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    Revolutionary Empty Revolutionary

    Post by Mitsuo 8th March 2021, 4:46 am

    Job Details:
    Job Title: iLac
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any rank, up to 5 mages
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: A brand new device called the iLac has come out and the manufacturer is giving them away to anyone who visits the factory in Neutral Ground. Keep in mind, as soon as you step foot on Neutral Ground territory, all your magic (Primary, Secondary, Weapons, Armour, Pets, Unique Abilities, Passive Effects) is instantly shut down. But that's no problem because all you're doing is picking up your brand new iLac.

    Reward: D-Rank EXP, 5,000 Jewel, and x1 iLac for everyone participating.

    iLac is a lacrima that functions like our real world cell phones. It can access Lacrima-net, but CANNOT grant the user access to OOC information on other players. It can grant the user the ability to contact any other player who also owns an iLac providing that other player gave the caller their Lacrima Identification Code (phone number). The iLac also has a calendar, calculator, HP and MP tracker, stopwatch, alarm, and any other fun applications you can think of (that do not permit your character to know OOC information on another character). It also has a Sorcerer's Magazine app pre-installed.

    Mitsuo was curious about a new product that he had been hearing about. Apparently there was a company that had opened up and were not selling, but giving away their new product; the iLac. Apparently it was a revolutionary product that would allow a person to have instant contact with anyone, similar to a phone, but from inside of their pocket. It also had access to several different tasks and applications that it could perform, and Mitsuo had decided that it would be worth travelling to the neutral zone to check it out. It was certainly an interesting place to visit, and one that Mitsuo had never been before, but as soon as he got there he definitely knew exactly where he was, feeling his connection to his magic power cut off completely. It felt as though he was naked and disarmed, and it wasn’t a feeling that he particularly enjoyed.

    As he got his bearings he began to look around and noticed several people holding devices in their hands, staring at them as though nothing else was important. He was confused by this behaviour, almost as those these things were forcing the people to be unable to see anything else except for them. He watched people bump into one another while walking, obsessing over these things, and several other silly things that he simply couldn’t believe. It looked as though two people sitting next to one another were having a conversation specifically over their devices even though they had no reason too. Mitsuo wondered if this was the “revolutionary” technology that he was here to collect, but he assumed that this was down to the weak willed masses. Mitsuo would never allow such technology to take over his life in the way it had for these people.

    The factory was large and impressive, with the sounds of constant production discernible over the sounds of the crowds surrounding him, which made Mitsuo’s anxiety begin to rise within him, feeling tense as his mind began to race. He would do what he could to stay away from the larger crowds, trying not to touch anyone and to ideally avoid any kind of interactions until he was at the desk where the worker was handing out the devices which were indeed the ones that the people had been using outside. Mitsuo was certainly curious as he made his way to the counter and told the woman why he was there.

    “Ah, the iLac! Yes of course, I have one here for you! Let me help you get it set up.” She was very friendly and extremely helpful, showing him where he could find his Lacrima identification Code, where to access his calendar and the calculator and even things like a health and magic tracker which really surprised the young wizard. This really was a revolutionary device, and he could understand why people seemed to be so obsessed with him. She finished off by explaining how to download and install applications on it before handing him the device. ”Enjoy your new iLac! Feel free to let us know if you’re having any issues and we’ll be happy to help you out.”

    ”Uh yeah, thanks...” Mitsuo was examining the device in his hands, finding an app for music and downloading it before putting in a pair of earbuds that the woman had given him and walking back through the crowd, the music helping to drown the noise around him as he smiled.

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