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    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥


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    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥  Empty ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥

    Post by aeluri 5th February 2021, 6:38 pm

    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥  WOpuq79

    For the past two years, a growing company in Fiore has invited citizens and mages alike to aid them in several tasks on Valentine’s Day. Their company grew from chocolates to wedding hosts, and now they’re back again this year with their biggest business endeavor yet: a love-inspired theme park! Despite what most may assume, this theme park isn’t just for couples. People of all ages, single or taken, are welcomed with open arms.

    This year, the company is asking for volunteers to aid them in an exclusive pre-testing event at Loveland Park before its grand opening. Everything in the park is love themed and decorated in a vibrant variety of reds, pinks, and whites. Heart shaped lacrima lanterns float throughout the sky and romantic music plays over loudspeakers. Try out their love-themed rides, games, and food, and have a fun time with your friends or your lover! Players may attend in groups of 2, 3, or 4. This event cannot be soloed.

    Players must participate in a minimum of two activities. When a task states there is a roll, you MUST roll. Failure to roll when told to do so will result in failing to complete the requirements of the event.

    ♡ Word Count ♡
    2,000 Words per person.

    ♡ Deadline ♡
    March 2nd, 2021 @ 11:59pm EST

    ♡ Location ♡
    Rose Garden


    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥  ROkX0rL

    ♡ Sweater Together ♡

    You and one other person in your group must squeeze into the same large sweater, one in front and one in back. The person in front puts their arms at their side and gives verbal directions to the person in the back, whose arms are in the sweater sleeves. The person in the back is blindfolded so they can only rely on verbal direction to move their hands. Together, you must frost a cake! This activity requires the roll of 1 Monster Dice by one participant.

    Dice Results:
    Weak ♡ You two have great communication and breeze through the frosting like pros! Teamwork makes the dream work!

    Normal ♡ With a few hiccups in communication, the cake turns out alright. It’s not the worst, but certainly not the best.

    Strong ♡ You two struggle to work as a team and frosting the cake is not turning out to be easy! In the end, the cake is a mess, but at least there’s frosting on the cake at all!

    Boss ♡ You seem to get frosting everywhere but the cake itself. There’s too much noise in the area to communicate properly. No matter what the talker does, the other person’s hands do something else!

    ♡ Kissing Booth ♡

    A large wooden booth decorated with red lip prints advertises the best kiss of your life! All you have to do is lean over the counter and close your eyes, and someone will peek out from behind the curtains and give you a kiss! This activity requires the roll of 1 Normal Dice.

    Dice Results:
    1 - Exactly as advertised: you receive the best kiss of your life! Wow!
    2 - The kisser has too much lip gloss or has thick, scratchy facial hair! This is so uncomfortable! (Hair or lip gloss can be chosen OOC).
    3 - The kiss is pretty good! When you kiss the mystery person, you get surrounded by a cloud of magical hearts for the rest of the event.
    4 - The kisser has a transformative magic that changes their appearance the moment they kiss you. You sneak a peek and appear to be kissing your first crush!
    5 - With a burst of magic, a member of your group is transported on the other side of the booth and you end up kissing them! (Requires OOC permission)
    6 - Nothing happens after several minutes. Nobody kisses you and the booth turns out to be empty. What a scam!

    ♡ Lovely Laser Tag ♡

    On the edge of the park is a building with a sign that advertises a laser tag game! Inside is a room lit by a blacklight, dotted with various objects to hide behind and splattered with neon pink paint. Your group is given red vests with sensors on the chest, shoulders, and back, and each person is given a lacrima gun that shoots out a beam of harmless heart-shaped lasers! If the vest is hit by the laser, it will vibrate. Three hits and you’re out!

    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥  AnOjBtY

    ♡ Tunnel of Love ♡

    Romance is in the air! Take a ride on a swan-shaped boat on a stream of pink water and experience dreamy scenery to the sweet ambiance of love songs.

    ♡ Bumper Cars ♡

    A special arena rimmed by guard rails with a massive heart shape on it has been set up with several bumper cars. These may seem like normal bumper cars, but do not be fooled! Each car has two seats and two sets of controls, requiring two people to operate. One side controls the forward or backward momentum of the car, while the other side steers it! Work together with a partner to drive the car and knock the other players out of bounds!

    ♡ Heart Rollercoaster ♡

    If your heart isn’t already racing from the sheer romance of this theme park, take a ride on the thrilling roller coaster of love! This massive roller coaster takes you all over the park and will have you holding on for dear life!

    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥  QVRf9hy

    User rank EXP for completing the event successfully. S rank and above mages receive 10y EXP. D and C rank mages receive B rank EXP.

    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥  NM06vYh
    ♡ Darling Sweet ♡

    This little pink cupcake is topped with sprinkles and is so adorable and charming! The sweet is a consumable that can be used ONCE when handing in a job to receive an additional 25% jewels as a reward from that job.

    ♥ Valentine's Day Event 2021 ♥  2w34CYW
    ♡ Heart Charm ♡

    Those who have successfully participated in the past two years of Valentine’s Day events (linked here and here) will receive this special gimmick item. (Must link proof of successful completion of last year's event when handing in this event in order to receive this reward)

    Heart Charm:
    Name: Heart Charm

    Rank: Weak

    Type: Item

    Description: This little heart-shaped lacrima is gifted to you for helping this company for three Valentine's Days in a row. Inside, you can see comforting swirls of pink magic that fill you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.


    Name: Ressens L'amour
    Description: This charm exudes the essence of love, inspiring everyone within 15 meters to be kind, caring, and loving. It seems like the perfect way to motive others to do good, right? Sometimes there's an adverse effect, though. At random, some people affected by this will turn into a walking, talking rose and shed rose petals behind them as they walk. (This ability requires OOC permission when used on a player character, player-owned NPC, or Event NPC).

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