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    Monster Termination (w/ Diana)


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    Monster Termination (w/ Diana) Empty Monster Termination (w/ Diana)

    Post by Baird 3rd May 2021, 9:39 pm

    Monster Termination (w/ Diana) BwV6wyW
    Boom Boom Pow! His Music goes real LOUD!

    A man with short, white hair was resting against a tree in the outskirts of Morgate Town as he let his green kazoo play a rather playful tune to the world. He wasn’t being quiet as he had his eyes closed. Honestly, the musician wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for the fact he’d be getting some cash. He honestly didn’t care about the disappearance of some little girl however many years ago, or the mother, but he was debating a ‘reward’ he could potentially seek after he finished this shindig. The woman was supposedly paying with her life just to find her only child’s whereabouts after one of her private tutors buzzed off after her disappearance. He would have to do work that the Rune Knights couldn’t do… they must have sucked then. Or didn’t care. He wouldn’t put it past them if they didn’t care though. He wouldn’t either. But this damsel was in distress looking for her child. She wanted them back. He sure as hell wouldn’t want a kid back. Kids were gross, dumb, things.

    First things first. Meet up with his supposed partner for this dumb job. He opened his bright green eyes and adjusted the grey jacket over his shoulders. Maybe he should stop using the ring and let his uniform come into play again since he was on a job for the company? He might have to hide just a little bit. He knew his partner was a part of Hidden Blades as well, they’d know the uniform he wore. He nodded as he sighed deeply. This ‘control’ of his magic thing and not being a loud, flamboyant, musician was going to be a buzzkill, but he could do it. It kept him on his toes, and had him wondering what other new and delightful thing he can do with his music with the challenge presented before him like so.

    With a sigh, the man touched the ring on his finger, and suddenly no longer had white hair. He bore a black armor that also had a helmet on. Due to his magic, the helmet almost seemed like it had it’s own mouth. In truth, it did. Since a lot of his musical instruments bore the use of his mouth, it had an opening for his mouth, but kept his skin covered with an inky black ‘shadow’ that couldn’t be uncovered with light shown right at him. His beautiful eyes couldn’t be seen either. No part of him could be seen. That was literally the only downside to this armor deal and the company to him. But if he was allowed to go all out on this job, or from time to time while doing a job, he wouldn’t complain.

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    Diana Winchester
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    Monster Termination (w/ Diana) Empty Re: Monster Termination (w/ Diana)

    Post by Diana Winchester 5th May 2021, 10:35 pm

    -On the outskirts of Morgate Town-

    In keeping with her habit of appearing to be an ordinary young woman in public, Stiletto's disguised form had her wearing a short-sleeved green t-shirt, black skirt with a gold border near the hem, white thigh-high stockings, and black tennis shoes plus a pair of black aviator sunglasses perched on her head while traveling to Morgate Town. She had the power to change her appearance at will thanks to the power of the guild ring worn on the ring finger of her left hand and she was making use of it to appear in the "ordinary young woman" form that anyone who looked at her would see. There were a lot of green-eyed blonde women walking around Fiore at any given time, so it was not like she would really stand out to observers.

    The blonde strolled onto the outskirts of Morgate Town with no one having seen her and was thinking about dropping her disguise and changing into her guild uniform so that she would be ready for action, but she decided to hold off just a bit longer because there was no need to transform at this very moment. Besides, she would need to hide behind something and make sure no one had seen her before using her ring to drop the disguise and change into the guild uniform. When doing work for the guild secrecy was paramount. Speaking of work, Stiletto took a moment to recall why she was here.

    A client had come to the guild looking for answers about the disappearance of her daughter that happened to coincide with the disappearance of one of the daughter's private tutors several years ago. The Rune Knights of that time period had supposedly investigated the disappearance of the two individuals, but apparently they did not find enough evidence to convict the tutor of any crime and the case was officially closed. Since the legal system had failed her, the girl's mother had chosen to employ the services of the guild as a last resort. The mother was not wealthy nor did she have any other valuable assets to offer as payment, but she was so desperate for answers that she was paying for the guild's services with her life.

    Stiletto owed the guild some work in the shadows and this was the kind of job that she did not mind taking because it appealed to her sense of justice. Whenever she slipped into the shadows she had made it a point to take jobs that let her take down individuals who thought themselves untouchable by the law and today she would get the chance to add another to her tally. Maybe Stiletto was getting too soft for her line of work if she worried more about the chance to deal justice from the shadows instead of how big the paycheck was, but in her own way she was making the world a slightly better place by taking out the trash.

    However, today Stiletto would not be working alone. She would be working with a guildmate for this job, which would be the first time she had worked with a guildmate in a long time. Partners tended to be unknown quantities and Stiletto liked to work alone, but despite any misgivings she would have to work with them to complete the job.

    Sensing that the time to drop her disguise and change into her guild armor was near, Stiletto ducked behind a tree and made sure that no one was watching before she tapped the ring on her finger and the disguise disappeared, revealing the guild armor that she was wearing all along. The young woman was now clad in all-black armor that covered her entire body. Her long blonde hair was concealed beneath the armor's helmet and so were her green eyes. Moments later Stiletto emerged from behind the tree with no one having witnessed her transformation from ordinary young woman to a black-armored figure who was one with the shadows.

    Stiletto continued to carefully and quietly maneuver through the outskirts of Morgate Town until she spotted another person wearing the guild armor. Since only a select few individuals had access to that style of armor, they were obviously her partner. Stiletto soon approached them and stopped, then greeted them from a meter away.

    "Hello there." Stiletto greeted her guildmate in an altered voice that was a couple of octaves lower than her normal voice but was also still feminine.

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