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    ✺ rocky road | cordelia, sakura job ✺


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    ✺ rocky road | cordelia, sakura job ✺ Empty ✺ rocky road | cordelia, sakura job ✺

    Post by cordelia 20th May 2021, 6:37 pm

    ✺ Upon the horizon lay a large chunk of levitating dirt and rock matter, resonating with the rising sun that aligned with its axis- though it could barely be made out within the slayer’s violet optics, this was to be the home of a portal that could bring anyone to another world. A planet made entirely of candy and desserts known simply as Meishi, which was the destination of Cordelia and the two red pandas that she had brought alongside her voyage; traveling upon a wavering wall of dirt as it would form under her surfboard of stone, if anyone would spot the traveling saleswoman she would appear as a tan silhouette shooting across the lands at a very fast speed, descending closer and closer to the floating mass of land- or at least, under it. “You guys, what the fuck~! ♡ How am I supposed to get all the way up there, I don’t carry ladders with me on a regular basis!” she would begin to spout in anger, manifesting a small stone within the grip of her palms in a failed attempt to manipulate the floating earth downwards, “stupid stupid floating rocks!~ I’m not even able to pull it, what the heck is this!” It was nearly three stories suspended within the clouds of the morning, which would be a difficult task for the golden girl to reach without the assistance of another, but something that she would be able to accomplish with a decently-sized exertion of raw magical power. This felt like quite the annoyance to the blonde-brunette due to the amount of alcohol in her system- it was strange how grandiose her feelings could become while under the influence, especially due to how often she drank. But after all, she was an alcoholic.

    Channeling her magical energy through her bare feet, which sat buried in a small cataclysms of dirt and stone, Cordelia would attempt to push herself upward into the sky with a large block of of terra that she would weave from underneath- pushing herself about halfway up before sinking back down to the ground, her screams of anger would sound almost like a pissed off bee buzzing around the ears of any passerby’s, though none seemed to be able to be spotted from the spot she found herself within. “Stupid, stupid floaty thingy! I bet your mom was a hoe~! ♡” the slayer would scream at the top of her lungs as she would get a bit closer to the edge of the levitating landmass, missing the thick roots that surrounded it to no avail- though she would not let this stop her, almost as if it was now a twisted little challenge. Her companions would squeal as they would attempt to hold onto the straps of her overalls as she would shoot herself farther and farther into the sky; small piles of magical-infused ground would begin to pile up where she used the mantle as a launching pad. “God damn fucking damn ass rock! Just.. let me... ah!”

    Meeting one of the dangling roots that ran through the formation of stone toward the bottom of its structure she would hold on with all her might, allowing for small beads of sweat to roll down her cheeks; pulling herself up one root at a time she would eventually make it to the top, collapsing into the lush grass that sat beside the portal’s lustrous ripples. Small glimpses of ice cream mountains stretching as far as the eyes could see would appear and disappear within the fluctuating colors of the portal alongside designs of candy and sweet treats- though this would not stand out in the slightest to the slayer due to just how exhausted she was from her failed attempts to get up to the floating island with her magic alone. Manifesting an array of magical power upon a carriage-shaped keychain that sat upon her golden purse and a flash of lights with the small amount of energy she felt that she had, her traveling cart would appear beside her out of nothingness. “Puffy.. Fluffy... get the booze,” the tired mage would direct her companions as they would run into the doors of the carriage, not flinching in the slightest as they would slam around the inside as they would search for what they knew Cordelia craved the most, “fuck the floating rock.. gets on my nerves~”

    The two baby red pandas would roll down the steps that led up to the portable storage unit of the slayer’s belongings hastily, each holding onto a small bottle of a strange, illustrious golden liquor- they both were shaped like crystalline stars, glistening in the sunlight. “H- Hehe, thanks guys~“ she would wearily speak out as she would begin to chug one of the two bottles, sinking more and more comfortably into the thick grass that surrounded her presence, “there better not be any more  floaters once we go in! ♡ Unless someone carries me~“ Both of the organisms that sat near the exhausted Cordelia would look at each-other in fear, both raising their paws to cover their eyes- the trek that they would be making was described to be a long one, seeking out the peaks of the ice cream mountains. However, the pay from what she would find up there would make the job worth it- two twin magical ice cream cones, which would sell for so much back home! The thought of the payout would make the alcoholic blush in joy, cradling one of the golden bottles as she would stretch out her body like a starfish; surprisingly, the grass was quite comfy to lay in while in overalls! ✺

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    ✺ rocky road | cordelia, sakura job ✺ SjYygIY

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