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    Search for the Lost Love (Hades B Exam)


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    Search for the Lost Love (Hades B Exam) Empty Search for the Lost Love (Hades B Exam)

    Post by Valéry 3rd March 2021, 11:25 pm

    An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away.

    Napedia was now too boring for the incubus, especially after the events at the holiday festival. He had seen the face of his old lover whom he now wished to see again. The black haired man was on his way to find his sweet little nugget he once kissed so dearly before he ran off from him. He wondered why he had run away from him before. The incubus had been nothing but kind to him. His lover didn't even let him explain that he loved seeing the body of people… especially from the inside. His little brown haired lovers stupid sister just had to interfere with his plans then. How was he now? How old was he? Twenty? No. Twenty three. How could he forget?! His dear sweet Beaux. A smile was on his face as he made his way towards Fiore. He had remembered he saw a magazine about a man named Beaux there. He needed another magazine though.

    The man was dressed in a purple suit jacket and matching pants with a black dress shirt and vest. The final touch was the boysenberry purple tie around his neck. He was in Magnolia. His red eyes glanced around as he lifted a cigar to his lips and took a drag at it. It had been a couple days since he left home, and he got no call from his sister yet. He was thinking his iLac might have gotten broken during that fight with the Christmas spirits and that Duke Scrooge guy. No biggie. He heard about the Neutral grounds and that he could get an iLac there. He also thought about how he had flown here. He should have probably gotten his passport from home. He did leave a bit too hastily. Oh well. He could still find his way. Currently his wings were hidden away from view of the humans. He casually walked down the streets. Taking in the view of the big town.

    Where would one find information here? He heard talk about a guild here in Magnolia… but he didn’t want to go there. The people would be too much of a hassle for him to deal with right now. He didn’t want to expose that someone was looking for the apparent angel. In his home was the copy of Sorcerer’s Magazine that had the name of the man he once held onto. He just needed to find another one. He didn’t even read the magazine, only skimmed it maybe once, then looked at the pictures of Beaux, determining that they were the same man that he knew, just with different hair.

    He looked down at a stall that had the copy of this current issue of the magazine. “Excusez-moi.” His voice was silky as he looked to the woman behind the stand of the various magazines and newspapers. “Would you happen to know where I can find past copies of the Sorcerer’s Magazine? My iLac is a bit broken…” He batted his black eyelashes that surrounded his red eyes at her as he pleaded with his eyes.

    The woman raised an eyebrow. “I’m married, sonny… and old copies are in the Magnolia Library.” She tells him before shooing him off since he didn’t seem like he was going to buy anything from her. He bowed his head a little bit before he started to walk around. Now to find the library. That was probably the best place to go too! A map would be there as well, and he could find his way around this blasted country better.

    It took maybe twenty minutes of the incubus roaming before he asked someone casually where the nearest library was and someone had given him some directions. He had used his charming smile to earn some of those directions, but it worked out in the end for him anyways. He was standing before the building, and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he followed behind someone to enter the building. He was just casually wanting to look anyways. He doubted anyone would care about him looking at the magazines anyways.

    The librarians were helping various people, and it was as quiet as a library could be with some people in there studying and such. He kept his hands in his pockets as his shoulders slumped. He aimlessly wandered the library till he found the section where old magazines were. He started to casually pull some off one at a time and flipped through them. He didn’t care about the white haired bimbo who ran a guild of evil-doers. If anything, he bet Beaux would have been against that kind of guild? He had such a kind heart. There was absolutely no way he’d be in that guild, besides, the magazine he was looking for had Beaux’s face on the front of it. Short white hair. He remembered that at the very least.

    He flipped through a couple other magazines before he did find the blue cover of the magazine that mentioned 'Interview With Our Featured Mage: Beaux Phacelia'. He looked too beautiful holding that sunflower in his hand and smiling as warmly as he did. “Beaux… you grew up well.” He flipped through the pages till he got to the interview page and saw the symbol in the corner on the first page. “Oh? Did you go into law, mon amour? I love a man in uniform. Now… where to find you?” He muses to himself before he makes his way to find a map of Fiore. Surprisingly, there was one hanging up on the wall, and it was tacked with the locations of all the guilds that the Magic Council found to be well off for others to know about. The ‘dark’ guilds were nowhere to be seen on this map. He didn’t care anyways. He needed Rune Knights, and he was able to spy their headquarters easily.


    Such a simple place. And it wasn’t too terribly far from him either. His red eyes glowed a bit in excitement as he turned himself around to leave the library, tucking the magazine in his jacket as he tossed a D’or towards a librarian and exited the building. As soon as he was out, his wings came out, and he shot to the sky.

    Off to Era Hades would go.

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