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    The Vault of the White Snake


    Lineage : The World Serpent
    Position : None
    Posts : 660
    Guild : Luminous Rose
    Cosmic Coins : 25
    Dungeon Tokens : 0
    Experience : 2,619,399

    Character Sheet
    First Magic: Yoza Kengen
    Second Magic:
    Third Magic:

    The Vault of the White Snake Empty The Vault of the White Snake

    Post by Fraag 6th April 2021, 10:06 am

    Bai Suzhen's Bank

    Name: Bai (Family name) Suzhen (Personal name)
    Rank: X
    Guild: Luminous Rose
    Lineage: The World Serpent

    Magic 1: Yoza Kengen
    Magic 2: ???
    Magic 3: ???


    The Celestial Armament- Odds and Ends for killing people and things
    Kraken's Lament- Unique Shield

    Ascendant Abilities

    X: Gold Rush:

    The Vault of the White Snake Z6ndPHF
    Name: Gold Rush
    Description: Centuries ago, a tribe came to Fiore from a continent that is so incredibly far away that to this day those who ventured to find it have failed; the tribe members claimed to have come from a place called "Egypt". Wherever the tribe went, they prospered beyond belief; to each country and continent they went to, they rose to become the most powerful group of people there. Eventually, they were captured by all dark guilds at the time for their fortune and ability to prosper, and when the tribe refused to cooperate, they were all killed. Luckily, some were not captured, so your bloodline still lives on today. However, you must be wondering - "How did they do it?". Well, it's quite simple.

    The tribe from Egypt, which were known as Egyptians, were cast away from their homeland by raiders with absolutely nothing. An Egyptian goddess, who was saddened by what could potentially happen to her people, cast a powerful spell over the tribe to make them the luckiest people on the planet (literally!). Because of this, the tribe was able to find a significant more amount of jewels, items to sell, and they were said to be so lucky that they could even cheat death and danger; of course, that wasn't the case when they were completely obliterated...

    • Ability: The user is given 3 passive abilities and 2 active abilities, though they can only ever choose one ability from the passive and active parts of this lineage. Whenever going on a job, the user must always pick from one of the following abilities:
      * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
      * Find a custom weapon, item, or armor (rank depends on the difficulty of the job; you get to choose the type of item)
      * Increase the jewel reward of you and ONE other participant of the job by 50%
      The user's active ability are the following:
      * The user is able to sacrifice their EXP gained from jobs for additional jewels
      * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.

    • Usage:  Lineage has three passive abilities and two active abilities; you MUST pick one of the passive abilities at the start of any job. The second active ability of this lineage can only be used once per thread, with a duration of 4 posts; again, you can only pick pick one of the two active abilities.

      Whenever the second passive ability of this lineage is used, the rank of the weapon/item/armor is found at the following job ranks:
      * D-Rank: Nothing
      * C-Rank: Strong
      * B-Rank: Strong+
      * A-Rank: Strong+
      * S-Rank: Legendary
      * SS-Rank: Legendary+
      * 10Y: Legendary+
      * 100Y: Artifact

      Whenever the first active ability of this lineage is used, the jewels gained for the amount of exp sacrificed is as the following:
      * 25 EXP: 1,000 (D-Rank)
      * 50 EXP: 2,500 (C-Rank)
      * 250 EXP: 7,500 (B-Rank)
      * 1,250 EXP: 17,000 (A-Rank)
      * 6,250 EXP: 30,000 (S-Rank)
      * 18,750 EXP: 45,000 (SS-Rank)
      * 56,250 EXP: 70,000 (10Y-Rank)
      * 168,750 EXP: 100,000 (100Y-Rank)


    Ms. Fortune
    Golden Lacrima in effect till 11th July 2022

      Current date/time is 5th December 2021, 4:31 pm