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    Redecorating~ Empty Redecorating~

    Post by Nadarr 7th February 2021, 10:13 pm

    Octavia would hurry down the hallway of the guild hall excited to be a member. A light skip to her step.  The happy go lucky bard finally had a home, and it flew and went around the world, it wa great,, sheoved the idea of her room traveling with her so she can always be on the move.. she opened the door and stood in the doorway of the room she had chosen. To most people it would be a nice room, very accommodating to what people would need however to her it did it cut it. She stayed in all Manor places and was happy in all of them however this was a place that ticket streets of how she wanted.  However for now they would simply be illusions till she come find or have the desire made for her,, but at least like this she could get a lay out of what she wanted.  Though she would do this...in her own way, as a lute started playing a rhythm as a more medieval band started to play giving a sing and a beat with her. As she started to trot and skip and twirl around her and a dance like motion. Dancing and singing always helped clear her head, reminded her of better times and pushed away negativity.  Her mind would wander as if she really was preforming for people.

    Welcome, Welcome one and all
    This room is empty, why stay here at all
    Why stay in a place so boring and dull
    I'll have to go fix my room let have us a ball!

    Oh this room could be so much more
    What if I told you will maken this less of a bore
    And trust I say I not a real chore
    Now come and see what I have in store!

    She then does a spin as the room shimmer and sparkles creating illusions, changing how things look and feel as she closes her eyes smiling re-opening them.  No longer was it a boring room of the current ship they were on, now her room now looking like a Japanese type decor almost like a spa. It was complete with knee pillows, incents, and a small bamboo waterfall. A nice relaxing environment.

    I'll be tired from my travels day by day,
    What better rest, then a delightful Spa stay.
    This room would be perfect to relax and catch some good z's
    As long as you don't mind sitting on your knees

    But while this room is nice when your beat
    The decor and style are a little to neat
    Now let's see what else we can do
    Come explore my designs with just me and you

    She would start to do another twirl as the room sparkled and shimmered again  changing the room again as it shifted chamging from a Japanese type setting to a a more crash pad, everything laid back like you'd find in a set of lounge chairs, an nice reclining couch and it would feel like a actual home.

    Second design notes hope for the best,
    Let's soon if this room is where I will rest
    The easy environment will make you feel swell
    Once you come in, you will surly cone dwell.

    Though this room is is the pizzazz that I seek
    Let try one more think maybe more sleek
    Now join me once more unless your a bore
    But this next room will be one I adore!

    She does it once more spinning on her toes and doing a small dance waving her arms slightly as she spins.   And with a final bit of gust and magical flare The room and dons changing all around her. No longer a crash pad type living area, It had a elegance to it, the window stained glass, the tables and structures made of a fine wood and the feel is one of a classy tavern. The bed was welcoming and the room was fit for a traveler.

    Now this room is favorite and soon you'll understand
    Because as you can see it is hardly bland
    It has a welcoming vibe that will make go sing
    Well see what adventure this room will come bring.

    Now this room is perfect and so ends this song
    And I must thank you for coming along
    We found me a room with some dazzle and flare
    Please come and stop by and see how I fair~

    She said as she would dance around her room and would let the band and melody play out, enjoying herself to much to stop right away.  Plus no song just needed and neither would she,she, would finish this as if she did any other show.  As she did a spin she would stop and a look of surprise hit her face as there was a group of people outside her room.  So e of the crew and her neighbors that heard her singing and the music and were investigating.  She paused, she forgot to shut her door, so caught up in the moment of designing her room she hand forgot. So she turned the only thing she could think to do in that would throw her arms up and give me a small give a bow for her performance.  Then everyone started to clap as if they were at a show, this made her sme as she could hear them muttering to each other  about how they liked it, or there was a new form of entertainment on the ship. It wasn't a huge start, what is she can make the people on the ship happy which word of her was already spent amongst the ship and that would be good enough for her. With that in mind she would stand up shut the door and give me one more about before slowly shutting in dispersing the crowd having and go of spread word of her and her song, she lay on her bed and smile, this was going to be a good day.


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