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    Shattered Reality


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    Shattered Reality Empty Shattered Reality

    Post by Admin 2nd April 2021, 2:12 am

    Job Title: Shattered Reality
    Rank: A
    Category: Normal
    Job Location: Ancient Ruins
    Solo Word Count: 5,000
    Group Word Count: 10,000
    Additional Requirements: N/A
    Job Description: The government, fearing the secrets of the Ancient Ruins, sent an expedition into the ancient ruins in order to find a way to permanently safeguard them within the vault. As a result, they uncovered a secret passage deeper into the ruins, so deep in fact that it took an hour just walking down the stairs. After discovering the chamber at the bottom, they discovered several more passages leading even deeper into the catacombs of the ruins, though most were sealed shut and one in particular was ruined. The majority of the expedition went missing while the few who returned went mad. They kept trying to explain the horrors they saw down there and how there may still be survivors, though most of their words were met with scrutiny. However, not willing to leave any survivors down inside the catacombs, the government  now calls on abled bodied and strong minded bodies to go and investigate. Get as many survivors out as you can as well as attempt to resolve the issue beneath. Though they are being optimistic on the survivors the government demands that you deal with the horrors within in order to protect the surface.
    Enemies: All creatures in the ruins inflict a status debuff called paranoia, which in unable to be removed due to its ancient nature. Paranoia removes any HP regens and causes 5HP of damage per ever 20 Paranoia accumulated. Paranoia will not naturally decrease while in the catacombs, but will decrease 5 points per post if the player leaves. If you wish, the mental effects of paranoia will increase as well, causing hallucinations and an increase in panicked irritability. It's hard to think when everything feels like it could kill you at any moment.

    • Lost Soul x10
      Phantasms are creatures created by a rift in reality, naturally docile some become ravenous and attempt to feed off the essence of living beings. As a result phantasms destroy the soul and fuse to body to create Lost Souls. The Lost Souls are twisted forms of what used to be the exploration team sent in to monitor the area. They are naturally tough but lack power, so they are capable of taking 3x A rank damage before disappearing but will only do D rank melee damage with their attacks.
      Enemy Rank: Weak

    • Ravenous Phantasm x6
      Ravenous phantasms are naturally weak against light and darkness, being one shot by those types of attacks regardless of rank. They are dangerous for all living beings, capable of feeding directly on a person's essence, which inflicts A rank damage that ignores all forms of defense as well as inflicting 5 paranoia on their psych per successful attack. Ravenous Phantasms can take up to 3x A ranks damage before they disappear.
      Enemy Rank: Normal

    • Murderous Phantasm x6
      Murderous Phantasms are a level that a ravenous Phantasm reaches should they be left uncleansed for far too long. Murderous phantasms are known to go berserk, making them hard to hit as well as extremely unpredictable and fast. This makes fleeing almost impossible. They are much tougher than other phantasms as they are no longer weak to darkness but are still one shot by light regardless of rank. Their attacks deal 2x A rank damage that ignores defenses, as well as applies 10 paranoia per successful attack. Murderous Phantasms can take up to 6x A rank damage to defeat.
      Enemy Rank: Strong

    • Massa Phantasma
      Massa Phantasma, taking the form of a dragon, is a creature of chaotic nature created by the rift in reality caused by a sword hidden at the back of the largest chamber in the catacombs. The room is so big that it can house both the immense size of Massa Phantasma and 2 of each type of formerly defeated enemies. Massa Phantasma does isn’t weak to light or darkness like the other phantasms, S rank damage with its various chaos attacks, and inflicts 50 paranoia per hit. It absorbs 15x A-rank damage without seeming to be affected, but it will suddenly swell and explode. It's defeated, but it's last hoorah was a massive blast of 100 pure paranoia. The fight is over now, but you have to make it back out without either turning on each other or succumbing to paranoia damage.
      Enemy Rank: Boss

    Reward: 75,000 jewel.

      Current date/time is 10th August 2022, 10:35 pm