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    Where do the stars go when they fall? [Social Percy/Leon]


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    Where do the stars go when they fall? [Social Percy/Leon] Empty Where do the stars go when they fall? [Social Percy/Leon]

    Post by Rowan Mon 25 Jan 2021 - 3:48

    Where do the stars go when they fall? [Social Percy/Leon] Gn-00110

    The night sky enveloped the heavens above, light from the moon and stars were not obstructed by a single cloud in the sky. It was late into the night, most people were in their beds deep in slumber. it was quite Indeed a peaceful night with the quite atmosphere only to be broken by the song of crickets chipping in the darkness. The stars and the moon illuminated the roads a, a gentle breeze caused the leaves on the trees to sway. It truly a peaceful night... yet the peace did not last long...

    A single star in the heavens began to glow brighter, the intensity of its glow at an alarming rate. A bright flash would envelope the sky. A bright streak of light streaked across the sky with the crack of the sound barrier breaking soon followed. Two unmanned pergrande drones rocketed after the streak of light. The drones began to fire their mounted guns toward the light. The large rounds were stopped by some sort of barrier, in the center of the barrier in the center of the light was a humanoid figure. The figure pivoted with inhuman speed and faced the drones. The figure fired blast of energy towards the chasing drones, of the drones collided with with the burst of energy. The drone exploded in a brilliant display of fire, metal and smoke. The figure fired another shot, the drones countered with evasive maneuvers.  

    One of the drones fixated its camera on the figure, upon closer inspection it seemed to be some sort of robot. The robot has a tattered cloak draped over its shoulder, its armor heavily damaged and half of its face destroyed revealing the damaged machines underneath the armor plates. The robot was enveloped by a stream of warm light green particles, when the robot would accelerate the particles would increase in intensity creating the illusion that the armored being had some sort of wings made out of light.

    One of the drones fired a barrage of missiles toward the robot, the first few missiles were blocked by some sort of barrier protecting the robot. However the barrier was soon shattered allowing one missile to make contact. A large explosion caused the armored being to be tossed across the sky. Bits and pieces of armor scattering from the explosion. The propulsion system on the robot fired its thruster allowing the armored being to regain it's balance. The robot retaliated by firing a barrage of homing lasers at the drone, the lasers ripped pierced into the drone. The metal heated up in the damaged areas of the drone before exploding into a shower of shrapnel and fire.

    The the robot swung its arm forward, a broken sword mounted onto its arm swung forward the robot accelerated and sliced into the last remaining drone. Despite the chipped and broken blade, the blade cut through the armored hide of the drone cleanly. There was a moments delay before each half of the drone exploded. The light from the robot began to dull as it began to lose altitude. The robot fell from the sky at dangerous speed as it hurtled down to the earth bellow.  Just before the armored being could crash into the ground a once broken barrier redeployed, shattering on impact cushioning the fall of the robot.

    However the crash was so violent the impact had created a large crater. The robot still took a great amount of damage yet it still struggled to get up. It's broken body shuddered and creaked as it attempted to stand. Parts of the armor fell on to the ground piece by piece. The robots figure began to glow, the armor began to disintegrate into neon green particles. The particles of light flowed form the disintegrating body of the robot, it sight looked like thousands of fire flies in the night sky. Each step the robot took its size grew smaller and smaller as its body mass began to disintegrate into particles of light. As light began to shed of it's body a new figure underneath was revealed. A young woman, with beautiful blonde hair. She fell to her knees and gazed into the sky and whispered something in an unknown language.

    "Nisənɛsjo samjane..... ulɛʃən da ti p˭ja p˭ak˭ɛlo?"

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