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    The flame Returns

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    Kite Wilhelm

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    The flame Returns Empty The flame Returns

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 3rd March 2021, 3:10 pm

    Kite Wilhelm
    Faith won’t always save you. My flames will do that instead.

    Jarnbjorn didn’t like spending much time outside of the realm that held the Yggdrasil. This was his native realm and despite the years that had passed since the Elders had locked him away in the void realm between realities, it had stayed roughly the same. However the world of Fiore had some significant progress in growth. Despite trying he just couldn’t find a home there and outside of a job he wouldn’t venture far from the Sabertooth guild. As the sun set Ygggrasil was bathed in the twilight as was Jarnjorn who would enter a mediation as he often would. This body and this magic weren’t his and thus he dedicated many nights learning to harness the flames within.

    In the blink of an eye Jarnbjorn was teleported so it seemed, from his camp that he had set up just outside of Talonia to this strange town, and instead of the camp fire that he had carefully created there was a giant metal beast before him. He had never seen anything like this before but there was just something so familiar with it, ”Tailspin?“ he felt the words escape his lips and was surprised that he was able to name this thing. He stood up and walked around to what would be the front of the ship where he knew the boarding ramp was located. He walked up to panel that acted as a push to open door and pushed it open. Once he stepped inside he found himself inside a huge cargo area. With the first rush of Nostalgia wash over him he looked up at the cat walk and felt himself being compelled to climb the stairs that lined the walls of the cargo area and then up into the main area of the ship. This was where he was compelled to go, the dining area where he saw the familiar face of Kite sitting there. That is when the encounter between he and the woman he knew as Kenna took place.

    This was all so very strange feeling. Everything that had been witnessed, from the beginning Jarnbjorn knew that this dream wasn't something from his past, this wasn't his memory to relive. This belonged to the other, to the one who had taken his place inside the realm that lay in between realms. The Slayer of Purgatory Kite Wilhelm, this memory belonged to him but what was strange about them was that while they did not belong to him he had knowledge of them and could feel how Kite felt about them. Unlike some of memories he had come across which which were very painful in their own right this one was one that Jarnbjorn knew the former Guild Master cherished. ”So this is the connection that Kite and that Kenna woman had.“ he recalled to his explosive entry into the realms and more specifically he remembered the fury that was held by Kenna upon sensing Kite but seeing this stranger instead. ”Makes sense to why she felt the need to attack me.“ He felt joy from this what knew that it wasn't his joy to feel, these weren't his emotions to feel, were these memory flashes all happening at random? Was there a purpose? Were these all by accident or was Kite's essence which gave him a new life making these all happen? ”What are you trying to tell me Kite?“ this was the first time he had even thought to ask. He knew that there wasn't anyone to actually give him an answer but the fact that was even a suspicion made him believe that this was the case.

    Looking to try to figure this out he roamed through the inside of Tail spin, finding himself feeling a sense of nostalgia while he did so. ”This ship was important to you.“ he said to as if he were able to communicate with Kite. Jarnbjorn found himself back in the dining area where the encounter first began and just like a movie everything went on rewind until it was back to the beginning with Kite sitting at the table just before Kenna or as she was known at the time Ageha Mohra arrived to arrest him. The scene played again with Ageha confronting him while Kite seemed to be a smart mouth the entire time. The tactic he used with the table was something of interest to him, he had been in many battles and never considered using the environment like that. He didn't know Kite well but he had to admit his on the fly strategies were something that impressed the battle hardened warrior.

    Elsewhere in the realm of void
    The flow of time was different here. Saying that it was dark as far as the eyes could see would be the best way to describe it but the truth was that it was a realm of nothing where time and space had no meaning. Floating in the middle of this seemingly infinite void was the first essence of Kite. His body and magic was now in the care of Jarnbjorn with his spirit taking the place for him. The purpose of him here was to escape the choices of his past and have his soul heal. However unknown to him and even Jarnbjorn, the rupture that Kite opened to enter and the eruption that sent Jarnbjorn back into the realm awoken something ancient and evil. It has caused ripples to spread through the void as it would approach Kite. With only his spirit to stand in the way he would do his best to reach out to those who would hear him.

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