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    Happily Never After


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    Happily Never After Empty Happily Never After

    Post by Elara 10th April 2021, 4:54 am

    There was something about this job which brought a smile to Elara's face. Maybe it was the violence, maybe it was the jewels or perhaps it was simply because she found the idea of this kind of love to be old fashioned. The whole, "Happily Ever after," ideal was laughable and the purple haired mage was certainly relishing the prospect of teaching that to the couple, both man and woman. She had a pretty good description of her target from her employer and he seemed like your typical princely kind of guy, handsome, kind and boring. How anyone could possibly fall for such a dunderhead was beyond her but one thing was certain, the relationship between him and his girlfriend would end, tonight.

    He was a pretty hard guy to miss and all Elara had to do was wait until nightfall and as expected, he soon made his way along the docks, a few young hangers on following him, chattering to themselves, all with that same doe like expression that made the mage a little sick to her stomach. It was quite pathetic, to be honest. Thankfully, he soon managed to get rid of them and made his way deeper into the town, oblivious to the fact that he now had another figure following him. It was child's play for the mage to stay out of sight although she pondered to herself if she even needed to, given how dense he seemed to be. Perhaps he would think that he was just another hanger on or something? Anyway, she waited until he made his way down one of the alleys and that was when she made her move.

    Summoning Taurus to her side, the summoner would then set the angry spirit upon him. The Zodiac surrounded herself with magical power, jumped into the air and flew towards him like a torpedo. He was slow to respond but turned just in time for her to ram him in the stomach and force him backwards, sending them both crashing to the ground. He took the brunt of it and Taurus recovered because of that, setting upon him and lashing out at him with vicious punches. He was certainly no fighter and did nothing against her besides trying to throw his hands up in front of his face. It did little to stop her though and the spirit easily broke through his weak guard, pummelling him with repeated strikes, ruining his good looks in moments and leaving him with little more than a crimson mask for a face. She did not kill him yet though and instead lifted him up to his feet and slammed him against the wall closest to them.

    "Right, you brainless bastard,"
    she said coldly, her eyes boring into his,"You're going to have to find a new girlfriend because there's someone else who has her eyes on her and he's got a hell of a lot more jewels than you. So, what you're going to do now is write a farewell letter to her. Telling her what a hopeless bitch she is and how you only ever wanted her for her looks and so you could get your leg over. Tell her that you never loved her at all and that you're not the perfect prince that she thought you were. Also, you can tell her about your friends who my summoner saw you with earlier, following you across the docks. I'm sure that she'd love to know about your little posse of girlfriends although I doubt they'll want you now, looking as you do."

    Shattered, mentally and physically, the prince fell to his knees, rubbing his face to remove the blood from his face. Taurus swiftly turned towards a nearby bin and emptied its contents all over the ground, before tossing it towards him. She then produced a pad of paper and a pen and forced them into his hands. With no other choice, he swiftly started to write, using the bin to lean on. When he was finished, he handed the letter towards the spirit who took it in her hands, before kicking him viciously across the face, killing him instantly.

    Satisfied, Elara would then take the letter from Taurus and desummoned her spirit before duly visiting the girl who he was supposed to meet and delivering the letter to her. Her response was as you might expect, tears were shed, angry words were shouted and she was shaking with sadness by the time she was finished. Elara was hardly sympathetic towards her and simply left her to it, returning to her employer and receiving her reward for completing her mission. He then bid her farewell and dashed off to console the poor girl, a smarmy grin on his face, prepared to leap into the fray and take control of the situation. The mage just shrugged at that and took her leave.

    With another job completed, she once more vanished into the darkness of the night. Her reputation was growing by the day and she could feel that her powers were as well. She had come so far so quickly but Elara had no intention of slowing down. There was so much more to do, so much more.


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