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    Giants of the North!


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    Giants of the North! Empty Giants of the North!

    Post by Admin 5th April 2021, 4:46 am

    Job Title: Giants of the North!
    Rank: B
    Category: Normal
    Job Location: Silent Glaciers
    Solo Word Count: 2,500
    Group Word Count: 5,000
    Additional Requirements: N/A
    Job Description: Huge humanoid entities have appeared near the Silent Glaciers. They are presumed to be a few of the giants that were frozen in the ice centuries ago. Now they are confused and frightened by their new surroundings and are destroying village after village. A critical ore mine is being threatened and your job is to stop the giants before they destroy the mining town. The townspeople have gathered as much money as they could to make their request more attractive.
    Enemies: Any other threats and combat details of the giants are up to the player's design.

    • Frost Giant x3
      The humanoid giants are made of sharp and jagged ice and snow. Their attacks may be slow, but they are heavy and cover wide areas due to size and will damage near-by constructs. As if their claws and feet weren't destructive and deadly enough, they also carry large ice hammers that they use as a weapon. Diplomacy is not an option. They travel together and can be seen from afar.
      Enemy Rank: Boss

    Reward: 40,000 jewel.

      Current date/time is 10th August 2022, 10:59 pm