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    The Drunken Sword


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    The Drunken Sword Empty The Drunken Sword

    Post by Vayrin 8th March 2021, 12:11 pm

    Now this wasn't right at all? Was it? Vayrin's gaze scanned the monster clearly and saw no traces of what she was looking for. What reason did it have for being all the way out here in the first place? That was another question she should've asked, but before the fox spirit even had time to register the thought she felt the pressure of a hard swing from the creature's hand! With unexpected force it flung the girl several feet into the air and straight into a nearby tree. Well, he certainly had muscle to back up his hits, that was for sure. Vayrin grunted slightly, falling through the branches until she finally broke the canopy and hit the ground below at the base of the trunk. "I- It's aight, guys. I- I got this! Don't worry!" She called out to a group of nearby villagers who were watching the conflict unfold from the sidelines.

    Vayrin had been wandering the area nearby when she had heard reports of some strange creature causing trouble for the locals. Taking it upon herself, the Rune Knight it was best to do something about it! Of course she wasn't really sure what type of monster it was and what reasons it had for attacking this quaint little town, though to be honest she never gave it much thought. If the booze wasn't enough to mess with her head, that thrashing she got was. Getting to her feet the spirit meandered over to where the monster was once more with a look of contempt on her face. "Alright, buddy! Here's how it'll be goin' down tonight. Ima beat you and you're going to leave, got it?" She said with slurred speech as the monster lifted its hand again, clearly not intelligent enough to know what Vayrin was saying. She just sighed and quickly grabbed hold of the hilt of her blade.

    With a heavy swing the monster roared and brought its massive hand down! It crushed the very ground Vayrin had been standing on, only she wasn't standing there now? It looked confused for a moment, but before too long the faint sound of magic could be heard behind him! Vayrin had teleported herself directly behind the monster in the air! Before it even had a chance to turn she unsheathed her blade with a brilliant blue light and struck downwards onto the beast! The villagers watched in awe as this seemingly wasted woman had turned the fight completely. The beast grunted in pain before collapsing onto the ground. Vayrin landed almost elegantly, but fumbled and fell with hard THUD.

    "Y- yeah you better run! Swine!" Vayrin called out as the creature got back to its feet and decided it had enough, slinking back into the woods with a defeated stance. Not too long after the group of villagers ran over to see if she was okay. Vayrin was still on her back, facing the cloudless sky with a blank expression. When they knelt down beside her she could only look at them with a confused look before speaking. "Eh? Who're you guys?"


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