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    Retrieving a Tome


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    Retrieving a Tome Empty Retrieving a Tome

    Post by TnT 25th February 2021, 8:46 pm

    The city was loud, with irritating air and an auric personality of a tangled spiderweb. A web that happened to be burning and reforming constantly. The twins stood stunned in the streets as they attempted to take it all in. How could the mortals live like this? This madness would drive anyone over the cliff, most especially those with magical sensitivity. The dragonlings gulped as one. They didn't dare look at each other. Tiisha still struggled with a recent defeat while Tura wrestled with the disappointment of not yet seeing his son. They'd been sent here by a recent acquaintance of theirs who had just happened to be the Ace of Erring Rising. Go figure.

    Turashi kept his head down. Long black hair draped to his shoulders. Tattoos adorned his bare arms, drawing the eye up to a torn jean jacket. A heavy chain hung from his neck. It held a depiction of a six pointed star which encircled an open book. Black leather sheathed his legs and his feet were shoved into heavy combat boots. His face had a yellowing bruise across the right cheek and a fresh purple bruise on his left temple. Across the back of the jean jacket, a snorting fat creature with a horn sat beneath the words 'Grey Rhino'. Tiisha clung to his arm. Red hair tumbled down her back. A slip encircled her body, leaving little to the imagination. Straps gripped the flesh of her calfs, feeding into a pair of red shoes. The heels on those shoes were closer to knives then bits of plastic.

    "Why was this necessary?" Turashi asked as they strode down the street. Tiisha flashed a grin at a passing female. The woman looked taken aback. The redhead waited until they were out of earshot. "I wanted to do something fun. Dressing up like our prey, slipping inside their defenses and utterly annihilating them, seemed like the best option." Turashi bit back a response. His cheeks flushed as he thought what one of those options might be. Their Guild Ace, Medeia, had recently taken them on a date. Tiisha had gotten laid. However, before the date was over, Tura had lost his temper. His cheeks flushed harder. The angel hadn't been happy. Of course sleeping with Medeia had to be one of Tiisha's options. His sister had vowed it would happen one day. He did not understand her fascination with that female.

    A pair of thugs approached them. "Hey! You aren't one of us! Take that jacket off right now!" One of them yelled angrily. Tura glanced at his sister. She scowled at the approaching men. This put a dent in her plans. If they made enough of a commotion, they couldn't slip into Grey Rhino HQ. Retrieving the tome for Medeia would require a frontal assault. Turashi could think of several solutions but he let his sister take the lead. Females were, after all, superior when using their brains. Tiisha stepped away from Turashi. She sauntered up to the males. Her lips curved in a salacious smile. Tura crossed his arms over his chest. That was how people looked tough. Right? The dragonling kept fidgeting as his sister approached the males. Her fingers skimmed up the chest of the right one. Tura's eyebrows rose when she reached lower on the leftmost male. Tiisha leaned close, her voice barely a whisper. "We can let this pass, can't we, boys? I promise you a nice surprise if you'll let us through without issue."

    The one on the left nodded eagerly. The one on the right however, smacked away Tiisha's hand. "Get off me, whore. No one wears our colors who hasn't earned the right. We-" He made a choking noise. His eyes widened in horror, looking down. Tiisha's hand was embedded in his chest. Turashi was sure she gripped the man's heart. He winced. That was a rather painful experience. At least the mortal wouldn't live through to the end. Tiisha yanked the heart from the male's chest. "When a superior being offers herself to you, you take it. It isn't often one would deign to slum it with the likes of you." She spat, throwing the heart against the street. Her whole plan had been ruined. The fingers of her left hand flicked outward. Turashi responded immediately. The other thug felt his Aura clamp down around him, locking him in place. If left alone, the man's Aura would slowly crush him to death. Tiisha showed mercy. Another flick of her wrist sent the man's head flying.

    "Shall we continue with-"
    "No!" Tiisha screamed, cutting him off. Turashi bowed his head to her. His sister's mood swings were rapidly getting worse. He could only imagine the power that her body was attempting to contain now. Medeia had imparted Tiisha's growing Auric Psyche - the equivalent of a baby for their species - with a boatload of power. A risk that every expectant mother of their kind took. The Auric Psyche acted like a conduit for each and every being their mother slept with until the time of their Realization.

    Tiisha swung around to kick the first thug's body. She kept kicking it until it resembled a pile of ground meat. Turashi put a hand over his mouth, swallowing his gorge. He'd seen this kind of viciousness before but he could never seem to handle it. His constitution was simply too delicate. Tiisha finished taking her anger out on the corpse. "Turashi! Take it down! Destroy this useless trash building! Cleanse it of life!" She screamed, pointing at the building they'd identified as Grey Rhino HQ. Turashi hurried to obey. Dark clouds of magic billowed around his feet, sweeping toward the ugly squat concrete thing. It stole into the crevices, under doors, through windows. Screams barely had time to split the air before his magic stole into their lungs. Chaos erupted inside. Tura turned to his sister. She was eyeing the building expectantly.

    "Mistress Tiisha? Might I wait to bring down the building until after we retrieve the book? The tome may be lost in the rubble or eaten by my magic if we're not careful." He could hear her teeth grounding together at his suggestion. It wasn't unreasonable. However, his sister wasn't in the best of moods. She lifted her right hand. A beam of light cut into the building. The fingers of her left hand snapped. Turashi scrambled forward, grateful for the opportunity. He knew he had little time to find and grab the tome. If it took too long, Tiisha would bring the building down upon his head. It didn't take him too long to grab it. Unfortunately, Tiisha had grown impatient. She rained fire and destruction down upon the HQ of the Grey Rhinos. He had to dodge falling rocks, broken bodies and other debris on his way out. Tiisha reduced the building to ash. Then she silently took the book and strode away. Turashi took one look at the vacant lot where the building had stood. There was a reason females terrified him.

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