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    Who are you?


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    Who are you? Empty Who are you?

    Post by Soloman 3rd May 2021, 2:55 am

    Lillian had arrived at the house that I've given the request. Those surprising her add this wasn't an adult forgive the request but a teenager who had given the request. They were having a sort of identity crisis. They were a female who wanted to identify as a male. certainly not something she saw or heard out everyday But nonetheless she was at least willing to lend an ear to this child and help them to it. She figured at least that's what she would want something to do for her. With that in mind she knocked on the door and a teenager answered. “Hello?” they asked curiously.

    “Hello my name is Sister Lillian will you the one who contacted me about your identity conundrum?”
    She asked trying to be as quiet as possible not wanting to call what was happening to them if it was them a problem.. Though the teenagers are size shot up in wide and immediately and invited her in.

    “ my parents aren't home I wanted to talk to someone about this before I... told them.” they said as she was led into the living room as she sat on the couch and looked at the Teenager who is sitting across from her now.

    “ of course that's just fine by me. Why don't you start by telling me what's going on. Help me understand what you're feeling.”
    she said they're very polite and courteous tone as the teenager answered.

    I've been having second thoughts on who I am, recently I wanted to change my gender. I don't want to be identified as a female anymore, I want to be identified as a male. I've wanted this for a long time now. But I am afraid my parents would disown me will be ashamed of me for my decisions and I don't know what to do, I haven't told anyone this and I figured we getting an unbiased party would be the best solution to my problem in getting to know what to do, should I stay a female and just go with who I was. Or should I continue my cords and come out that I want to be a certified as a man….” they asked looking hopefully at Willian as she thought about it for a moment. She didn't want to mess up or not give the right advice to this clearly desperate young man finally she spoke.

    “ I don't have the answers this question for you, and I can't give you that answer..” she said calmly but the teenagers eyes went wide in Surprise end start to get a little annoyed.

    “ what do you mean you can't give me the answer, that's what I hired you for is the help give me this answer!” they say clearly getting frustrated at Lily and that she simply put up her hands and a calming and gesture.

    “Please be calm, I said I couldn't give you the answer but I can certainly help you find the answer, but you have to do something for me. you need to do when we use self a favor though and ask yourself a big question, who are you and what do you want. That's the only thing that matters in this world.” She said with a smile as she saw that gave the young man pause as they looked at her tilting their head.

    “ Miss no offence you look religious so doesn't this go against what God or any of the want…” they asked with a suspicious tone to Lillian as she simply chuckled and smiled.

    “ no silly our Lord design everyone with a beautiful thing called free will, they designed everyone that's so they can make their own choices despite what they want. That is the glory of creation you get the create your own destiny on your own path. The Lord simply watches and knows how it will go. They knew this would be the path you'd want to take, I am just here to help you on that path. Do what you believe is right, like I said who are you and what do you want?” she asked tilting her head with a bit of a smile.

    the teenager hesitated before stuttering and answer. “I...I am Alex...and I want to...I am a man!” they said with a firm tone as Lillian simply smiled and give a nod.

    “congratulations on finding your answer Alex, I'll pray for you and give you all the support I can every day for your new life so it will become the best life it could possibly be good luck on this path and if you ever need any more support you can simply pray to our Wards above or you come find me again and I'll be happy to talk to you... even if they don't all agree, will there be a parent sort of your peers around you know you will always have me in your corner supporting you” she said as she stood up and then Allison stand up and give her a bit of a hug before escorting her out. She would never know what truly happened whether Alex's parents accepted the decision or not, but she certainly had faith that Alex was now on the right path. Alex was his own man now.

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