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    Multiplex Gladius Magnus

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    Silver Stormrunner

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    Multiplex Gladius Magnus Empty Multiplex Gladius Magnus

    Post by Silver Stormrunner 2nd March 2021, 10:15 pm

    Multiplex Gladius Magnus AcrobaticImpassionedAtlanticblackgoby-small

    Magic Name: Multiplex Gladius Magnus
    Magic Type:

    • Re-Quip:  (Auxiliary: Character can have up to 2 Requip spells active at once)

    • Holder:  (Auxiliary: Associated Holder Weapon/Armor/Item receives 1 additional equipment ability that is equal to the character's rank (Up to S))

    • Caster:  (Auxiliary: +10% to MP Cost Reduction)

    This magic, which is known as “Multiplex Gladius Magnus” or “Multiple Sword Magic”, is a tripartite combination of Re-Quip, Holder, and Caster magic types that Silver designed to satiate his interest in sword arts and associated such magic. The idea to create such magic first came to him after he managed to acquire his favourite sword, “Shinken Hakkyoken”. The spells comprising this magic primarily allows Silver to call forth spectral constructs which take the form of various bladed weapons and use them in various maneuvers for a slew of different purposes as per the needs of any given situation. Additionally, he can also perform directed energy blast, energy shield, and various other augmenting and/or debilitating kinds of spells by pouring his mana into his favourite sword, “Shinken Hakkyoken” and then emanating it out to conjure these phenomena.

    Name: Shinken Hakkyoken: “Eight Mirror Sword”
    Grade:  Strong (+)
    Type:  Sword Weapon
    Proof of Acquisition:  Comes free with Holder aspect of this magic, upgrade proof here and equipment location here.
    The Shichishito Katana, a unique sword wielded by a demi-god, a gift from his Goddess Mother, shifted into 7 bladed forms and was used to slay mighty beasts and win grand wars.  But tragedy came onto this warrior as his enemy controlled the warrior's mind and used the katana to kill his beloved with his won hands, all seven blades stabbing her at once. In his grief the man tried to commit seppuku, or ritual suicide, the same way his beloved died. But in the effort to save her master, Shichishito split into eight swords, one for each of her separate blades and a final one representing its reflecting heart, and fled. Legend says the warrior can only regain his honour if he finds all of the separated pieces of Shichishito and goes through with his seppuku, while Shichishito's pieces continue to flee so her master may live. The supposed heart of this sword, Shinken Hakkyoken or the “Eight Mirror Sword”, eventually came into Silver’s possession at some point during his globetrotting travels and is now his favourite weapon as well.

    Name:  Industria Collectio (Energy Collection)
    Rank:  User Rank Up to S
    MP Cost:  User Rank Up to S
    Category:  Auxiliary
    Type:  Single Target
    Damage:  N/A
    Range:  Self Only
    Speed:  N/A
    Duration:  User Rank Up to S
    Downside:  N/A
    Like “Shichishito” was said to do with the original version of the “Shinken Hakkyoken”,  Silver can also expend a small amount of mana and send it into this sword to activate this ability. Once activated, this ability grants him a moderate increase to the potency of his spells for the duration of its activity by drawing in the ambient ethernano particles in his immediate vicinity and then infusing them back into his body. Effect Summary: Active +50%  Spell Damage buff to Silver’s spells for next 3 posts.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1:  Ferrum Dominum (Blade Master)
      As a master swordsman, Silver is more than happy that he is summoning various blades to fight alongside him. But at the beginning, he was miffed that he could not wield the spectral blades himself like a regular sword and was determined to work around it. This ability was the eventual result of all that work he put into surpassing this limitation. This ability grants a moderate boost to the potency of his Re-Quips and thereby doing, allows him to inflict greater damage on his target(s) in battle. Effect Summary: Passive user ranked buff to Spell Damage caused by Silver’s Re-Quip’s abilities  (Max of S-rank)

    • Ability 2: LOCKED

    • Ability 3: LOCKED


    Linage Signature Spell:
    Name: Ferrum Agri (Blade Field)
    Rank: User Rank (max of A-rank)
    MP Cost:  0
    Category:  Offensive
    Type:  AOE
    Damage:  User Rank (max of A-rank)
    Range:  User Rank (max of A-rank)
    Speed:  User Rank (max of A-rank)
    Duration:  User Rank (max of A-rank)
    Downside:  N/A
    Silver stabs his favorite sword, “Shinken Hakkyoken” into the ground and a moment later, an area all around him for some distance erupts with a multitude of bladed weapons of all kinds which sprout forth from the ground to hit all designated target(s) caught within the range of this spell. Effect Summary:  User rank AOE damage (up to A-rank max) dealt to all designated target(s) in this spell’s range for its duration.


    D Rank Spells:


    C Rank Spells:


    B Rank Spells:


    Multiplex Gladius Magnus Pogdvpw

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    Multiplex Gladius Magnus Empty Re: Multiplex Gladius Magnus

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 4th April 2021, 3:22 am

    Heya, Joh here to grade your magic. As always, you will find all of my edits in this color. If you need any help or have any questions, please post in this thread and I will answer you as soon as I am able. Once the requested edits have been made, simply bump this thread and I will review your magic once more. That said, you will find the grading below.

    Lastly, if you want a tip from me for the future, if you pay for someone to make your magic, make sure that the person you are buying the service from possesses at least a decent understanding of the magic rules.



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