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    Shiny Rock Rescue!


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    Shiny Rock Rescue! Empty Shiny Rock Rescue!

    Post by Wren 8th April 2021, 10:43 pm

    Shiny Rock Rescue! ASLww8b
    Black Hats, Black Cats. That Is Where The Witch Is At.

    Another day. Another hollar. Another bag of jewels to be placed in her hand! Wren was given the task to go to Sakuramori with three other members of the Special Operations group. She wasn’t entirely sure who it was she was going to be doing this little shindig with, but she was hoping it would be fun~! She had heard about Sakuramori being a forest of cherry blossom trees. And being the little Sailkian she was, she hadn’t seen one in real life! Of course Nelson had some cherry blossom petals for herbs in his shop and told her the properties of them for her to be able to use in her herbal remedies, but nothing would beat going to an actual forest and getting her own flowers and leaves! Maybe she could grow her own tree with the flowers, leaves, and seeds she would be able to find!

    The thought of the herbal side of this mission had the little witch distracted as she waited in the training ground for her teammates. She was daydreaming while sitting on her little black flying broom, and a black cat resting next to her on the broom. She was dressed in a turtleneck shirt that the sleeves and neck part, and the bottom were green with the middle white, and a pair of tannish brown cargo shorts that went to her knees. On her feet that dangled off of the broom were a pair of orange sneakers that rose above her ankles.

    The little witch took in a deep breath of the air, then realized she was. Not in a cherry blossom forest. “Uck… Who do you think will join us, Nanny? Think they’ll let me get all the herbs?” Her brown eyes glanced towards the little cat, who only opened an eye, then rolled it and closed it again. While the cat was her guardian, she didn’t care at the moment. Most people in the Rune Knights were good. Lux potentially being the exception, but he wasn’t a person… The witch had pulled out a paper and begun reading it again. It was her assignment today. “Village in Sakuramori… child missing. Should be easy, right?” She wanted to also see the crystals in the caves. Maybe these crystals had magical properties she could harvest for herself as well! She really was excited for this assignment and wanted to go now, but she had to wait. Not till the group met up together first.

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