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    Earth Lord Magic

    Vasco Forte
    Vasco Forte

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    Earth Lord Magic Empty Earth Lord Magic

    Post by Vasco Forte 10th February 2021, 8:47 am

    Earth Lord Magic 8EwowbvJ_o

    Magic Name: Earth Lord
    Magic Type: Primary Ancient | Auxiliary Caster

    Earth Lord magic is rumored to have been one of the very few first forms of magic to have been developed by mankind; siphoning the rawest form of power from the very planet itself.

    The user of this magic is able to manipulate virtually every aspect of the very earth around them with ease; such as stone, dirt, minerals, and even plant life. As such, Earth magic and Plant magic were said to have both been offshoots of Earth Lord magic. Additionally, so long as the materials aren't all too different from what they initially were on their raw form, processed earth materials are also able to be manipulated by practitioners of this magic; materials such as cement, planks, and certain alloys.

    Unique Abilities:
    Earth Sense: Vasco is able sense, pinpoint, and monitor nearly everything within [60 meters] regardless of visibility. Vasco creates a mental layout of the area around him, both above and underground, as well as anything in between; tracking any and every change as they happen. It is to be noted that Earth Sense is not limited to only those who are in physical contact to earth as even those who float or fly may be detected when considering disturbance in natural air flow. The only ones unable to be detected with Earth Sense are those who are able to completely phase through solid matter. The distance in which he is able to sense is increased per rank, up to S rank in AoE range. In addition, anyone and anything detected through means of Earth Sense may be branded by Vasco as targets and remain branded as such even if they are already out of Earth Sense's range; against those who are considered targets, Vasco's spell damage is boosted by [45%], scaling by +5% with each rank up to S rank.

    Signature Spells:

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