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    A Wizard's Guide to Magical Curses

    Francois Prideheart
    Francois Prideheart

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    Private A Wizard's Guide to Magical Curses

    Post by Francois Prideheart 9th March 2021, 4:00 pm

    Francois was, in his own right, a very powerful wizard in terms of both strength and magical prowess, having fought with his fellow Rune Knights in the frontlines in dealing with dark guilds and criminal activity within his hometown, Era. The various accolades he kept and displayed back at home is enough proof of his mettle, and having graduated early from training as a swashbuckler is telling of his level of competence in combat. As powerful as he is, he has the mind to rely on others to keep him from harm’s way because, afterall, Francois can only do so much and is still young. True, he’s perceptive, but there will be times where things escape his notice. Such is the case from when he was deployed to deal with Silent Prose back in the forest outskirts of Era.

    His power and might is not gone unchecked by the forces that may be to stop him from being even more powerful, and Francois knows full well he cannot bite more than he can chew. From rivals to criminal organizations, his reputation known by his enemies, and he is the prime target for assassination. It’s only a matter of time before an entire army is sent on his way to contest his strength. That’s what he thought after he was assaulted by his jealous swashbuckler classmates, and this paranoia has creeped up to him. And with all the work he has to finish which leaves him no room for rest, stress is just piling up.

    He needed some downtime. A vacation. And what better way to spend this downtime than travelling with your step sibling to a haunted castle to fix his current predicament?

    “Fraaaaanzzzz” The suspiciously small yet older step sibling with elven ears and bright orange hair and goatee groaned. Francois was just minding his own business within the family library, studying various forms of magic not related to elemental magic. He has recently taken interest in curses and enchantments, and what he wanted to learn was Scribe Magic. Unfortunately, the endless groaning and begging of his step brother is proving his endeavor to be fruitless. “Can you come with me to a very inconspicuous castle?” “Inconspicuous?” Francois didn’t want to express interest in his interests because he wanted to be in the library alone to study various forms of magic. “And I’m busy. Leave me alone.”

    “Please? It might be haunted.”

    “No. Why don’t you use your creation magic to conjure up a golem or something?”

    “Because you’re dependable.”

    Honestly, it felt like Francois was the older sibling among the seven, and his older step brother, Cinna, was behaving like a child. He does look like a literal child, except with some muscle and beard. His fear of ghosts and haunted places is irrational to him, and yet he lacked the bravery, or rather intelligence, to face off against supernatural entities. Hearing this compliment buttered him up a little, being protective of his family, but it was not enough to sway him to join his step brother in his endeavors. “And?” Francois said, expecting more compliments from his Cinna. “And you’re the best wizard I can rely on.”


    Cinna sighs, “And I have no doubt you will become a wizard saint in the future.” he said half heartedly as if he wasn’t honest with what he said. Francois pondered for a minute, silence filling the library before Cinna broke his silence, “So is that a yes?”

    “Okay. I’ll go.”


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