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    Edwana Empty Edwana

    Post by Aurora Constein 18th April 2021, 12:08 am

    Name: (High Priestess) Edwana
    Grade: Etherial+
    Type: Pet
    Proof of Acquisition: Proof
    Edwana 711hZFYs1UL._AC_SX466_

    Name: Edwanas Tree of Life
    Rank: User Rank to S rank
    Category: Supportive/Offensive
    Type: AoE
    Damage: max user rank AoE spell Healing up to S Rank
    Range: max user rank AoE range up to s
    Speed: max user rank AoE speed up to s
    Duration: max user rank duration up to s
    Downside: N/A
    Description:A large blooming tree that looks similar to a Sakura type of tree in Divine fire with pink pedals I'm a member at the top balloons into existence having its petals blown up and scattered around the area of effect. Anyone that Edwana Dean's to be an ally received up to the users ranking for the healing capping at S rank per post that they are within the trees area. additionally anyone that is not Ally of Edwanatakes 5% Health burn per post they are within the tree as a Sakura petals burn them.

    Name: Edwana’s Holy Energy
    Rank:  User Rank to A rank
    Category:  Offensive
    Type:  Single target
    Damage:  max user rank Single Target spell up to A Rank
    Range: max user rank Single Target range up to A
    Speed: max user rank Single Target duration up to A
    Duration:  max user rank duration up to A
    Downside: N/A
    Description: Edwana starts to Glow in a holy brilliantly as her body is outlined in it. As she shines for the duration of the spell, she has the ability to fire energy Blasts from any point on her body damage, capped at users rank up to A rank. Additionally these blasts are able to pierce any shields at a cost of 50% of the damage.

    Name: Edwana Castle
    Rank: max users Rank
    Category: Supportive/defensive
    Type: Single target/Teleport
    Damage: N/A
    Range: max user rank burst range up to s
    Speed: max user rank burst speed up to s
    Duration: max user rank duration up to s
    Downside: N/A
    Description:Once per post Edwana can teleport to a target location or person instantly. When she reappears a glowing aura is in front of her forms making a shield that has two times the users rank in durability.

    Name: Edwanas Amp Shield
    Rank: max user rank
    Category: Defensive/ Auxiliary
    Type: AoE/Buff
    Damage: N/A
    Range:  max user rank range up to s
    Speed: max user rank AoE speed up to s
    Duration:  max user rank duration up to s
    Downside: N/A
    Description: Edwana radiates holy energy and forms a dome around her that looks to be golden hexagons doming around her. The sheild can has two time user rank in durability. Additionally any spell fired from inside the shield going out has the users rank in a spell damage buff up to s rank. Additionally people in the shield have a 5% mana regeneration per post.

    Name:  Edwanas Boon
    Rank: max user rank
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive/AoE
    Damage: N/A
    Range:  max user rank duration up to s
    Speed:  max user rank range up to s
    Duration: Passive
    Downside: N/A
    Description: All buffs that are active within range of Edwana are stronger by the max user buff up to s rank.

    Extra abilities:

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    Edwana Empty Re: Edwana

    Post by Nero 18th April 2021, 4:50 am

    Before this is graded, please link the associated bond magic within this pet application. Further, as this pet is not yet purchased officially, I must ask you to wait with bumping until the purchase has been approved. Please also do not hand in equipment before the equipment in question has been purchased officially.



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