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    Potion Making Assistant


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    Potion Making Assistant Empty Potion Making Assistant

    Post by Menka 28th March 2021, 5:24 am

    It seemed that all of her recent jobs had something to do with plants of some kind and this one was no different. Menka was becoming a bit of a plant slayer although today was a little different. Today, she would be trying to make something out of them, an idea that had never truly crossed her mind before. There had been a notice from a local shopkeeper that they needed aid and being in a surprisingly charitable mood, the slayer had agreed to help out, with the promise of proper compensation of course. She was never charitable enough to do anything for free, who would be?

    Examining the table in front of her, Menka tilted her head and began to test the various bits and pieces in front of her. She had no idea what half of them actually were and the potion maker seemed to enjoy watching her struggle or perhaps she was just enjoying watching her? With a brush of her purple hair, the mage placed a bright red flower, a handful of soil and an odd liquid that almost looked like blood inside a beaker and stirred it around. She then took a sniff of it and almost vomited at the smell, it had been a long time since Menka had smelled anything like that.

    "I'm not tasting that," she said coughing, before reaching out and grabbing the shoulder of one of the local youngsters who helped out at the store, who was walking by. Without waiting for permission, she forced his mouth open and tipped the liquid inside.

    The boy turned a lovely shade of green and quickly ran towards the nearest bathroom, just about making it.

    "Nice Job, Menka" the owner quipped, trying not to smile at her new assistant's method of testing, "I'd appreciate it if you didn't poison all of my staff."

    "Oh, shut up," the mage answered, sticking her tongue out in response, trying not to chuckle herself.

    Getting back to her work, the mage tried again, this time using the same red flower but combining it with a black coloured stone and some kind of lemon looking fruit. She repeated the same process and took a gentle sniff. The scent was certainly more appealing then her first effort and she was confident enough this time to try it herself. An idea that she could very soon come to regret but there was only one way to find out.

    With a deep breath, Menka drank the entire beaker in one go and waited for something to happen. It tasted nice enough and she certainly did not have the same reaction as the boy had done but there did not seem to be anything happening. As far as she could tell, everything was normal and that there had not been the slightest change. It was somewhat of a disappointment to her but that was just how things....

    "Menka!" the shop owner exclaimed, "Where are you?"

    "What do you mean? I've been sitting here for ages," the mage dryly said.

    "It worked, see for yourself!" came the excited reply.

    Confused, Menka stood up and had a look at herself in the mirror that was hanging up against the wall and found that she had no reflection. Invisibility, complete invisibility.

    "Wow, I can't believe it actually worked!" Menka said happily, "I guess this means that you're going to be rich, after all!"

    It took the shop owner a good half hour to calm down but eventually Menka was able to note down the recipe and hand it to the shop owner. The potion on the other hand lasted far longer and it was only at the end of the day that it finally faded. It had been a pretty fun job, definitely a change from the usual and as the travelling mage left the shop, she felt surprisingly proud of her work.

    Another day, another job done.


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