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    Retrieving A Bike


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    Retrieving A Bike Empty Retrieving A Bike

    Post by Elara 25th April 2021, 3:38 am

    Before Elara could leave Motor City, she was approached by the local police force and offered a job. It sounded simple enough and she never could say no so she agreed to do it. The task itself was to find a bike that had been stolen and return to its rightful owner. Unfortunately, the information that she had been given said that the bike was most probably in the midst of a group of thugs and knowing full well how encounters with them usually turned out, Elara had prepared herself for a fight of some kind. She had followed the trail that they had left and eventually came to a large warehouse with a pair of guards standing outside. They were unwilling to let her in and despite her attempts at agreeing a deal with them, they had instead pulled out a pair of baseball bats and threatened her to leave. So, she summoned Taurus to her side, who swiftly managed to incapacitate the duo without too much trouble. Her powers easily managed to catch one of them with a powerful kick and a few regular blows took out the other. It was not much of a test for him and he stayed by her side as they infiltrated the place.

    By the time that they actually reached the centre of the warehouse, Taurus had taken out at least half a dozen of the thugs, using her martial skills and by now the stairs were littered with them. Her Zodiac spirit had become so powerful over time and by now she would say that she was probably her strongest, well, of those that she summoned regularly.

    In the middle of the main area sat a group of six thugs, with another standing up and telling a story to the others. As soon as she and her spirit started to approach, they all quickly stood up and drew out various types of weapons.

    "I sense a fight," interrupted a loud voice as another spirit chose that moment to appear, much to the surprise of everyone in the room, Elara and Taurus included.

    Rengar had just made her appearance. One of Elara's new spirits, a large cat-like female with razor sharp claws.

    "Leave them to me, I'll take care of these fools," she said with a monstrous roar, before suddenly vanishing, surrounding herself with shadows, hiding her form,. "Go home, Taurus, I'll defend our mistress."

    "Very well," Taurus answered, before vanishing back to the spirit realm.

    Charging into the fray, Rengar laughed as she leapt into the fray, lashing out with her claws as she suddenly reappeared in the middle of the thugs. The slaughter was so swift that the summoner didn’t even register it but just like that, her assassin had destroyed all that were in her way, leaving just a bloody mess of carcasses.

    With a wide grin, she’d then nod her head to her mistress, “If you ever need someone to dish out the pain again, just summon me, OK?”

    Before the black haired girl could even reply, Rengar was gone, leaving a baffled Elara to pick up the bike and return it to its owner. Another little quest completed.


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