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    Reapers Keepers [Baird S exam]


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    Reapers Keepers [Baird S exam] Empty Reapers Keepers [Baird S exam]

    Post by Baird 22nd March 2021, 6:05 pm

    music and sound goes hand in hand,
    They're loud and beautiful, just like me.
    beware, beware, the music man likes to play

    How long had it been since he had last come here? Had it been a year? Maybe two years? It had been quite a considerable amount of time since he last made it here. Sakuramori was the cherry blossom forest in Fiore that housed a secret dwelling he once had shared with his late wife. How could he even think of coming here? It would hurt him. There was something nagging at him to come to this place though. He could not place what it was, just that he needed to make his way here. He closed his green eyes as the memories started to surface in his mind.

    -- That Faithful Night --

    "Yuii… My beautiful Yuii…" His breathing was labored as his bare chest was pressed against her fair skin on their bed. His lips threatened to take hers again as she wiggled slightly to grab the blankets to put them over them. "I love you…" The first time he had confessed he loved someone and meant it. He was crazy in love over the black haired woman under him. It was written on his face and in his green eyes as he looked down to his wife. It had been going on three months now since they officially married. She had wanted to go to Sakuramori for their honeymoon, and he felt this place was perfect for them to settle down. They managed to come across an abandoned building in the woods and cleared it away of flora and fauna to make it liveable for just themselves alone.

    This was where they made their home. A cozy cottage in the middle of a cherry blossom forest where little to no one would ever bother them. It was where he could play his music for her at his leisure, and she could dance for him, and they could love one another without issues. He enjoyed the sounds of nature after enjoying the embrace of his wife, but something sounded off that night.

    The animals were quiet and the wind seemed to stop blowing. The musician perked his head up slowly as he listened around. His hearing was heightened due to his musical prowess, along with his newfound slayer abilities. The night wasn’t usually this still. He removed himself from his wife as he grabbed a robe and made his way towards the door. “Hold on…” He mutters to her as his feet gingerly made their way to the front entrance. He opened it and looked around outside. There had been light inside, despite dim, so his eyes still needed a moment to adjust to the night. He at least could not see anything, that was, till he noticed a light a distance to the forest.

    The green haired man takes a breath as he slips on a pair of geta before traveling outside. He had to see what was wrong with the pink forest that disturbed him so this night. His feet traveled out through the forest, trying to sneak up on that light that he saw, but the farther he went, the farther away the light seemed to go. He was getting annoyed now. “Guitar of the Earth.” He growls as he summoned forth his ax like guitar. He brought the guitar to him and started to strum the strings. Vines suddenly went into the ground before they flung themselves up a distance away. They stabbed something, and that light stopped traveling. He found himself jogging forward to see what he caught.

    The forest was still silent, besides the sounds of his feet stomping on the ground and crunching the leaves. He was on alert. Yes, Yuiisai could have done this too. She was not weak, but he felt something was way off and that he needed to go instead. He got closer to the thing he caught in his vines, and blinked as it was a pale thing that looked nearly dead, but was alive. It’s red, deadlike eyes looking at him as it smiled devilishly. “That was easier than I expected it to be.” Before Baird could ask him what the creature was meaning, a huge bang was heard and the musician froze. That direction was from his home. He quickly turned his head around and saw the red and orange glow of a fire brightening up the night.


    That shout cut through the night as he quickly dispelled his guitar and raced back towards the house. He could hear his wife in the middle of a fight, but then a sudden gut wrenching sound. Her scream of pain and terror. No. No. No. NO! She could not be harmed! Not while he was here! No! He would not allow it!

    His feet had found themselves stopping in front of his burning home. He could not see his room where he left his wife. That was where the fire was the most prominent it seemed. Part of the walls were broken down, as if they were attacked. Her panting and gasping could be heard a distance away, and his green eyes glanced over towards where he heard them. There was a similar being to the one he had encountered earlier near a limp body on the ground. His bright green eyes grew wide as he knew who that body with the red painting the midsection was. It was hard for him to not know the body of his wife and how it looked.

    How does he react to this situation? He wanted to move and to destroy this thing, as well as that other one that lured him away, but his mind was blank as he looked at her body. He could not get himself to move. Something had smacked the back of his neck, causing him to black out and fall on the ground.

    The next morning he barely brought himself to cover her body with his robe before he just ran away. Ashamed about what happened and what he could not do at the time.

    -- Present Time --

    Tears were already welling up in his eyes as he started to rub his eyes to get rid of the blur. He was stronger now. He could destroy things. He needed to investigate what had happened. The forest barely changed, more overgrowth than anything. His feet knew where to go though. Slowly, he was traveling through the forest before he found himself facing the abandoned and burned building that he and Yuiisai had fixed up together once upon a time. He slowly made his way towards the front door, wondering if anything was salvageable in here. He doubted it though. Before he even reached the door, he smelled the faint lingering of the ashes. Flashbacks of the heat of the fire raced through his mind.

    The door practically crumbled the moment his hand touched it. It had rotted away from the fire and the weather, making it weak to the touch. He wouldn’t doubt that this whole house was susceptible to this treatment too. Or at least half of it would. He looked into the once nice living room, frowning at all the burn marks on everything. The pictures that they had were all half burned, or were burned and left behind the picture frame. Nothing in the home seemed salvageable. Just his luck, right? The furniture would be unsalvageable as well. No salvageable memories, even after a couple years. He pushed aside a piece of wood and frowned as he looked down at some broken dishes on the ground. How did some of the dishes get over here? Did Yuii do it in her fight while he was searching for the other thing all of them years ago…? Did it happen in the fire?

    He paused and looked over towards the bedroom. He needed to see what had happened there. He moved over towards the broken archway that once was his and his wife’s sleeping chamber. He pushes aside a beam that was broken, rotted, and burnt to get into the room. He frowns as he sees the forest in the corner where a window used to be. The forest was a nice view from the window before. The bed was burnt, and pretty much not even like a bed anymore. The closet was partially exposed, and he was almost too scared to peek in there. He should not see what survived there. Nothing probably did anyways. Going towards the hole in the wall, he looked around the area to see what was there. Scorch marks on the ground where something fired. Burnt ground where nothing will ever grow again. His brain paused in his looking as he thought of something.

    He covered Yuiisai’s body with his robe. He didn’t touch her body after that. Was it still there?! He needed to see her body. No matter the state it was in. His feet quickly took him out of the hole in the wall and through the front of the house. The forest changed in his absence, but he was able to get a decent direction of where he was at from that night. He looked at the house, then over to his right. Her body should be over there. He quickly made way over to what seemed like a mound of dirt. He didn’t do this.

    “Y-yuii…?” He murmured as he thought for a moment. What did he have on his body that could be used as a shovel, or even in his magical arsenal? He quickly held out his hand, and cleared his throat. “Posiedon.” He mutters and a sea themed lute formed in his hand now. As he began to strum the strings, water formed around him and whipped about. He was forming in his mind what he wanted the water to do, and strummed just right that the water would splash around the mound of dirt to wash away as much dirt as possible to show him what was under it. There was nothing. He froze as he only saw the dirty remains of his robe on the ground. Now wet from his instrument.

    “What the hell…?”

    “She’s gone… we took her and the child with us.”

    Baird whipped himself around to see the face of the familiar voice. It was the reaper he had stabbed with Guitar of the Earth those few years ago. They had a smile on their face as they looked at the green haired man. “Child?” His voice showed he was confused. There was no child. Yuii and him never had-

    “You didn’t… know?” The red eyes of the reaper were wide as the realization set in for the two of them, that he didn’t know she was with child. "You might want to ignore that information. It doesn't concern you… anymore."

    "You killed… my wife… and are telling me she was pregant when you killed her?! And it was definitely my child! It concerns me greatly! Where is her body?! Where is Yuiisai! Or I'll kill you where you stand!" Baird was shaking with absolute anger as he stood there.

    The reaper snorted as he stood there, watching the musician as he was panicked. “I thought you didn’t like kids? She probably wouldn’t have let you know and gotten rid of it anyways. So why bother with a woman, when you could have others. Probably have little feet running around from your many encounters already anyways. So what’s one woman?” The reaper was looking unamused now. He really didn’t care, especially after he recalled what he knew about Baird. Though, those words were probably not wise of him to say.

    The green eyes of the musician were practically vibrating with anger. He gripped the lute in his hands tighter till his knuckles turned white. His breath will have a pink aura misting with it as one of his eyes turns red. He instantly throws his lute on his back and brings his hands in front of himself before he claps them together as a growl escapes his lips. After his hands had collided together, a pink and green tinted pulse rused around him and the reaper before him. “Show me Yuiisai!” He growls as he starts to stalk towards the reaper. “That child was a part of her! I would have loved that child!” His body was shaking with anger the more he thought about the fact that he had a child he never got to meet! Yuiisai having his child was probably the only way he’d tolerate having a child. Outside of that? Sucks to be them. The reaper had been right that he didn’t like children. But this was different.

    The reaper raised his eyebrows as he pursed his lips together. He wasn’t sure if Baird was serious about this or not. He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “She’s already gone and her soul was collected. Her body was probably taken away to be buried elsewhere. It doesn’t matter.” They raised their hands as he didn’t didn’t really have a part of the soul collecting. But that didn’t matter to the musician.

    “It matters… because your life is now on the line.” Something had snapped in the green haired man. He threw his hands out again and clapped them in a slow manner, a pulse coming from each clap. The pulse was pushing the reaper back, and he seemed to be panicking some from the damage that the half elf dealt to him. “Bring. Her. Back. To. Me!” His voice was practically reverberating, making the trees shake as if they were in fear of his voice. The reaper held an arm up, trying to block Baird as he pulled his lute off of his back. It wouldn’t help him much as the musician started strumming. The water was wrapping around the two of them as he continued to strum. He was strumming a fast song that seemed like it probably shouldn’t be played as fast as he was playing it. Of course, the musician didn’t care one bit about that while he played. His anger was too obvious. “Give me my wife back, or you’re dying! Bring her back whole! With that child!”

    “I can’t do something like that! It’s against the rules! I wasn’t the one who had collected her soul. It’s also impossible to retrieve a soul back once it’s been collected!” The reaper was being smacked by slivers of water racing past him. After he had said that, the water seemed to get faster, and was intentionally hitting him more and more while it avoided the musician as he played. “Stop! I can’t do what you want me to! But I can call someone who can possibly do it! Just, stop attacking me!” He shouts above the rushing waters.

    All at once, as if it never happened, the water dropped to the ground, leaving the reaper soaking wet, and the musician standing there with a sea themed lute in his hands. “Call them here… now…” He growled in a low voice. His eyes were starting to go dragon like as he stood there. The reaper nodded quickly, raising his arm to his mouth, covering half of his face with his sleeve as he called upon more reapers to come and help him with this ‘problem’. Baird could hear him… he knew he wasn’t calling for real help. His mind clicked for what he could do instead. “They’ll be here shortly. I should introduce myself. I am Michi. I was the reaper who had um… distracted you… I suppose.” He nervously chuckles as he rubs the back of his blue hair.

    Suddenly a red headed reaper came from around the building. “And I am Akane. The one who had taken Yuiisai’s soul like it should have been many years ago.” The woman's voice was monotonous as she looked at Baird, who was seeming like he was shaking once again. “You need not to be angry. This is the way of life. The circle is complete. Move on with yourself. Yuiisai is where she needs to be.” She bowed to him as she finished her little spiel here.

    Those words were the complete opposite of what he wanted to hear, and the blue haired reaper in front of him stiffened. Baird raised his hand up in the air above his head. "She is where she needs to be, huh? I guess I can just give you what you've given me then." His green and red eyes were shaking a bit as he threw his hand down along the strings. The water was back up in the air, but it was now sapping the water from the plants around him, managing to drain the color from the trees as he did so. "As the church taught me in my youth… well." He snickered as the redhead seemed to start manipulating the shadows around Baird. He snarled and strummed his lute harder, in a more rock tune, and made the water rush past the two reapers like a coursing river that wasn't calm. The water would start closing in closer and closer till it was engulfing the two, but as he did so, the redhead seemed to engulf him in darkness while he played. He let the water turn into fine needles, which in turn sliced into the two reapers, the clear water now stained red. He wasn't intending to stop. Not one bit. Not while his wife's killer's were right here. He remembered the red of the reapers hair. He strummed even harder, something going with his body that strengthened the water, turning it icy and making the stubs of water even harder, piercing their skin. This went on till nothing was left of them, the water flinging the pieces out into various places of the forest so he didn't have to see them. Part of him was sad that they were weak and didn't fight him much besides block his vision, but he had ears and his nose and his dragon senses from his sound slayer self.

    Letting the water go into the earth again, Baird turned to the house behind him. He sighed deeply before he fell to his knees and cried to himself. "I'm sorry, Yuii… I couldn't save you…" He muttered quietly. After an hour of crying, he slowly stood himself up and called forth his guitar of the earth to help him start organizing the broken pieces of his home. Soon he replaced it with a new weapon, a recorder. It was made of red wood, and had some designs on it. He played a tune on it, a melodic tune that twisted wood of the forest to his liking, fixing the house in the matter of minutes. The things like glass and furniture and decorations and such, he'd have to go out and buy… he needed this home. This sense for him to occasionally return to. Especially with new plans now in play with how he was going to live his life.

    Those reapers were right. His wife is gone. He should get over her. What better way to take his anger out on the world, right? Spread some more love. Bask in the glory he should make of himself. He recently found out about a magical tattoo that worked similar to how Nightmares tattoo did… maybe this could be his restart point? No, it would be his restart voice. No one could tell him no. No one could get onto him now. This would be how he got out of some certain situations too.

    It was perfect.

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