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    Abaddon  Empty Abaddon

    Post by ShadoW865 19th August 2013, 5:10 am

    Name: Abaddon
    Rank: Legendary(+)
    Type: Weapon, gauntlets and greaves
    Abaddon  Caster12
    the greaves look similar but i couldn't upload the pic poor i-net quality
    This is a caster gauntlets and greaves set. It's pretty medium armor, not super mobile, but plenty of space for runes and it's good protection. They are made out of an unknown metal. The dominant color of the set is matte black with blood red pulsating from the runes. Caster mages are actually the long range specialists, just using their gauntlets, they can unleash really powerful range attacks. But that is not how Shadow uses them no, he's more of an up close and personal type. The reason why mages carve runes into their gauntlets is because you need to channel your energy through the gauntlet to cast the energy out of your hand. As the spell leaves your hand, there's some residual energy left behind from each cast. The metal in the gauntlet absorbs this residual energy and is funneled into the runes. So runes on a gauntlet are your favorite spells you want to cast over and over again, because every time you cast they recharge a little bit.

    - A mighty weapon which greatly increases one's magical and physical power due to the runes carved onto its surface.
    - Capable of projecting powerful shields/barriers out of the user's magical energy at will.
    - Shields/barriers/beams can be projected from any of the four pieces of the set. Multiple pieces can project shields/barriers/beams as well.

    - Can not be used to project shields or beams if the wielder has no magical power at the time.
    - Can not project ranged weapons.
    - Without a projected item, it's range is as long as the limbs of its wielder.

    Name: Abaddon's might
    Rank: D
    Type: Passive,Fire
    Description: This is Abaddon's main ability, to allow the user to shape their magical energy into whatever they like(that has the fire element in it). It can generally be used to do anything, though Shadow mostly uses it to create shields and barriers. Which can block attacks equal to and lower than the spell power off the user. But are very costly each successful block costs the user 1% off his magical energy and if the shields/bariers are destroyed the user looses 15% of his magical energy. And for each post the shield/barrier stays up the user looses 1% of their magical energy.
    - Great for adding an element of surprise to a fight, as it leaves the enemy guessing what kind of trick shadow might surprise him with.
    - The projected shields have the same spell power as Shadow himself.
    - Since part of Abaddon's set are greaves, it means that Shadow can also project from his feet, making kicks far more interesting.

    - Ranged weapons like bows or guns can not be projected and throwable weapons are useless, since projections can not be detached from the gauntlet/greaves that they were made with.
    - If a projected shield/barrier is broken,the spell is put on a 4 post cool-down, meaning that for that duration no projections are possible and the user looses a heck of  a lot mana.
    -Cannot create anything that doesen't contain the fire element.

    Duration: None/Passive.
    Cool-down: None/4 posts if a projection is destroyed.

    Name: Beam projection
    Rank: D
    Type: active,Fire
    Description: This is a variation of Abaddon's main ability. Instead of allowing the user to shape their magical energy into whatever they like. This spell allows the user to concentrate their magical energy into a beam of pure sunlight with about 20m range and 2 inches diameter for about two seconds. The beam has to start from a piece of Abbadon but it can be fired from any surface of Abbadon meaning that the beam can be fired from a finger in any direction and the beam needs to be straight.  It travels at  10m/s. 1 can be fired per piece of Abbadon  before the cool-down is in play, each dealing 1/4 D rank damage.
    Very useful opening/finishing/surprise attack.
    -Hard to miss at close range.
    -Wind spells increases it's power.
    Easy to miss/dodge out of.
    -Can be countered with water.
    -Doesent do any damage to barriers.
    Duration:1 post
    Cool-down: 3 posts


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    Abaddon  Empty Re: Abaddon

    Post by TehDMCmaniac 22nd August 2013, 11:36 pm



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