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    A shimmer of hope

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    A shimmer of hope Empty A shimmer of hope

    Post by Julius Seas 23rd March 2021, 1:24 pm

    1365 words

    This is where any notes or fancy quotes/song lyrics can go! If you don't need it, simply delete the text within this space. It will scroll if needed.

    Persona 5 ~ Beneath the mask (rain):

    Rain was falling down from the skies, it never seemed to end while Julius' usually enjoyed the rain today he wasn't in the in the mood for rain. The last time it rained this hard and I was sitting in the guild hall things changed for the worst... Julius was still reminiscing about the time Fairy Tail was a legal guild he almost seemed to be a bit stuck in the past and almost unable to press onward. Squable was standing on the table Julius was sitting at Julius mate, we really need to talk... Ever since we've returned to Fairy Tail you still seem to be stuck in the past I know how much it must've hurt leaving the guild after what had happened, but you must accept it or else you'll sink into it like a ship hitting an iceberg... Julius became angry and slammed the table with his fist. Don't you think I already know that! Julius yelled against Squable, he looked around and noticed some visitors and guild members looking at him weird. What are you all looking at? Julius turned his head to the crowd and they went on with their day like nothing had happened. He looked at Squable and sighed, Julius ran his hand over Squable's head. I'm sorry Squable I know you are right and I should move on with what happened but... I just want to keep on remembering our old friends Sorano, Gamon and Hana and I'm just afraid that if move on to much I might forget them... Julius focused himself on the table and tried his best to hold back his tears.

    Before Squable was able to respond a courier arrived at the guild hall he was completely drenched by the rain. Excuse me I am looking for the Fairy Tail guildmaster, Mura Kensho! The courier tried to get the attention from some people but they didn't even spare the courier a look. Excuse me sir! Over here! Julius called out to the man and waved towards him and it did manage to grab the attention of the courier. Are you per any chance Mura Kensho? Julius shook his head. No I am not, Mura is out for business, but I am a friend of his the name is Julius, Julius Seas! Julius introduced himself and the two shook each others hand. Please sit down, I'll get you something warms to eat and a towel you are soaked to the bone. Julius quickly walked towards the bar and came back with a towel and a bowl with soup and handed it to the man. Oh thank you so much mister Seas! The courier dried himself off and ate the soup. I really needed that! What do I owe you? Julius shook his head. This one is on me my dear, but tell me, why are you looking for Mura? The man nodded and started to talk. I am a courier for archeologists who are studying and inspecting the lands at which the Wakusei portals are located, we're also clients for the Fairy Tail guild and regularly hire mages from this guild. Ahh yes I have seen jobs passing by on the board here from your group but something tells me you aren't here for a new job posting. Julius kept looking to the man and noticed he had something in his bag. That's right! We recently did a excavation near the portal leading to Tetsukazu and we found something relating to the Fairy Tail's former guildmaster! Julius' eyes went wide when the courier mentioned the former guildmaster of Fairy Tail, the man reached into his bag and pulled out a report and handed it to Julius. We figured this report might have had some value to your current guildmaster but since he isn't present I'd like you to read it and hand it over to mister Kensho. Julius opened the report and went through it page by page and he saw a picture of the relic they had found, Julius fell his heart sank to his feet it was Sorano's shield she always had with her. We know that this shield belonged to the former guidmaster, i wish I could've brought it along but the archeologists wanted to examine it for a bit, if you want to you can pick it up yourself it wouldn't be a problem as long you show your guild mark. The courier stood up from his seat and was about to take his leave. Thank you again mister Seas for your hospitality, I have some other errands to run before heading back to the portals I hope we can meet each other again! The two exchanged farewells and the courier left. So Julius... Are we going to pick it up? Julius stood up from his seat.You don't have to ask me twice.

    Persona 4 ~ Heaven:

    Arriving to the land of the Wakusei portals Julius felt a little bittersweet to come back. When fairy Tail went dark the Fairy Tail guild members took shelter in Tetsukazu, a land behind one of the many portals that were active here. Finding his way to the Tetsukazu portal almost came natural since Julius had took the route many times before he originally had left. It feels... weird being here again... Aye, you can say that again... Nearing the portal Julius noticed a few tents scattered across with people examining different kinds of relics inside them. Julius walked towards a man and asked him a question. Excuse me sir, I am looking for the archeologist leading the entire thing. The man turned around and inspected Julius. Intersting... Not everyday you encounter a pirate... Anyway, you're talking to the man you're looking for what can I do for you... mister? The name is Julius, Julius Seas! I am from the Fairy Tail guild we recently had a visit from one of your couriers who was looking for our guildmaster, Mura Kensho but he was unfortunately not present so he entrusted his report to me, I am told you found something relating to out former guildmaster? Julius talked into a more formally way now despite his usual more laidback way. Ahh yes give me a second I will grab the shield for you... The man went inside his tent. Been a while since I've heard you talk like that Julius. Having a background being a vice president for a trading company has it's benefits.

    After a while the man returned with the shield. Here it is! Now as stated in the report the shield was found near the entrance of the Tetsukazu portal and from what we could tell it hasn't been that long it has been left here. Julius' eyes began to shimmer with hope, could Sorano maybe took residence in Tetsukazu? After Julius confirmed he was a Fairy Tail member, the archeologist handed the shield towards Julius and they exchanged goodbyes, before Julius went back to the guild he stopped n front of the portal. Do you think Sorano could be in Tetsukazu? Julius asked Squable. We could take a look, but do you have any idea where to look? I may have a idea... Without thinking Julius stepped into the portal.

    Final Fantasy 7 ~ Aerith's theme:

    As it came like instinct Julius arrived at the old Fairy Tail guild hall the members had used for their time in Tetsukazu. Signs of collapsing were showing as the nature of the strange world had started to reclaim it's territory. Julius entered the run down building and on the inside the signs of neglect to the building were even worse then on the outside, looking around the guild hall Julius was unable to see any signs of life. I don't Sorano is here... I'm sorry Julius... Julius started to shake slightly and cried as well but quickly raised his head facing the roof and wiped away his tears. It's okay Squable, we may have not found her but I have found the courage to sail on with what happened and set course to a better future! I should be happy to still have Mura and our new friend Mitsuo! And besides... Our missing comrades would've wanted for me to move forward as well!


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