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    Not A Typical Spa Day | Alia & Mufasa | Private | Empty Not A Typical Spa Day | Alia & Mufasa | Private |

    Post by Aliannah 14th February 2021, 2:56 am

    Through The Soul
    Does the Power of Rebirth Lay

    A light breeze fluttered the loose strands of hair against Aliannah's face as she traversed the city of Hosenka, the light strands brushing against her forehead and tickling at the skin. It was a sunny day, yet a chill nipped at her skin, flushing it slightly so that a rose colour tinted her cheeks and nose. Aliannah had never been to Hoseka before, yet amongst the adults that worked at the orphanage several had been, nearly immediately packed the blonde's belongings and shooed her out the door the moment that she told them that she had never. The female recalled that it was known for its spa, and maybe that was what she needed right now after putting in so much work at the orphanage the last couple months.

    Light indigo orbs flickered to the contents behind the glass, shirts and coats and other items donned the mannequins that looked back at her mockingly for her constant attire of uniforms that she had gotten used to wearing. A small pout formed on the lips of the girl, maybe she should buy an assortment of clothes while she was here as well, hopefully getting out of her dull and repetitious attire. The girl paused for a moment, looking at the clothes before taking in a breath and sighing it back out. If not for her, then for the kids back home. If she couldn't find anything for herself, she would bring back something for them.

    Gathering up a little bit of motivation the girl pushed the door open and entered the boutique. A rosey smell hung in the air as a slow jazz played in the background, it matched the kind of environment that the whole town was putting up, rich, uptown, relaxed. The blonde pushed further into the store, shifting through several racks of clothes. Perhaps she should look for a bathing suit as well seeing as she hadn't brought one. Well, she had brought one, but it too was bland like the rest of her clothing. Maybe she could find something more to spice it up.

    Nimble fingers flickered through the different pieces of cloth and a pout soon grew on her lips. She wasn't sure of what looked good or not seeing as she usually wore the same thing over and over again without consideration.

    Turning around the blonde looked for someone, "Excuse me, do you think you could help me? I'm a little lost." Aliannah couldn't help but laugh at herself.

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