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    We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...?

    Pandora Dagger
    Pandora Dagger

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    We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...? Empty We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...?

    Post by Pandora Dagger 22nd January 2021, 8:52 pm

    Even though she hated them, she had no choice. They were allies of Fiore, of the guild she had decided to join, yet all the redhead could feel was contempt and loathing towards the nation that had taken everything from her. It had not been long, somewhat over a year since she'd fled Bellum after the ruin of Vector Cross, and had anyone told her she'd be siding with her enemies, she'd have called them fools. Yet, she had been the fool instead. For here the proud Dagger stood, amidst Bellum's troops, trying to ban every single thought that could possibly lead her to snapping or lashing out. To not betray how much her rage was fueling her beating heart. Pandora couldn't afford to make mistakes now.

    She knew she had ruined too many things by being rash, her decisions that were guided by flaring emotions had only caused others -and herself- pain. Either she'd lost people, or was on the right track to losing them, and that she feared more. Tempering them was the only option, trade instinctive passion for calculated strictness once more; the way she'd been taught years ago. Maybe that was why she couldn't help but thank her parents for having been so cold in her upbringing, as the pokerface they'd allowed her to create would come in handy more than she'd ever anticipated now she walked among those she'd sworn to destroy. Even though these soldiers had nothing to do with the madness and destruction brought upon her, they still served some who had, and for that she couldn't stand them. Yet, she needed them. To gain allies, be it temporarily, and to guide her. Grant her access to the circles of those she'd wished so sorely to destroy. If it meant biting her tongue and faking a smile or two, she'd gladly do so. For vengeance, the red-head would do anything.

    Even something as foolish as joining a raging battlefield midway past her pregnancy.

    The tent bestowed to her and her companions was a large one, divided subtly by thick curtains near the back so each still had somewhat of their own private sleeping compartments; a luxury during the war, she knew. But Bellum seemed intent on making their allies comfortable and had provided them with more than the redhead had expected; and now she no longer worked under her alias, she didn't need to fear being recognised by anyone. The ring made sure they wouldn't. Aside from having naturally brushed up her hair to its original vibrant crimson, with the help of her Ring of Concealment she now hid the scars and eye she was missing behind a cleverly-crafted illusion, unable to be sensed by the mages surrounding her. She'd made her allies aware she would be using it as such however, though never fully enclosed why she was doing it. So right now her visage had been restored, and she'd made sure her prosthetic leg hadn't gotten into much trouble to minimize the strain in it until its next maintenance. Having it fail her in the middle of battle would be a real issue to tackle. That, and she didn't want to anger Caimileir by treating it the same way she had last time. Both the man and his masterpieces deserved more from her than that.

    At this point in time, Pandora had already tended to her prosthetic leg, checked the minimal functions Caimileir had told her about and was halfway done sorting and donning her gear. For this occasion, although she was quite certain some rule dictated she should've worn the uniform she'd been provided by Dies Irae, the firstborn Dagger had opted for her personal armor instead. For this matter entirely she hadn't come in name of the guild, but for personal reasons. Reasons whichfor she knew she couldn't involve them in. Not without concrete proof to her name other than her memories. So instead of her uniform, she had chosen an armor of midnight black, laced with golden ornaments, and trimming on her chest plate, and a large exorbitant cape of crimson adorning her shoulders. Three out of four colors down, at least. With a satisfied tug she fastened the last of her gauntlets and checked whether they held on the way they were supposed to. With a huff Pandora rose from her chair and entered the tent's common room, hoping to have a little morning assembly at least before they would head out. Although early, maybe a bit too early depending on who you asked, the red-head had been up and about for quite some time already, as silently as possible to not disrupt the others. She wasn't sure whether any of them had woken up already in the meantime -the first scheduled attacks weren't planned for another 5 hours at least- so she didn't quite mind sitting around and waiting until one did, helping herself to a cup of homebrewed tea for the time being.

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    We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...? Empty Re: We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...?

    Post by Masha 26th January 2021, 9:23 pm

    War. War never changes. A paralyzing force of fear, a weapon against one's enemies, a disease upon the face of Mankind, a time of revelry in blood, the ultimate test of psyche or martial skills. Masha touched the words written in the journal. She'd interviewed many of the Bellum soldiers since arriving. They each had a different opinion on just what it meant and what it accomplished. Best the amnesiac could tell, war was an ugly business. Her mind drifted toward the memories of an island. Of a land soaked in blood and innocents sacrificed to the wheel of battle. She shuddered, wondering how much worse it could get. Innocents wouldn't be included in this clash. Would they?

    The redhead carefully closed the journal. Her hand reflexively reached for a older one. One that had belonged to her before the amnesia. Her fingers closed on air. It had been decided that bringing those risked destroying them forever. It felt like a piece of herself was missing despite that wisdom. She wondered if her old self had ever traveled to Bellum or Pergrande. Which side would her former self have taken in regards to this conflict? Would she even have been embroiled in said conflict? The redhead rolled off her cot. Could either country hold more keys for her memories? It was tempting to abandon her current assignment to check. Masha shook her head. Focus on the now, make new memories for herself.

    Masha pushed the partition out of her way. Bellum had provided a tent for some odd reason. The entire Dies Irae squad was able to stick together. Excellent. Maybe she could make friends. Well more friends. Nathaniel was her friend. She hoped. Masha looked down at the armor she'd been provided. The black plate mail didn't restrict her movements. However, she wondered if the spikes were entirely necessary. The slayer thought that a single body slam from her would incapacitate if not kill her opponent. Granted, she could do that without the armor, but the armor exaggerated that fact. Not to mention, it took forever to put on. Irritating. The redhead had pulled her long hair up into two pigtails. Best to keep it out of her way for this battle. More spiky black metal held the pigtails in place.

    The redhead noticed the other crimson haired woman was already up and in the common area. Pan... something. Tica? Rico? Sexuality? Demonium? Theons? Iest? Orama? Ties? Her nose scrunched up in confusion. Maybe she was going in the wrong direction. Who would name their kid 'Pandemonium'? Especially with the last name of Knife. That sounded like a bad artifact. Pandemonium Knife. Maybe she could skirt around a conversation? Nah who was she kidding. Masha loved to talk. The redhead noticed a kettle on the stove. Her fingers snapped together. That was a great idea! The slayer barely needed to think it. With a puff of smoke, a pale, suit wearing handsome man appeared next to Masha. She didn't even need to instruct him.

    The vampire stepped forward, bowing before the other DI member. "Lady Pandora, a pleasure to see you again. I'm Lord Caius Frost, servant of her lady Masha. If you'll permit me, I'll mind your tea and see to it the other members of the team are roused." Of course, the vampire didn't wait for acquiescence. He began bustling around acting for all the part of a good butler. Masha primly sat in a chair near Pandora. That made much more sense. Pandora Knife still sounded like an artifact though. One that would seal away your hope. Wait, what? "Did you sleep last night, Pandora? I couldn't sleep a wink. I kept thinking of this awful mission we had to go on before you joined. Gosh, I hope it isn't anything like that. Blood was everywhere and it absolutely ruined my uniform. It was such an ugly affair. Anyways, surely the Pergrande soldiers will give up when they see the two of us coming! A veritable force we'll make together. It will be marvelous!"

    As Masha prattled on, Caius returned with two cups of tea. He handed one to Masha before handing the other to Pandora. Then the bluette moved toward Nathaniel and Danny's sleeping partitions. The Baron politely cleared his throat before poking his head into Nat's. This warrior was one that the vampire could respect. "Lord Nathaniel? Ladies Pandora and Masha await the pleasure of your company. I believe now is a good time to strike up a battle plan. Please join them whenever you are ready milord." He swiftly withdrew his head. Caius was no where near as polite with Danny. The vampire loathed the pinkette. Not that he ever let his mistress catch onto that fact. The vampire dropped the temperature in Danny's partition to nearly freezing. Then Caius strode in. "Get up, lazy son of a monkey. The mistress wants your attendance. Why I cannot fathom, but who am I to question? Join her promptly in a decent state of dress." Then the vampire strode out again. He stood quietly in the background serving the two ladies until the men decided to appear.

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    We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...? Keymasha

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    We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...? Empty Re: We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...?

    Post by Danny 30th January 2021, 10:35 pm

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    There was fighting to happen. The young lord of a Marquis wasn’t going to have his child be with him as he came here. He really honestly couldn’t. As much as it pained him. Daniel had asked his parents to care for his son, Samuel. That would be the safest place for his son. He didn’t know how this little ‘skirmish’ would end up. But regardless, he knew it wouldn’t be good. Arminius was sitting next to him in his section of the parted tent. “You really going to fight, huh?” The blond brother asked as Danny sighs deeply. “Yeap.” He had his left arm over his eyes, using the elbow to block the light. His right arm was hanging off of the cot as he laid there. “You do realize that one of our members seems a little pregnant, right?” “Yeap.”

    A chill had suddenly come into his area of the tent. Honestly, the ghosts did worse than this, so it wasn’t a threat to him. The pink haired ghost magnet didn’t even move as he heard the blue haired man enter his portion of the tent. With a laugh, he sat up a little, propping his elbow on the bed. “How did you know my father was a singe en costume? Have you worked with a Marquis in Minstrel before?” He hated bringing up his pedigree. That was why he had ran away from home. To be a normal person. Yeah, there was some struggle, but he still did decently well on his own. His mother sent him some money here and there after finding out about Sammy. That was a plus, but she was still overbearing on him and getting Sammy taught well and him finishing his own studies up.

    After he realizes Caius left his portion of the tent, he slowly moves to sit up. He had on his DI pants already, and on a black tank top at the very least. He had reached over and grabbed hold of his jacket that he was given. He wasn’t going to be properly dressed, but at least sported the clothes of Dies Irae. He walked out of the portion of the tent and saw Masha and Pandora. “Bonjour ladies!” He says with a bright smile before he flipped the jacket over his shoulders, slipping his arms through the arm holes. That smile was slightly faltering though. “You sleep well? I kinda wish I slept longer…” He wasn’t aware if he told the two or not about his son. But he doubted they missed seeing Sammy around the guild with him. Sammy wasn’t all too quiet since he was a kid. He also tried to brighten up the guild with his little antics. He plopped himself down on a chair near Masha.

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    Nathaniel Stratford
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    We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...? Empty Re: We're Fighting for Bellum! Or are we...?

    Post by Nathaniel Stratford 4th February 2021, 11:35 am

    Uneasiness was all Nathaniel felt as he stared on the fields below while he stood at the edge of the cliff near their camp that was located a bit nearer the battlefield for it served the purpose of a forward operating base. He sighed deeply and looked with disgust as he thought of their current situation. As soldiers of Dies Irae, which is basically an extension of Fiore’s government, they were duty-bound to aid Bellum in its struggle against Pergrande. And while he was all too happy to prove himself, right some wrongs, for he has made a terrible mistake recently. For he was apparently, the father to the daughter of one of Fiore’s, or quite possibly, Earthland’s number one enemy. However, he was not sure if there was any justice to be served here, if this was all simply selfish violence in favor of any one nation that could very well be the greater evil. He hadn’t been sure of himself recently. Up until a few months ago, everything seemed black and white to the crusader, now he was not so sure. Before contemplating if he had made the right choice in joining this war in the first place on his current spot, he had actually been wandering around camp, chatting with a few of the Bellum Battlemages that would be joining them in the frontlines. Many harbored deep hatred for the nation of Pergrande. And while some question why they even do, others are somehow mentally conditioned to the point of brainwashing that Pergrande is the evil one. Nat shuddered just thinking about the kind of manipulative propaganda that goes on in either country. Manipulative… there goes that word again. Mixed emotions of raging regret and somehow desire… pleasure would wash Nathaniel’s thoughts as images… menacing images would creep from his being’s dark recesses. An alluring laughter and footsteps would be heard as a pair of eyes would emerge.

    Before any more can be done to him by just a word, Nat would shake his head and simply head back to the tent in a rush, straight to his quarters palpitating and panting as he hurried to a safe space. And while the tent provided some semblance of privacy, he wasn’t sure if it was still right to be doing what he planned on doing once he was in his private part of the tent. On the bed provided to him was his bag. Nat pulled open a zipper from the bag’s side pocket. There were leaves… dried leaves crushed up in a clear resealable plastic bag. And while some people would smoke it, Nat wasn’t that far gone yet. The scent of the leaves are still enough to calm him down. His breathing would be calmer as he would begin to relax.

    Not long after he indulged himself in this session, Nat was called by one of Masha’s many colorful companions to assemble in a common area with the others. It was finally time to act, and a good thing too. Perhaps killing could take his mind off of the whole manipulation thing and maybe, just maybe, make Sivvy proud, make her trust him again, be happy that he was her mentee. He acknowledged the vampiric summon with a slight turn of his head towards him and a small nod. Afterwards, he placed the medicinal plant back in the bag’s pocket and stood up in glorious stoicism before heading to the area for a briefing on their plans. “Right. What’s the plan?” he said with conviction.

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