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    Kidnap The Noble


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    Kidnap The Noble Empty Kidnap The Noble

    Post by Medeia 19th April 2021, 4:25 am

    It seemed that revenge again was the primary reason behind what she was doing. The angel had been tasked with abducting a noble and presenting her to her employer. Why? So that he could one up his father in the criminal world by demanding a handsome ransom from the girl’s family.. That was what it was all about although there was a far more personal twist too. The young criminal had rather harshly been cast out of the family by his father which Medeia was of no doubt was the true reason why he had reached out to her. Money was lovely but revenge was a far greater motivator in the eyes of the angel. The task sounded simple enough and after having completed her previous mission in Magnolia, Medeia had to admit that she took some pleasure out of these more menial tasks. Those she fought were no match for her but any chance to show her domination over mortals was always one that she relished.

    Getting into the mansion itself was a simple task and Medeia simply flew down towards the outer walls and then teleported herself inside. When she reappeared, the raven haired woman would find herself in a large kitchen, lovingly cleaned and polished with only the finest in glass and tupperware. The family were wealthy indeed and Medeia was always one to appreciate the finer things in life or as fine as she could on the mortal plain. At first, the kitchen appeared empty and the angel swiftly headed for the room’s exit but as she was half way across, a balding head would emerge from behind one of the counters, a cloth in his hand. Medeia had seen her fair share of butlers back at the guild and recognised him instantly. Still, her instructions had been clear in terms of what to do with anyone she encountered besides her target.

    Before he could shout for help or do much of anything in truth, Medeia would remove her sickle and hurl it towards him, smacking into him hard before returning to the angel’s hand. A potent blow and the angel was on him in a flash afterwards, slamming her foot down on his head hard a few times in order to eliminate him. The only sound that she actually heard for him was a sigh as he passed away, barely even recognising the force that had just hit him. He would not be cleaning another house nor serving another noble again.

    Swiftly, she would leave the kitchen and travel up the first flight of stairs she came across, knowing that sooner or later she could come across her target. For the moment, her eyes and ears were open for any sign of movement, keenly awaiting any other potential foes. Sure enough, her slayer senses would detect another figure and as she turned a corner, she came across a woman, whose back was to her. Medeia’s eyebrows rose as she noticed the outfit. It could well have been one that her own dear Armina might wear. A maids. For a second, she was a little reluctant to attack the woman, as fond as she was of maids and that hesitation was enough for the maid to notice her and turn. She was a pretty young woman, with dark brown hair and powerful green eyes.

    “What do you think you are doing here?” The maid questioned with a frown forming across her face. “There are no guests scheduled for tonight.”

    “I am here for the lovely lady who runs this house.” Medeia replied, eyeing the girl fondly. “Judging from your uniform, that is clearly not you but I will gladly take you along too.”

    “No thank you.”
    The apron wearing woman answered, moving into a karate opening stance.

    “Suit yourself.” Medeia responded, following her words with a powerful burst of sand that tore through the maid’s clothing, as well as her skin. It was an attack of formidable strength although these days, all of the witches were. Unable to defend herself from the immense of sand, the maid could do very little to stop Medeia’s second attack, a ball of flame that caught her hard in the stomach, sending her to the ground, out for the count.

    Stepping over the woman’s body, Medeia would resume her trek through the mansion, suspecting that she was on the right track and desiring to conclude her mission. Her senses would soon pick up another mortal, a male by the smell of him and as her eyes caught up with her sense of smell, it proved accurate. Blocking her path now stood a guard, wielding a sword and shield, determined not to let her pass. He did not utter a word and simply came forwards, which was perfectly fine with her. Tapping into her magic, she would unleash a sandstorm that would burst forth from underneath, sending him flying into the air and shredding him as the sand bit and tore at his body. Yelling with pain, he would struggle weakly, his sword and shield simply not sturdy enough to defend against her magical power. When he was released, he started to fall towards the ground but before he hit it, Medeia was there, delivering a flaming kick that knocked him clean out of the nearest window, his body hitting the solid ground with a horrible squelching sound.

    Moving through the doorway and climbing one final staircase, she would find one final opponent blocking her path. A far larger guard, weaponless but with muscles so large that it seemed obvious that he did not need one. A clueless imbecile who was obviously just brawn. With that in mind, Medeia would simply take her sickle in hand once more and activate its most powerful effect, channelling her magical power into the weapon. The gems on the hilt glowed and as the guard sprinted down the stairs and launched a punch, the witch simply swung her sickle in return, cutting him clean in two. A horrific blow and one that he had no chance in surviving. He was dead the moment her attack struck and the two halves of his body collapsed to the ground in front of her.

    With him dead, she would simply walk up the remainder of the staircase and enter the room that was at the top. It was a lovely looking bedroom and huddled on the bed sat a petrified young woman. The target that Medeia had been sent to retrieve, no doubt. “Do not struggle. Do not speak. Do not try to run. You have no rights here and the best thing for you to do would be to just come quietly. Do you understand?” Her tone was commanding.

    The girl simply nodded her head and then placed her hands upon it, allowing for the witch to swiftly bind her limbs, an action that she had performed so often. Once she was done, the girl could not move an inch and without any further words, Medeia would open the largest of the girl’s windows, before taking her victim into her arms and flying out with her into the darkness of the night.

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