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    A Free Gift?


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    A Free Gift?  Empty A Free Gift?

    Post by Menka 2nd March 2021, 5:08 am

    A free gift was something that the brown haired could never say no to and a smile crossed her lips as she came across a large building in front of her, with a large banner stating exactly what she’d been hoping for. The Neutral Grounds was a weird place and it felt funny not being able to use her magic but Menka didn’t care all that much and was just happy to have reached her destination. She’d heard a lot about this iLac item and was looking forward to having one herself, mainly because it could be a way for her to keep in contact with her guild mates, who seemed very keen on keeping regular contact with her, despite her wandering nature.

    As she approached the building, a woman standing at the front would notice her and walk over, a smile on her face, with a box in her hand. “Hi there, you’re a mage I assume?”

    “That’s right, my name’s Menka and I’ve come for a free iLac,” the kitsune replied with a smile.

    “Well, you’ve come to the right place, my dear. I’ll happily explain all of the details about how it works and then give you one, just give me a few minutes.”

    The woman spoke quite quickly, seeming to be aware of the kitsune’s lack of focus but was very thorough, describing every detail and function in a way that Menka could easily understand. The kitsune’s face would light up and her imagination blossomed as everything was explained and after about ten minutes or so, the brown haired kitsune felt as though she had a grasp on how the thing worked. It was then that the moment came and she was presented with an iLac of her own.

    “Did you have a colour in mind?” the woman asked cheerfully, “If you let me know, I can happily alter it to suit your needs.”

    “Hmm, how about a nice yellow colour?” Menka answered with a smile.

    “All right then,” the woman replied, placing a mechanical device on the iLac and entering a code, which changed the device from its standard white to a lovely yellow, before handing it over to the curious kitsune.

    Chuckling, Menka would take it in hand, examining the cute item, “That’s perfect, thanks a lot, Miss.”

    “No problem, thank you for taking the time to visit us, enjoy the iLac,” with that, the woman would turn and walk away, seeing another mage who looked a little lost. Before she could do so, however, Menka briefly pulled the woman back, wanting her number before anyone else’s. With a chuckle of her own, the woman quickly complied with her request.

    The brown haired mage would wave goodbye before turning on her heel, heading back the way she came and off on her next adventure. As Menka walked, she would type in a random number and start to chuckle again as she began to bother a rather elderly fellow on the other end. The device would be an interesting tool indeed, one that perhaps she could use for mischief.


    A Free Gift?  V6oohHR

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