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    House of Lies


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    House of Lies Empty House of Lies

    Post by Admin 31st March 2021, 8:41 pm

    Job Title: House of Lies
    Rank: B
    Category: Information
    Job Location: Capital Crocus
    Solo Word Count: 2,500
    Group Word Count: 5,000
    Additional Requirements: N/A
    Job Description: A heated rivalry between two politicians reached its peak the moment both of them realized they were running against each other for district head of one of the largest areas of the capital. Because both their campaigns seem to be neck and neck, the client who is one of the politicians, has asked for some outside help to slander his opponent.

    Normally, he would use his own goons to find something incriminating on his opponent, but the guy is a complete goodie goodie! He's the typical family man, a do-gooder that vouches for the average joe. The guy's basically the opposite of the client, who is about as shady as you can be without getting caught.

    Not wanting any links back to himself or his campaign, the client is asking for help from the dark job boards. He wants you to create several situations where his opponent's reputation will be stained. He is willing to provide some information on his rival, if you need it. How you do it is not important as long as there is 'proof' that reaches tomorrows headlines. This will give him the edge in the race for District Head. There is one caveat, though. His political opponent cannot be killed, since that would bring too much attention to his direct competition and have quite the contrary effect from what he wants.

    Information on Target:
    - Values the bond of family, so seducing him and get him caught on camera would definitely be shattering for his image.
    - Has a teenage daughter and son, and nothing reflects more on the father then the faults of his children.
    - Against contraband in the district. Example: drugs or meat/accessories from highly endangered creatures.
    - Wife is the typical morally upstanding, obedient type of woman, but the client is convinced that she is looking for something extra to spice up her life.
    - Loves to donate to charities, it'd be a shame if one of those turns out to be a bit shady.
    Enemies: N/A
    Reward: 40,000 jewel.

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