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    Stroll in the dark.


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    Stroll in the dark. Empty Stroll in the dark.

    Post by Killua 31st March 2021, 2:13 pm

    The heavy wind blew on Mt. Hakobe and even heavier snow fell on this day, and yet with the heavy wind whistling in the air and the snow obscuring most of the vision outside, a blackish light could be seen every now and then, as lightning would crack from time to time louder than the wind, the footsteps in the snow were far apart from each other as if someone had been jumping between them, with the distance they were getting harder to track as the snow was quick to cover them back up, the dark blur raced through the mountain, for onlookers that we're able to track him either with their eyes or some type of magic, it would like if he was running, gaining distance as fast as possible.

    Soon it came to a stop and stood still and the crackling among the wind stopped, the black blur could finally be identified as a silver-haired child, an aura of black lightning surrounded him as it flickered from time to time. Killua was the name of the silver-haired kid dressed in a military outfit with a coat over him, looking around him he sighed. "Far enough." He thought to himself, evident that he was fleeing from somewhere, as he dropped a backpack next to him and changed his clothes to something else, albeit the snow, now wearing a simple red jacket, black pants, and underneath the jacket a simple white T-shirt over a blue long-sleeved T-shirt, his backpack left on the ground, the snow already covering it. Dispelling most of his aura only keeping a small portion of it, so the electricity could burn the snow away before it touched him, with that the boy continued his journey towards his destination, faint lights could be seen in the distance, the castle of the dark guild know as Errings Rising.

    As he got closer, the castle was finally in full view and Killua whistled, it was better than he had heard, from all those underground rumors, a smile now on his face as he got closer and closer. Nearing the main gate he noticed some guards posted, instead of approaching them, with a slight boost in energy he jumped and blurred past most of the buildings until he reached what looked like to be the main building.

    For some reason no guards were around it, maybe they thought no one would reach this far or it was a trap, his danger senses were kicking in but he ignored him, it was his one choice to come here and try to join a Guild. He pushed the doors open and entered the building, not a single speck of snow on him, as he was still yet to see anyone in the building, he stopped in his tracks and cupped his hands in front of his mouth "Oiiii, is anyone home?" He yelled, as his childish voice rang across the building. He put his hands behind his head and waited, he wouldn't be surprised if he was even surrounded, it wasn't every day that someone appeared in the middle of a castle with good intentions

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