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    Princess and the Dragon


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    Princess and the Dragon Empty Princess and the Dragon

    Post by Oberon 25th February 2021, 1:00 am

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    Oberon had grown tired of drinking himself asleep in the taverns of Sakuramori. It wasn't as if the ale tasted bad, for it was quite enjoyable, but instead that he was simply bored of the matter. There were a few regulars at the bar and so it had come to the point where he was really not meeting anybody new when that had been his intention in the first place. The food wasn't as good as the ale, and so that was another nail in the coffin. To spend the evening, this afternoon, he wouldn't be drinking himself away in the tavern. Instead, he resolved himself to some good old-fashioned trickery, maybe a bit of thievery as well. Nothing wrong with earning a few jewels here and there. He had to come up with a good plan to get this show on the road. Perhaps he could pretend to be a Rune-Knight and infiltrate their ranks? Maybe not, considering he was a bit far from their headquarters and he doubted the small branch at this town was worth the trouble. He'd save that for later, naturally.

    He was walking down a path through the woods of Sakuramori when the thought struck him. Pretending to need help and pickpocketing would always be fun. It'd make whoever did the saving feel better about themselves anyway, so he wouldn't feel too bad about lifting a few jewels from their pockets.  His mind scoured for identities of people he had met before who looked particularly vulnerable. Settling on some random noblewoman he had seen prior in Fiore, Oberon willed the Faerie magic to surround him in a pink vernal wind. With a blossom of blue and green, Oberon's form quickly switched to that of a meek-looking rich woman in a crimson dress. Long black hair flowed over Oberon's shoulders. He looked down at himself, rather gaunt, but it would get the job done. All he had to do was position himself on the forest path as if he was requesting aid.

    Tapping into his Fae magic once more, Oberon conjured the illusion of a crashed wagon next to the road. Illusory flames danced on the wrecked carriage, giving the illusion that Oberon had been in a car wreck and there had been some type of fire magic involved. Surely this would lend at least one person to help him. Or maybe it would cause somebody to try and take advantage of him, that would be pretty funny as well.

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    Princess and the Dragon Empty Re: Princess and the Dragon

    Post by Steelrain66 26th February 2021, 1:28 am

    Since coming to Fiore Remi had developed something of a travel bug. After spending so long in one place he couldn't help but get a little twitchy if he had to stay in one place for long. He justified the time he spent drifting around between jobs as information gathering. Sure he hadn't exactly turned up any clues for ancient tombs to explore or untold magic things to bring back to the guild so maybe it wasn't the most practical use of his time. Regardless he found himself traveling down yet another unfamiliar road with a grin on his face as he marched on. Having worn his armor this time he couldn't help but whistle a soft tune, seemingly content to just enjoy another day of traveling where ever the wind took him, sometimes lititrally. Smiling softly to himself he lifted his hand up and let electricity spark across his fingers and the wind pick up through the trees. It felt like every day he was growing a little stronger with his magic or he discovered another new trick he could do! Sure he was still probably the weakest mage he personally knew but what did that matter when he was getting better all the time! Truly his Storm magic would one day be a force to be reckoned with.

    Turning a bend in the road Remi froze mid-step for half a second, his eyes locking onto the overturned wagon. Narrowing his eyes his hands dropped to the hilt of his blade, gripping it tightly as he took a second to look around. Not seeing any obvious trap at a first glance Remi rushes over and finally locks eyes on the woman. Briefly reminded of similar-looking women he had seen often enough in his homeland Remi runs over, concern flashing across his face as he closed the gap. For a rather perceptive mind, his Minstrelois accent would be clear as day. "Madam are you alright? What happened here?"

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