bloom

☽ Luminous Rose Guide ☾ JOtrUpi

Guild Information
Name: Luminous Rose ✧
Guild Status: Legal ✧

Residing within a deep ravine tucked between the bustling spa town of Hosenka and the edge of the endless expanse of Sakuramori's pink blooms, Luminous Rose is a guild dedicated to pushing what is deemed to be the ultimate limits of magical power and raw ethereality through the preservation of the goodness of action and magic within Fiore and its surrounding masses of land, big and small. A tight-knit guild of those proven to hold immense magical potential within the core of the ethernanos, upon bearing the guild mark of a blossoming rose one agrees to never give up and become stagnant in the power that they have already acquired; the ethereality of magic is proven to be just as infinite as it is ever-growing, an ideal that every member must remember within their endeavors. Luminous Rose mages are committed to growing in their personal and magical strengths from the time their skin is graced by the sigil of holy flora until the end, pushing their limits farther and farther into the unknown whilst defending the innocent lives from needless bloodshed and those devoted to darkness.

In the form of a pale pink rose wishing to sprout its petals into the growing expanse of great magical power, the guild of rose wishes for the pursuit of prosperity in the world of Earthland amongst its other many goals and aspirations, aligned deeply with the Magic Council and its own goals. However, one objective seems to be held far above the rest, almost equidistant to the preservation of good morals- the wish to become the strongest guild of all time, surpassing the power exhibited by other guilds of all kinds: dark, independent, and fellow legal guilds. Determined to exhibit valiance and selflessness in their actions of greatness while oriented toward themselves in the growth of their unique magical abilities, Luminous Rose does not plan to cap their potential at what is deemed to be the strongest in the world. They wish to surpass even the gods in vigor, taking immense pride in their strengths and taking on the world with an iron fist. This determination is what they feel will cause a new renaissance in the world of magic, a new era of opulence, marked with a familiar giant pink rose within the highest points of the brilliant skies.

Devoted to making a name for themselves both personally and for the guild they serve under, members of Luminous Rose are encouraged to hold their own aspirations deep within their hearts, blossoming outwards into eternity- as long as they are not going to jeopardize the carrying out of good morals and image the guild strives for, being the best they can possibly be. Magic is everything to those that reside within the ranks of the rose, and those of all magical backgrounds are welcomed to bear the mark of fleurs, as long as they are able to efficiently dedicate themselves to the cause, following the humane laws of the Magic Council in addition to the guild's own virtues.

☽ Luminous Rose Guide ☾ ChDiLlU

Guild Goals
Exceeding Ethereality: The wish to push the limits of what is currently seen to be the ultimate height of raw magical power and personal strength. Luminous Rose wishes to become exceedingly stronger than even the ancient deities and their power told to others within mythical stories throughout time. So that one-day stories will be told of their grand feats in protecting the world from ruin.
Surpassing Rivals: To maintain the everlasting push of magical power to new limits never before seen before, so much that the other guilds will tremble within their cloaked shadow of brightness- the goal to become the strongest guild of all time through their motivation, preservation of good morals, and positive intention.
Protecting Innocents: As most legal guilds function, the guild of pink, shimmering roses wishes to protect those that are worth protecting within Ishgar and its surrounding continents- those which are unable to fend for themselves from the growing forces of evil that threaten the world, alongside those with pure intentions and morals. Every day more and more pure, kindhearted individuals fall to the ground in the hands of the guilds devoted to darkness, which is unacceptable. Luminous Rose wishes to rid the world of this darkness, either by containing them for further investigation by the Magic Council or simply taking their lives if the stakes are high enough to warrant this.
Family: Functioning as a tight-knit group of legal mages working for the betterment of the magical society as a whole, the guild wishes to make its members feel to them as if the guild is a home away from home- a second place, one where they can truly be themselves whilst upholding the aspirations of Luminous Rose as a whole. To support one another in personal matters in addition to official matters relating to the Council, such as the various forms of arts and crafts of both mundane and magical aspects.

Guild Mark & Uniform
☽ Luminous Rose Guide ☾ 5JgNYY3
A mark that appears to resemble that of a blooming rose and its leafy stem, representing both the flourishment of Luminous Rose's members and its ultimate goal- to grow stronger than the rest and to reach new heights, ascending into the sky just like an ever-growing flower. Capable of coming in any color(s) one could possibly wish for, though defaulted to pink, it is encouraged for members of the guild to place the sigil somewhere visible to all, such as on a limb or on the upper body, though the location is ultimately up to the decision of the member receiving the mark. In addition to this, all members are encouraged to express themselves always in both ethereality and style- thus, the guild does not have a uniform, as the mark of the rose is enough to exhibit strength and vigor.

Guild Laws
✧ While the guild does not have an official set of laws its members must follow, it is explicitly expected for its members to act in accordance with the Magic Council's laws and policies, alongside the guild's goal of the preservation of good intentions and morals through one's actions; it is recommended for members of Luminous Rose to act peacefully before violently while facing those devoted to the darkness and ruin of the world, though murder is seen as justifiable if the stakes are high enough to warrant such deeds, such as the witnessing of one taking the lives of innocents or threatening to do so. Loyalty is also immensely important, strung throughout the guild's ideals- if one were to betray another member of the guild, consequences will follow, such as being subject to treatment similar to criminals. Members that do not comply with the laws of Fiore will be subject to being turned over to the Rune Knights for further investigation and will be stripped of their guild mark, alongside those that betray their fellow members.

Guild Hierarchy
Grand Mistress of Roses: Also referred to as the Guild Master, this is the leader of the guild, responsible to oversee the rest of the guild's members and the operations they carry out. Extremely familiar with the goals that Luminous Rose holds deep within its petals, the Grand Master holds the fate of the guild within their hands and is to act with extreme responsibility and grace within their role, as their power within the ranks is unlike any other- their influence is illustrious, and they must carry out the guild's legacy of preserving good intention and morals, as do the rest of their members deeper within the guild's roots.
Blossoms: Known to be the Aces of the guild, the blossoms of Luminous Rose are seen to be blooming immensely in their magical power and loyalty to the guild, so much so that they retain a certain level of influence and control of it- appointed directly by the Grand Master for their displays of valiance and vigor, they function as second in command and are granted the ability to utilize an exclusive guild spell of their own, and may act as advisors to the Grand Master due to their influence and documented morality.
Petals: The outer manifestations of the pink rose, its petals are members that have proven their loyalty to the ideals of Luminous Rose and have exhibited vast amounts of growth in magical potential ever since they began to bear the guild's sigil, standing out to those in the guild's command. Members deemed to be petals must have been a member of the guild for quite some time, and must have completed at least seven jobs with other members of Luminous Rose, with at least three being guild jobs and one being with an ace or guild master. They are recognized by the Grand Master as some of the strongest members of the guild, right underneath the blossoms, and are graced with small amounts of influence within the ranks.
Sprouts: Growing roses of mysticism, the sprouts of the guild are members which have exhibited hopes to one day blossom into petals, outwardly expressing their growing loyalty to the customs and goals of Luminous Rose and becoming noticed by their allies. To become one of the guild's lovely sprouts, one must complete three threads with their fellow guild members and have been a member for a little while. Guild members that acquire the rank of "sprout" are granted a statue of their own within the Stronghold of Roses' decadent Grand Hall of Legends that depict their very existence to their liking.
Roots: Allowing the magnificent Luminous Rose to grow bigger and bigger, the guild's roots are members that have just joined the guild, freshly bearing the sigil of the rose.

☽ Luminous Rose Guide ☾ IYz5pZG
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